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Jan. 28th, 2014 10:46 pm
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Porn Battle is on a new round. It's closed for prompts, but will open for posting fic on the 2nd.

If you like to get an early start on things, you might want to scan the prompts post.

If you want to be helpful and get a sneak peek of fic before it's posted, you might check out the beta offer post.


In related matters, I may be writing Guy/Kakashi again. I wish I'd noted who requested it, because they are my new favorite.
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Remix Redux is open, so everyone who entered should have an e-mail with a story link by now.

My remixer is a genius (A GENIUS) and I am still laughing and wanting to draw hearts around Sam's and Gabriel's (and my remixer's) faces. My remixer chose to remix Dean Won't Be Your Angel Condom: If Any Be Blameless (The Condom Fatigue Remix). It is Sam and Gabriel (and the Impala) and utter and complete hilarity. It makes me very, very happy that my fic could've inspired this.

Anyone who hasn't been involved in my own remixing process (and hasn't checked my related works tab; I'm going by the honor system here) is eligible for a spot the obvious Tuesday guessing game. If you win, you get 500 words or less (I'm hoping--I can't keep writing 7k+ stories for tiny!fic) for whatever prompt you'd like with any of my previously written characters or ships in Supernatural, Psych, Doctor Who, and Chuck (through S2; no spoilers thereafter, please).
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PSA first:

Livejournal's interstitial advertising is putting your computer at risk for malware. Really. By simply browsing LJ, your computer could contract malware. There are not enough angry faces in the world.

Have a link for reading your LJ f-list via RSS reader. Doesn't do comments, but it's a nice stop-gap for the moment, anyway.

The really funny thing? I was about to give LJ money again. It was only by mistake my account had lapsed (I'd changed credit cards since the last time I'd given them money and forgotten to update it), and then I decided to give it a month. I was unhappy at the fact that--by going with a paid account--my account was no longer grandfathered in for no ads, not to mention that whole NOM and other anti-queer ads being put in with queer content thing. At the end of that month? I'm pretty much done. I'll still be cross-posting, but I'm disabling comments henceforth on LJ, and I'll be moving my fic journal over here and also posting to AO3.

Anyone who wants a Dreamwidth invite, which does not do interstitial (or any) ads, give me your e-mail? I have nine.


On a happier note, vid recs! (Yes, two of these are on LJ, but seem to be paid accounts with no ads.)

Rabbit Hearted Girl (Raise It Up) by [ profile] ancastar is a Supernatural vid all about Jo and Ellen, and has convinced me that if it were the Jo and Ellen Show, I would still be watching Supernatural. It contains massive spoilers and may make you cry, but I cannot rec it enough.

That's Not My Name by [ profile] kita0610. "Heroines of Color: The meta, the ass-kickingness, the fail, and the pretty." This is so shiny and so angry-making and so wonderful. I don't know all of these heroines, but I want to. (I also want to write Joss Whedon angry letters, but that's not much of a change.)

Bathwater by [personal profile] china_shop is a White Collar vid all about Neal and Mozzie, and I want to draw hearts around it forever.


Why, yes, I do seem to be back. *grin*

Would it be useful to anyone to put together a slowly updating list of triggers I run across in Mass Effect 2? It wouldn't include death or more general violence or by any means be complete, the game being what it is, but I'd try to include whatever people found useful.

Anyone out there playing Dragon Age: Origins? I can see some people in fandom are, in that PB has prompts from it. Sadly, none are for Warden/Alistair, taking away my thin excuse to write gloriously filthy het porn. Ah, well. I have other projects I really need to finish.

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