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I started five B.A./Murdock fic for porn battle and failed to finish any of them on time. Finishing things: not one of my skills lately. See also: my backtoschool.


I haven't been collecting links lately, but something I've seen a few places on my dreamroll: James Roday and Dulé Hill improv the best man speeches Shawn and Gus would give for one another. It is pretty fabulous.
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Meant To Be (A Disaster) [Also at AO3]

Fandom: Psych
Summary: Shawn always interferes with Gus's life plans.
Notes: Gus/Shawn, Joy. PG-13. 2305 words. Blanket spoilers through S4. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompt "2348. Psych, Gus, Gus has always both admired and been annoyed by Shawn's casual bisexuality." Thanks so much to [personal profile] somnolentblue for the beta.

Shawn's lips were warm and dry
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I am horribly irresponsible and have only just finished my Psych lgbtfest. It's a Gus pov Gus/Shawn fic for the prompt "Gus has always both admired and been annoyed by Shawn's casual bisexuality." It's PG-13 and roughly 2300 words. It's also due tomorrow. Refer back to: I am horribly irresponsible.

Any takers?

ETA: Taken! Blue is the best!
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Color-blind racial ideology linked to racism, both online and offline.

Arizona Legalizes Racial Profiling, Sparks National Conversation on Immigration Law and Reform.


Arizone's Immigration Laws:
This provision legalizes the creation of two classes of people (immigrant and non) and criminalizes only one class for not carrying proof of its membership in that class. Does this ring any historical bells for anyone? Beyond becoming a "criminal" who has committed a "misdemeanour" (and, btw, being "convicted" for such a crime totally affects your immigration application), being unable to provide documentation disenfranchises you; it could even prevent you from accessing such basics as health care. This provision of the law renders one set of people invisible; it denies them access to the protections and human rights afforded members of the other class. It legalizes the dehumanization of a set of people who want to work to support their families and themselves.

"Yes I'm Gay, But..." A Homophobia SMACK-DOWN!

Icelandic woman plays ukulele to teach us how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull. [personal profile] lizfu, we were just discussing something about this.

reasons to watch NCIS: Los Angeles part 1 by [personal profile] copracat: Sam's smiles! Complete with awesome pictures.

Martha Jones Is a Big Damn Hero: "Smith & Jones" by [personal profile] arch is a character manifesto for Martha Jones, who rocked my world on Doctor Who, with some bonus Amy Pond love. In conclusion: Martha Jones ♥.


Some awesome things going on for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw:

RPF Comment Fic Meme.

[community profile] vulcanreforged has a kink meme.

[community profile] random_fic_is_random has a panfandom kink meme.

The June/Neal kink meme.

The Women of Psych, Leverage and White Collar Commentathon: Prompts Collection.

Transfic Mini Fest.

A Thousand (And One) Drabbles.

[community profile] callenhanna is running a 3, 2, 1 x100 writing challenge.

Merlin friending meme.

A cooking and baking friending meme.

Small Fandoms Friending Meme.

There are also a slew of contests and lotteries and sponsorships for getting points for paid account time )

More can found at [profile] three_weeks_of_dreamwidth or http://www.dreamwidth.org/latest?feed=threeweeks


Finally, a meme for 3WFDW:

What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about $foo I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?
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The Best Worst Date [AO3]
Fandom: Psych
Summary: It was their first anniversary, and Gus had planned it out to the very last detail. These plans had not included a murder investigation.
Notes: Gus/Shawn. 2120 words. PG-13. This is for Aithine, who requested "Getting continually caught up in an SBPD case they keep trying not to get called in to help on" during my birthday weekend flash fic prompt post. I fail at flash fic, obviously. Thank you to Mona for audiencing, betaing, and, in general, for talking Psych with me and making me excited about the fandom again.

Gus was a traditionalist

beta search

Apr. 8th, 2010 09:02 pm
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I'm about to finish up a 1500-2000 words Gus/Shawn fic in the next half hour or so. Anyone willing to beta? (And I don't know if she'd offer, but not [personal profile] aithine for reasons that will soon become apparent.)

Why, yes, I am working on those prompts I took over my birthday weekend. Sadly, I continue to fail at the less than 1,000 words definition of flash fic. *facepalm*

eta: I have someone on it! \o/
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Later tonight, I'm going to put up a postmortem of Five Days of Tuesday, but really fast, for those interested:

[livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest has opened up sign-ups for second prompts through tomorrow.

I picked up a Gus prompt, because Gus=♥.

Remix Redux sign-ups are open until 11:45PM EDT tonight. Needy fandoms include:
Weiß Kreuz
Johnny's Entertainment
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
White Collar
Criminal Minds
Good Omens
The West Wing
Sports Night
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I'm still going back and forth over whether I can conceivably write as well as offer in Naruto (two years behind canon! the characters I can actually write are not fandom's darlings!) and whether I want to try my hand at Criminal Minds or Firefly. Something tells me I will panic at 11:30 and edit my sign-up to reflect coin-toss choices.
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[livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest has prompts open, and I'm pretty sure I'm going with something in Supernatural fandom involving Anna, Castiel, Dean, Ellen, Jo, John, Mary, or Bobby. I know that's a long list.

These are the prompts I'm eyeing )

Thoughts? Do I go with Mary and Ellen finding each other and raising their two boys and girl together? Dean being born with the name Deanna and John learning to raise two sons? Bisexual Bobby? (Maybe not this one--I could probably explore it with the happy version of "Sam and Dean Have (Had) Two Daddies.") Genderqueer angels? Bisexual Dean? Cassie being Lucas or Dean being out with his dad once Sam goes to college? Lesbian Jo? (Snippets in the road trip fic and Ruby's fic are not enough!)

I don't know! I've been in love with the genderqueer angels for a long time, starting with Lucifer, continuing with the idea of Anna choosing to have the same, female body as she had as a human and discovering she identifies as female after all, and basically gnawing away at my brain in the background.

This isn't even getting into these shiny, shiny Psych prompts:

2348. Psych, Gus, Gus has always both admired and been annoyed by Shawn's casual bisexuality.
2349. Psych, Henry Spencer, it's hard to tell your kid you're finally dating again. Some time later, Henry discovers it's even harder to tell your kid you're dating a guy

Agh! I may just choose randomly and sign up before they're all gone in a few hours, before [personal profile] lizfu arrives to go do birthday shenanigans.

eta less than an hour later: . . . And then I panicked, because there were already four people claiming prompts I liked, and I thought "Everyone's taste is so excellent! All my prompts will be gone!" I chose "3263. Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, Castiel doesn't see what the big deal is -- angels have no gender as humans understand it, and Dean is in love with him, not his vessel's body, right? For Dean, it's nowhere near that simple" because it gave me a) genderqueer angel issues and b) bisexual Dean issues all in one prompt.

Now to wait and see if there are any others left later and they open claims to two prompts. I would really love to snag a second story again. I am thinking, depending on availability, either queer women or Gus. If there were a bisexual Jules/bisexual Gus prompt, I would be all over that, but I failed to remember to get my prompts in, so there is not. There is always next year, I suppose.


[personal profile] mona, happy birthday! While it is sad that I do not have Juliet femslash for you this year (then again, last year I failed at producing it on time), know that I ♥ you forever and will produce Juliet/Mira fic for you sometime in the next six months, because this is going to be a yearly tradition for me.
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To keep this manageable for every Follow Friday, have three comms and three journals:

[community profile] genspn is where I'm helping host the gen party for Supernatural on Dreamwidth. From the bio: This comm is mostly to provide a place on Dreamwidth for your gen that doesn't fit your shipper-specific, slash, femslash, and het comms, but which you might want to share with the world without being judged for your shipping preferences. We accept all kinds with open arms.

[community profile] girlgay: Femslash! Meta, fanfic, recs, fanmixes, challenge announcements. The userinfo also has a ton of awesome links to other femslash comms.

[community profile] deancastiel is Dreamwidth's Castiel/Dean comm and as such is full of delicious fic.

[personal profile] lizfu has amazing art, including some awesome crack and comics. She also writes reviews of movies and TV shows. Fandom-wise, she's into SPN right now and was focused on BSG before that.

[personal profile] jmtorres has amazing plot bunnies, great vids, and generally is my favorite person to talk Supernatural with right now. She also writes excellent fic in SPN and White Collar.

[personal profile] trascendenza is amazingly productive in a slew of fandoms. She writes Gus/Shawn! She also has excellent links.
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Post drafted yesterday:

Holy shit, apple. You want to take away my music until I play with your ads? Fuck you. (Check out some of those fucking tables. I repeat: Holy shit.)

[livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest is open for prompts. I am still compiling mine, but I am definitely asking for gender queer angels (and angels and gender in general) and bisexual Dean Winchester. I also want something with Gus or Juliet and being presumed straight due to occasional f/m relationships versus the reality of identity. I mean, I know I already wrote two bisexual identity stories last year, but this is something I want so much more of.

[personal profile] elke_tanzer has a huge amazing Follow Friday post with tons of shiny comms. I really keep meaning to do that Follow Friday thing and always fail to follow through. But tomorrow is another Friday! *determined* [Note: I wrote this yesterday, but I am still determined that later tonight I will make one!]


And because I'm bored, a by no means comprehensive sneak peek at a smattering of my SPN wips:

The list fic )

Jimmy fic )

~Sam and Castiel's Amazing Adventure~ )

Later today, I'll get to that Follow Friday post. \o/
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This Saturday I'll be in Chicago hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn. Is anyone interested in catching dinner with us?


I'm currently trying to decide if I want to go to Con.txt. Are any of you going? Anyone with an open hotel space? Reasons why I absolutely shouldn't miss it? Reasons why I should wait two more years for it to come around again?


[livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics has a post about if Supernatural were genderswapped: wherein the "rehymenated" line would actually make sense (LJ). I would watch the hell out of that show.

You Know That's Right, a Gus/Shawn ficathon of awesome.

Tin Soldier by [livejournal.com profile] unoshot (LJ). I've had this on my to-rec list for a week. It's gen case fic and makes some really awesome use of repetition. I love the relationships between Dean and Sam, Sam and Castiel, and Castiel and Dean in this.

I haven't read the fic this illustrates, but this Dean/Castiel picture (LJ, NSFW) by [livejournal.com profile] leyna is absolutely gorgeous.

[livejournal.com profile] zelempa is making a comic adaptation (LJ) of Speranza's Interrogation.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 06:57 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] help_chile is in first rounds for auctioning fandom goods for donations.

It's an excellent cause, and I'm thinking about putting up a couple of short-shorts (at least 100 words, likely no more than 1,000 words). Here are some fandoms and pairings I'm considering offering:

In Chuck, Hikaru no Go, Psych, and Supernatural )

Is there anything else any of y'all would be interested in me adding to the list? I can't guarantee I'll add it, but I'm only going to write what I specify in my offer.
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(I still can't believe I have only succumbed to this fandom in the past four days. But it is not my whole life! Yet.)

On the topic of enthusiastic fannish loves, because I want to invite other people in on these conversations I am having that make me ridiculously happy:

[personal profile] nel_ani and I are discussing Mass Effect 2 (massive game spoilers) and it is full of ridiculous amounts of love for nearly everyone. (If you're an Ash fan, you may want to pass up on this, because with Ash it is mostly lamenting, but yeah.)

[personal profile] entwashian mentioned she is writing a Castle zombie apocalypse fic, and I think everyone should go shower her with love and encourage her with great affection and absolutely no mercy. *grin*

And okay, this isn't so much a conversation, but an anonymous person (or maybe it is a site-wide question, proving that despite our problems, Formspring and I are meant to be?) asked me "Gus or Shawn?" I'm just going to copy/paste my answer over here, because I am feeling the love right now. Gus. It is always Gus. )

Other things that currently make me happy:

The cutest deer hug in existence.

Baby snow leopard exploring their outdoor exhibit for the very first time.

This xkcd comic because life is kind of amazing and at any moment could turn into an unpredictable adventure.

The last panel of the newest page of Romantically Apocalyptic.
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Financial Planning For People With Disabilities.

Kevin Smith has up his latest SModcast, and it is titled, "Go Fuck Yourself, Southwest Airlines." This is my favorite coverage of his misadventure with SWA's sizeist policies, only closely followed by his twitter and this amazing picture. Wait, actually, the picture may be my favorite. Kevin Smith is ♥.

eta: Wait, this is my new favorite: Kevin Smith: The face of flying while fat

If you haven't thrown in your vote for expanding qualifying fandoms in Remix Redux, now is the time. Especially if you are interested in writing for Psych, fakenews, or Naruto.

Third Monday is open. Lots of stories in fakenews and politifandom! There are also only something like five reviews so far total, so please read and review and keep other fandoms from dropping by and going "Shameful D:" at our story to comments ratio.

Keep in mind that before reveals, you must be a member of the comm and logged in to see the fic. Membership is open. If you need a DW invite, I still have several.

My gift story is The Rest is History.

Also, have a rec: Hurree Babu and Noddy Sing the Blues. This is my favorite Aasif Mandvi and John Oliver story ever.

I have one fic in [community profile] thirdmonday this year. If you can guess me (and apparently I'm really easy this year), I'll write you at least 100 words in any fandom about any character or pairing I've already written linked on my fic Delicious. You can also poke me about other fandoms and characters, though I can only guarantee the ones listed there.

(Just know that if you hold me to the letter of what I've said and request Stephen/W., I will hate you with the fire of a thousand burning suns.)

Also! Dearest TM beta (you know who you are), you get one of these automatically, so start thinking about what you'd like. *grin*
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Remix Redux is taking fandom suggestions. If y'all love me, you will vote for and sign up for Psych and/or Pundit RPF.

Should I also add Chuck? It was a Yuletide fandom last time around, but I'm pretty sure it won't be this year, much as that idea pains me.


Some links, several blatantly stolen from my read list:

A Gamer in the Kitchen. Someday I hope to go epic level.

[personal profile] trascendenza has a fab Women's Murder Club picspam. I don't have room for new TV in my life, but when I do, this is going near the top of the list. If anyone has further compelling reasons for why I should make room, I am open to such discourse.

The girl who couldn't come, a love story about the kinks and quirks of sexuality and--I cannot stress this enough--Johnny Cash. It's sweet, sexy, and, though original, the story feel reminds me of many of my favorite things about fic.

[personal profile] cimorene has a post of fandom Valentines, including Andy/Miranda, Ponder/Ridcully, and Vetinari/Drumknott.

All of the Six Degrees of Canada Valentines.


Dragon Age recs:

Strays is a soothing balm of a Cousland/Alistair story, in which two Wardens get their happily ever after and the family they always hoped for, even if not in the way they expected. (Mild spoilers for one of four game endings. Yes, that's a ffnet link, because I can't find a journal, and the writer sadly has yet to move to AO3.)

Devil in the Details. So much glee for excellent Morrigan fic. (Major spoilers for one of four game endings.) Author's summary: Hell is other people, and Morrigan brought this one on herself.
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[personal profile] trascendenza wrote me Gus/Mira/Shawn amazingness with HANG GLIDERS, plus a hundred other amazing flash fic in a variety of fandoms.

Yuletide Madness is open. I may have to be gone most of the day, but I'm going to try to write at least a tiny thing if I'm back in time.

Speaking of YM, [community profile] dark_agenda has up their database of prompts (chromatic sources and characters). There is a Coffee Prince prompt! And many others, all of which look excellent.

The Big Yuletide Con, because [profile] thebigstore is going to steal themselves a Yuletide. *grin*


p.s. Thank you, anon! Checking my e-mail to find a virtual gift was a pleasant surprise, and your note is incredibly sweet. I wish there was something I could do in return, but I guess I will have to settle for making more rec posts and hope you continue to enjoy them.
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Y'all! *beams* I woke up this morning and--for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture--was feeling rather down. Then I checked my e-mail and made my happy wibbley face because three different people had reviewed three different fic of mine and [livejournal.com profile] wordsindreams sent me a fab virtual gift, totally lifting my day. And then, after a wonderful time in Ft Wayne seeing the amazing [personal profile] lizfu, I discovered that in my absence five more of you sent me snowflakes.

Seriously. [personal profile] oxoniensis, [personal profile] anna_luna, [personal profile] heathershaped, [personal profile] masterofmidgets, [personal profile] lizfu, and, once again, [livejournal.com profile] wordsindreams, thank you so much! I am smiling and smiling. You are all so ♥!


Firefox has over 200 tabs open. Ack. This post is mostly going to be linkspam.


Some things I am recommending sight unseen (vids unwatched, fic unread) on the weight of other people's recs, past work, and/or THE SHEER AWESOME OF THE IDEA:

-Talitha's "Imma Be", a Leverage Hardison vid. I am still fighting with my computer over codecs and flash since the memory wipe, but I may have to just cave and watch this on the desktop. Talitha puts out quality work every time, and my love of Hardison knows no bounds. I guarantee you will love this if you know Leverage and have anything approaching decent taste.

-Trascendenza's "Reception in the Ball Pit": a Psych Gus/Shawn fic the summary of which is "The one where they get married." I ask you, is there any way this can be not utterly amazing? I don't think so. THE RECEPTION IS IN THE BALL PIT. It's in the title! (If there is not actually a reception in the ball pit, [personal profile] trascendenza, don't tell me. Just write it in within the next night, and not only will all be forgiven, I will never need to discover your secret plot to break my heart.)

-Seperis's "I Hate This Part (Right Here)". Why did no one tell me [livejournal.com profile] seperis had written Chuck fic? Why did I have to stumble across this idly surfing Delicious this morning? Internet, you are On Notice.


Some awesome things currently ongoing:

-Say it With Flowers International Postcard Project:
Are you a fan of Morgana and Gwen? Want to do something nice for the actresses to show your support and send a clear message to the producers that we'd like the ladies to have more screentime and their own plotlines in the next series?

Then join [livejournal.com profile] camelot_fleet, [livejournal.com profile] gwenmorganabbc, and [livejournal.com profile] drawmelot in an international postcard project to send flowers to Angel and Katie. It's easy! All you do is find or make a postcard (or two postcards, if you're ambitious) with flowers either in the picture, on the back, or mentioned in your note. Then print the address(es) listed below and mail the cards. We encourage you to find cards that represent your local area, just to show the girls how international their fanbase is.

-Fakenews Fanfic's Secret Santa still has wishes unclaimed. I seriously can't claim anymore. I will die. So y'all need to get over there and make off with the rest to save me from myself.

-The Beta Reader Finding Post for 3_ships for those of you who want to participate in some way, but didn't manage to sign up (or did, but want a sneak peek of awesome stories and love betaing).


Other links:

-Kialio's review of Princess and the Frog. (Liz, this is the review I mentioned when we discussed seeing this.)

-Winterlive's "Future Legend" from [livejournal.com profile] queenbitchfest sucked me in despite being in a fandom I don't know very well (American Idol), and it is well worth the ride. (God, there is something about anything relating to Adam Lambert that makes everything I type sound incredibly fun and dirty.) It's a 52,000 word apocafic. Let me say that again: APOCAFIC. 52,000 words of it! And it has got to be the most fabulously dressed apocalypse ever. Seriously. Read this.

-Why I have taken feministing's feed off my subscription list, and several other excellent resources to add instead.

-I want these shoes so fucking bad. They are red Doc Overdrives and only US$30.00. Clearance shoes are such a temptation.

-Bossymarmalade's how to comment on art when you're not an artist.

-Hth is posting all her SGA fic on AO3, and I don't know if I've ever remembered to recommend this, but 13 O'Clock is one of my favorite SGA fic ever. If SGA fandom had hundreds (or even dozens) more quality Rodney/Ronon fic like this, I would have never been drawn away from the fandom, or at least would have had to migrate back every year to consume all the delicious new fic in a gleeful frenzy.


I think those are enough links to throw at y'all in one post, don't you? *grin*
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Anyone interested in betaing a Criminal Minds/Psych AU fic for Death Bingo's amnesty period? It has an emphasis on Psych and Gus and is 1,700 words.
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Apparently there are two posts I need to make today, so I guess I am terrible at this sort of hiatus thing when I am up and moving about, for a generous definition of both.

First, a rec! [personal profile] loz wrote me Gus/Shawn fic. It is a little angsty, a lot adorable, and, as always, contains an excellent Shawn voice and a fantastic Gus. (Is Gus ever not fantastic?) It's like a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cold night.

Second will go on a second post, as I'm still poking at my "Dear Sailor" letter.

Third, I finally have a doctor's appointment. This is comforting to me, because cut for health TMI )

Fourth, relating to the second, I have my Three Ships assignment! \o/ I will start poking at that when I am feeling better, but I want to get this done early and am taking a page from [personal profile] settiai's book. In order to keep my assignment secret, I'm going to post a long list of fandoms requested for [community profile] 3_ships. If you would be willing to beta threesome fic in any of these fandoms, please click the ticky box of what applies.

Poll of awesome fandoms )

If you have specifics pairings you will and will not beta in these fandoms, let me know in the comments? Thanks. ♥
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I possibly have an ear infection, or my ear just continues to refuse to pop. Either way, I may be in for a doctor's appointment soon. [personal profile] lizfu, when did you want to go to the zoo? If you could e-mail or call me at the house (my phone is lost in luggage at the moment), that would be awesome.

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story. "Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice -- and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding."

The fourth Asian Women Blog Carnival is still open for submissions. This round's optional theme is "Storytelling, or reclaiming our selves through our words."

PAX East is open for registration. It's going to be in Boston and over my birthday, and basically I am going WANT because I could totally visit the Hemingway Reading Room at the JFK Library at the same time. Currently it's only $45 for the full weekend, for those of you in that area who might be interested. I won't be going, but maybe I can live vicariously through one of you.

Bones and Invisible Disability. This is Bones the show, and I'm sure a few of you will be interested in this article.

Maine: the way life should be, on LD 1020: An Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom (i.e. the fight for marriage equality in Maine).

Yuletide 2009 is going with a Default/Ban amnesty, so if you've been banned or defaulted in past Yuletides, this is your chance to participate again.

The Karate Kid is being remade with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. BRB, dying of AWESOME. (If you want to complain about the movie being updated with a Black person as the Karate Kid in my comments, I will end you. This is your only warning.)

Yuletide's rejected fandoms list has expanded to include Psych, but other people are possibly organizing a Gus/Shawn ficathon for those interested.

Jukebox Bard, Verb Noire, and the Future. Jukebox Bard was pulled from the virtual shelves, but Verb Noire is going to continue steady on with other projects. I'm really hoping for some sort of resurrected remix of Jukebox Bard in the future once the problems have been sorted.

Diversity and Yuletide, related directly to last post's Yuletide link.

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