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It's 3 a.m., but I'm sick and can't sleep, so here, have a reveals post! I wrote nine fic in eight fandoms, including three pinch hits. I had a lot of fun writing them and am super excited about actually finishing and posting fic again. It has been a while.

All These Wakeful Hours

Fandom: Ruby Quest
Summary: Ruby could've done a lot worse for a player than /tg/. In which there are malevolent fish, mysterious admirers, and far too many deaths waiting around every. corner.
Notes: Red/Ruby and Tom/Ruby when they show up, but mostly gen. 12205 words. Teen and up.

I had entirely too much fun with this one. Like, cackling gleefully to myself while plotting terrible things full-out joy. Full notes at the fic. (Yes, niq, this is that fic.) Also, if you're not already familiar with Ruby Quest, take this as a rec to go read it.

We Are Not Close Enough Friends For These To Be Benefits

Fandom: Archie Comics
Summary: Jughead wants a nap. Reggie has other plans.
Notes: Reggie/Jughead. 1620 words. Teen and up. Maybe I will be breaking my no sequels rule for this one. Full notes at the fic.

The Continuing Adventures of Dr. Bright: Doctor, Scientist, Cosplayer

Fandom: SCP Foundation
Summary: Reasons Dr. Bright needs a keeper. (And reasons having a keeper won't help.) In which Bright goes through assistants like others go through tissue, there is desperate spending of extra D-Class resources in response to upcoming budget reviews, and Bright has a doctorate but is still not that Doctor.
Notes: Dr. Bright gen. 1988 words. Teen and up. Dr. Bright may be a terrible person, but you have to admit he knows how to have a good time. Full notes at the fic (and, er, in the comments, because I am terrible at remembering to update with end notes).

Growth Cycle

Fandom: The Sims
Summary: Hydrangea doesn't like kids, but her daughter's growing on her.
Notes: OFC/OFC, but really mostly mother-daughter family gen. 2494 words. Teen and up. Entirely too many things in this came straight from my own games, highlighting weird Sims behavior and my own awful skills at managing a household. Full notes at the fic.

Echo Reply

Fandom: Almost Human
Summary: Dorian claims he hasn't gone rogue, but what else could all these flowers mean? In which John is concerned, Dorian is exasperated, and there will be no more talk of feelings.
Notes: Dorian/John. 1295 words. Teen and up. When added to the Archie fic (or just taken on its own), further proof of my love for the "doesn't know they're dating/on a date" trope. Full notes at the fic.

These Bonds Pulled Tight

Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Summary: Porn. Omigosh, porn.
Notes: D/Leon. 1146 words. Explicit. Dub-con. Trying to write fuck-or-die is apparently impossible for me, so this is likely the closest I will achieve. I meant to change the summary placeholder and enact all the changes my beta suggested, but I have yet to achieve either of these. I figure y'all are stuck with that summary, but maybe in the next week or two I will stop having weird anxiety feelings attached to this and make the other changes. We'll see. I'm determined it will happen eventually. (Sorry, treat recipient! :( My other option was not posting it, but I opted on the side of more gifts rather than less.)

A Gentlelady and Her Books

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
Summary: Adam likes to read, but there are only so many books a person can read before cabin fever sets in. A role reversal B&B AU.
Notes: Prince Adam/Belle. 757 words. General Audiences. I want to re-watch this movie now.

Chi's First Christmas

Fandom: Chi's Sweet Home
Summary: In which Chi discovers Christmas cake and presents.
Notes: Gen. 546 words. General audiences. My love for this manga is boundless. My only regret is that I did not have the time to write everything I wanted and make fan art to include in this. (And I still did not have time to write everything I wanted!)

We Last to Raise Our Hands

Fandom: Ruby Quest
Summary: Bella didn't volunteer.
Notes: Gen. 100 words. Teen and up. The whole YuMaDrIn thing was a nice excuse to write a short Bella piece.

All in all, I had a lot of fun writing this Yuletide, though I did not manage everything I hoped to. Considering that much of it was done while on vacation (though Ruby Quest snagged me much sooner), I will have to settle for NYRC during my free time this year for the rest of it.

And now it's 4 a.m., so time once more to try for sleep.
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I haven't actually gotten to read much in the way of Yuletide fic and I didn't have time to participate by officially signing up this year, but I did manage to snag one pinch hit for [personal profile] archiesfrog in a fandom dear to my heart.

Pterosaurs for All

Fandom: Eureka
Summary: Zoe should've gone to Florida for Spring Break.
Notes: A story about Zoe, Jo, and pterosaurs. Thanks especially to [personal profile] infinimato for the beta and [personal profile] jmtorres for staying up to hold my hand when I started freaking out over posting fic in a new fandom, as well as [personal profile] the_wanlorn for enabling my love of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other such awesome things.
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Don't Go in the Funhouse [Also at AO3]

Fandom: A-Team (2010)
Summary: "There aren't going to be any explosions," Hannibal said, "if everything goes according to plan."
Notes: B.A./Murdock. 1703 words. Teen and up. Full notes at the link.

"You've never been to a carnival," B.A. said disbelievingly.
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I got up early for various reasons, one of which turned out to be writing X-Men porn. Specifically, X-Men: First Class Mystique/Professor X porn with implied Professor X/Magneto.

This is not where I saw myself going with this fandom when I was five and pretending to be Shadow Kitty to my little sister's Nightcrawler, but what can you do? Especially when faced with that movie. I may have ~feelings~. Lots of them.

But a reaction post or meta can wait for much, much later, because right now, there is fic. I've only finished one, but expect lots of short, hastily written kink meme fic full of ~feelings~ and lots of love for Raven.

Also, if anyone knows of a kink meme here on DW, let me know?


Loss-Gain Ratios [Also at AO3]

Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Summary: It doesn't take a telepath to tell what Charles wants.
Notes: Raven/Charles, implied Charles/Erik. Ridiculously short, explicit. Expect a lot more Raven to follow.
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Really fast, this is what my birthday looks like/has looked like:
-Finished the fourth book of the Age of Fire series by E.E. Knight
-Visited with my dad and grandmum in the late morning/early afternoon
-Gaming with [personal profile] the_wanlorn, [personal profile] kate, [personal profile] soleta, and [personal profile] shadowkitty
-Having cheesecake with my mum
-Opening this entry (YES, THIS ONE YOU ARE READING NOW) for prompts
-Going to a showing of Red Riding Hood
-Returning to fill prompts until such time as I pass out at my keyboard
-Filling in random downtime with Plants vs. Zombies for the DS (Who has the best brother? I do!)

This is the important period of time for you, dear reader, if you would like to tempt me into writing you (yes, you!) a flash fic. Fandoms/pairings/ideas/genres more likely to tempt me can be found on my account at AO3. Y'all know what I like. Most likely at this time is probably DA2 (especially Varric, especially Hawke/Varric), but dude, you have probably seen my previous flash fic extravaganzas. Random stuff like True Blood/Supernatural or Doctor Who/Supernatural cross-overs (the fandoms crossed do not even need to be SPN; see Psych/Leverage) have caught my eye. I'm up for femslash, dudeslash, het, and yes, sometimes even the occasional gen. Crack, kink, angst, fluff, I am up for it all. If you think I know a fandom, but I haven't written it, feel free to try to run it by me.

I am not limiting prompts. Feel free to throw as many as you like at me. I only ask you limit one prompt to a comment.

I may not have been able to do Five Days of Tuesday this year, but I am determined to deliver fic. ♥

And now, to the movie theater!

eta: Originally I was going to close this when I got home, but I had lots of fun filling the prompts, so I'm leaving it open for a while longer for people who were not magically online in the past four hours or for people who decide one (or two) prompts were not enough. The prompts are especially open much longer to DA2 prompts, not that I've just fallen face-first into that fandom or anything. *grin*

Also, I know I listed a bunch of cross-overs above, but that is definitely not a requirement.
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Happily Ever After With Goats [Also at AO3]

Fandom: Dragon Age II
Summary: "There's no trouble you can't outrun with a fast ship and a good crew." Hawke only wishes this were true. In which they take to the open seas, start a farm, and fail at traditional romance.
Notes: Hawke/Varric, references to past Hawke/Anders and Hawke/Fenris. 5488 words. Teen and up. Full notes (and warnings) at the link.

Isabela spoke first.
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For Christmas, I was given some lovely hand-knit gloves (that match some lovely hand-knit socks [personal profile] the_wanlorn already gave me) and The A-Team from my girlfriend and my bff respectively. That my girlfriend and my bff had the chance to meet and actually got on well was probably my favorite part of the last couple weeks. (One might even say they got on too well. I suspect they were secretly hatched from the same pod. Case in point: fries in shakes. Who but pod people could harass me with their love of that abominable combination?)

My least favorite part was probably the plague my girlfriend gave me after blaming it on me. Seriously, all of the gifts I could do without, having my traditional been traveling cold and my girlfriend's wicked strong sinus infection is super high up there. (But totally worth it in return for [personal profile] the_wanlorn visiting.)


In news of my other beloved winter festivities, I know I am way behind on replying to comments, adding full author's notes, etc for Yuletide. When I am better, I totally plan to get to that. Something else I am shamefully late on: directing y'all to my Yuletide gift, a Kalinda/Alicia The Good Wife fic called Bad Ideas Are The Best Ones. It is adorable. There is drunk kissing, and sleeping on the couch, and friends being friends and something more. I am delighted by its existence.

For those curious what I wrote who haven't raided my AO3 page, this year, I wrote two assignments and two treats:

This is (Never) How It Goes
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Summary: There was much they left unsaid these days.
Notes: Bastila/Revan femslash, 1088 words, teen. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to get this as my main assignment. Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.

Friends Don't Let Friends Suffer Alone
Fandom: Archie Comics
Summary: The problem with friends is that they plot against you.
Notes: Betty/Veronica, 1955 words, teen. This may be my favorite pinch hit ever. Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.

Fandom: A Softer World
Summary: Eustace says, "You can never go home again." No one listens.
Notes: Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.

Maybe Death's an Adventure, But Who Wants to Wait?
Fandom: A Softer World
Summary: "Is it dangerous?" she asks, always asks, and smiles.
Notes: Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.


And now it's time for me to go fall down again. Suffice it to say, I may be keeping Luden's and Sprite in business by my purchases alone.
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I kept meaning to make individual posts to [community profile] tuesdayfic for all the A-Team fic I've posted on [archiveofourown.org profile] tuesday, but that hasn't happened. Instead, have a round-up post. There are eleven fic, all B.A./Murdock, with ratings from teen to explicit and word counts ranging from 146 to 2,314.

For those of you keeping score at home, yes, I somehow wrote 14 A-Team fic in a month. It seemed like a lot less at the time. Also, some of them are tiny! The last one was posted on July 16th. Any day now I will start finishing fic again.
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A Year of Wednesdays [Also at AO3]

Fandom: The A-Team
Summary: Murdock has super powers! Or he is stuck in a time loop. Maybe both!
Notes: B.A./Murdock, Face, Hannibal. 5399 words. Mature. Full notes (and warnings) at the link.

The first day, Murdock didn't notice anything off.
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Thirteen Ways B.A. Shut Murdock Up & Once He Was At A Loss For Words [Also at AO3]

Fandom: The A-Team
Summary: See title.
Notes: B.A./Murdock. Brief appearances by Hannibal and Face. NC-17. 1036 words. Blanket spoilers for the movie. Written for the kink meme prompt "BA/Murdock: Ways to shut Murdock up." I really should have been writing other things, but you do not understand the power of B.A. and Murdock being lulzy together. Full notes at the fic.

1. "Put a sock in it, fool."
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Of All Possible Futures [Also at AO3]

Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Of all possible futures, Castiel chose this one.
Notes: Castiel/Dean, brief references to past Dean/OMCs, OFC/OFC, Sam, Anna, Uriel. R. 3740 words. Blanket spoilers through S5. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompt "Castiel doesn't see what the big deal is -- angels have no gender as humans understand it, and Dean is in love with him, not his vessel's body, right? For Dean, it's nowhere near that simple." Thank you to [personal profile] jmtorres for betaing and to [personal profile] shirozora for doing another run-through. Full notes at the fic.

English was imprecise. Castiel held multitudes, was seven contradictory things without stretching himself.
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Meant To Be (A Disaster) [Also at AO3]

Fandom: Psych
Summary: Shawn always interferes with Gus's life plans.
Notes: Gus/Shawn, Joy. PG-13. 2305 words. Blanket spoilers through S4. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompt "2348. Psych, Gus, Gus has always both admired and been annoyed by Shawn's casual bisexuality." Thanks so much to [personal profile] somnolentblue for the beta.

Shawn's lips were warm and dry
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In Truth (Everyone Is Expendable)

Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: When the rest of the angels jumped ship, Anna and Castiel stayed.
Notes: Anna, Castiel, Becky, Dean. PG-13. 2078 words. References through 5x17, major spoilers for 5x04. Full notes and warnings at the fic. I'll have a behind the scenes for this up within the next few days, including several hundred more words of fic that never made it in and the my original story plans (which had more character death, more time travel, and would have required at least another six thousand words). It's a remix of [personal profile] schmevil's In Truth (Four Things That Never Happened to Anna Milton, and One That Did) for Remix Redux.

Anna didn't make the same mistake twice
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Hands to Hold You Down [Also at AO3]
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean woke up to the tang of copper on his tongue and a cold band of steel encircling his wrist. (Dean needs. Castiel provides.)
Notes: Castiel/Dean, NC-17, 2184 words. This is set during 5x18. Full notes (and warnings) at the fic.

Dean woke up to the tang of copper on his tongue and a cold band of steel encircling his wrist.
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The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester [Also at AO3]
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Angelic marriage rites were never intended to go quite like this.
Notes: Castiel/Dean, R, 11,101 words. The beginning of this is set after 5x18, which had just aired when I started writing it, but the fic as a whole has spoilers through the finale despite being only partially canon-compliant. I came across a prompt for this in one of the SPN kink memes and made off with it into the night with jmtorres's encouragement. Full notes (and warnings) at the fic.

For future reference, if you were an angel who wanted to court a human, Dean was pretty sure you ought to let said human know sometime soon after slapping the initial engagement hand-print on their soul, if not earlier.
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Bleeding Stones [Also at AO3]
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The Doctor burns cold.
Notes: Spoilers for all of Who, including some major classic Who plot points. This is kind of a remix/fic meta response to a vid. Can you remix vids in fic form? Whatever, y'all should check out [personal profile] fan_eunice's 5x07 vid, I.

The Doctor burns cold.
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Your Apple Pie Suburban Hell Happily Ever After [Also at AO3]
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: In which Becky and Dean search for Chuck and Sam, Castiel discovers a love of milkshakes, Sam regrets being a good Samaritan, and Lucifer is still entirely too interested in Sam's body for Sam's peace of mind.
Notes: Major spoilers through 5x22. Castiel/Dean, Becky/Chuck, Lucifer/Sam, and past Dean/Lisa, with a slew of supporting characters. PG-13. 7638 words. This is unabashed post-finale crack! I wrote it for [personal profile] grey_bard, who wanted Castiel/Dean and something regarding finale spoilers when she won tiny-fic from me in my pre-finale speculation poll. Full notes, including beta thanks, at the link.

"Heaven," Castiel declared moodily, eyeing Dean's burger like he was about to break a commandment and commandeer it for himself, "is bullshit."
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Five Pies Dean Hated (And One He Loved)
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Five pies Dean hated (and one he loved).
Notes: This was written for [personal profile] morebutterflys for the current round of [community profile] spn_bitesized, FIVE. It being [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, this is a Dreamwidth exclusive for the next three weeks.

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