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Sorry this is late! Feel free to pretend it doesn't exist if you've already started. (Or really, if you'd like, just plain feel free to pretend it doesn't exist.) If you check out my last Trick or Treat (or even Yuletide) letter, you'll probably notice that I've copied a lot over, including some of the structure.

General stuff first!

I love all of the fandoms and characters I'm requesting, so if one section seems longer or shorter than another, it's due to how much I had to say, not how much I love the request. (And also maybe an indicator of where I was when I started running out of energy and ideas and my wrist decided it was done.) They are all fandoms of my heart, and I'm excited at the possibility of receiving any of them.

Also, this letter is super long, so again, please don't feel obligated to read it all (or at all!). If you already have an idea of what you want to do from just the AO3 requests, go for it! This is all to (I hope) make it easier on you, and I am a big believer in optional details being optional. There being fic or art for my fandoms will make me happy. Everything else is icing on delicious, delicious cake.

This year I'm requesting art or fic in four fandoms: Dragon Age (Dorian Pavus, Female Inquisitor, Cullen Rutherford, Cassandra Pentaghast), Fallout 4 (Female Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor), The Librarians (Cassandra Cillian, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones), and Naruto (Guy/Gai, Kakashi). Each fandom section will include subsections as follows: general fandom, each character, trick prompts, treat prompts, art specific prompts. Feel free to skip straight to what you feel is most relevant. :D

Fair warning: this letter will contain spoilers, so if you have it on your "to watch/to read/to play" list and want to go into it with fresh eyes, you'll want to skip that section.

A note: I've received fic and art in the past for Naruto, which I loved! I just want more. If you matched me on one of the two requested characters (or both!), I am sure I will love whatever you make me, whether it's along the lines of the gifts I've already gotten or something entirely new.

For ease of stalking: tuesday on AO3, everysecondtuesday on tumblr

General Likes )
Triggers and General DNWs )

Dragon Age )
Fallout 4 (Female Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor) )
The Librarians (Cassandra Cillian, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones) )
Naruto (Guy/Gai, Kakashi) )

If you've made it this far, I'd like to thank you for participating in Trick or Treat. This is a delightful exchange, and I am excited for and about it.

My number one hope for my gift fic or art is that you have a good time with it, so let me emphasize again that I'm just happy that there will be another fanwork for one of these fandoms. This monster of a letter was mostly an excuse to enthuse about these fandoms, and I truly hope it doesn't put you off or make you worry about whether you can make any of the prompts work. Whatever you end up writing or drawing, I'm hoping it's something you enjoy about the fandom and have fun creating.

Have a happy Trick or Treat! ♥

Fandom PSA

Jan. 28th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Porn Battle is on a new round. It's closed for prompts, but will open for posting fic on the 2nd.

If you like to get an early start on things, you might want to scan the prompts post.

If you want to be helpful and get a sneak peek of fic before it's posted, you might check out the beta offer post.


In related matters, I may be writing Guy/Kakashi again. I wish I'd noted who requested it, because they are my new favorite.
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Financial Planning For People With Disabilities.

Kevin Smith has up his latest SModcast, and it is titled, "Go Fuck Yourself, Southwest Airlines." This is my favorite coverage of his misadventure with SWA's sizeist policies, only closely followed by his twitter and this amazing picture. Wait, actually, the picture may be my favorite. Kevin Smith is ♥.

eta: Wait, this is my new favorite: Kevin Smith: The face of flying while fat

If you haven't thrown in your vote for expanding qualifying fandoms in Remix Redux, now is the time. Especially if you are interested in writing for Psych, fakenews, or Naruto.

Third Monday is open. Lots of stories in fakenews and politifandom! There are also only something like five reviews so far total, so please read and review and keep other fandoms from dropping by and going "Shameful D:" at our story to comments ratio.

Keep in mind that before reveals, you must be a member of the comm and logged in to see the fic. Membership is open. If you need a DW invite, I still have several.

My gift story is The Rest is History.

Also, have a rec: Hurree Babu and Noddy Sing the Blues. This is my favorite Aasif Mandvi and John Oliver story ever.

I have one fic in [community profile] thirdmonday this year. If you can guess me (and apparently I'm really easy this year), I'll write you at least 100 words in any fandom about any character or pairing I've already written linked on my fic Delicious. You can also poke me about other fandoms and characters, though I can only guarantee the ones listed there.

(Just know that if you hold me to the letter of what I've said and request Stephen/W., I will hate you with the fire of a thousand burning suns.)

Also! Dearest TM beta (you know who you are), you get one of these automatically, so start thinking about what you'd like. *grin*

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