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Sorry this is late! Feel free to pretend it doesn't exist if you've already started. (Or really, if you'd like, just plain feel free to pretend it doesn't exist.) If you check out my last Trick or Treat (or even Yuletide) letter, you'll probably notice that I've copied a lot over, including some of the structure.

General stuff first!

I love all of the fandoms and characters I'm requesting, so if one section seems longer or shorter than another, it's due to how much I had to say, not how much I love the request. (And also maybe an indicator of where I was when I started running out of energy and ideas and my wrist decided it was done.) They are all fandoms of my heart, and I'm excited at the possibility of receiving any of them.

Also, this letter is super long, so again, please don't feel obligated to read it all (or at all!). If you already have an idea of what you want to do from just the AO3 requests, go for it! This is all to (I hope) make it easier on you, and I am a big believer in optional details being optional. There being fic or art for my fandoms will make me happy. Everything else is icing on delicious, delicious cake.

This year I'm requesting art or fic in four fandoms: Dragon Age (Dorian Pavus, Female Inquisitor, Cullen Rutherford, Cassandra Pentaghast), Fallout 4 (Female Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor), The Librarians (Cassandra Cillian, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones), and Naruto (Guy/Gai, Kakashi). Each fandom section will include subsections as follows: general fandom, each character, trick prompts, treat prompts, art specific prompts. Feel free to skip straight to what you feel is most relevant. :D

Fair warning: this letter will contain spoilers, so if you have it on your "to watch/to read/to play" list and want to go into it with fresh eyes, you'll want to skip that section.

A note: I've received fic and art in the past for Naruto, which I loved! I just want more. If you matched me on one of the two requested characters (or both!), I am sure I will love whatever you make me, whether it's along the lines of the gifts I've already gotten or something entirely new.

For ease of stalking: tuesday on AO3, everysecondtuesday on tumblr

General Likes )
Triggers and General DNWs )

Dragon Age )
Fallout 4 (Female Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor) )
The Librarians (Cassandra Cillian, Jake Stone, Ezekiel Jones) )
Naruto (Guy/Gai, Kakashi) )

If you've made it this far, I'd like to thank you for participating in Trick or Treat. This is a delightful exchange, and I am excited for and about it.

My number one hope for my gift fic or art is that you have a good time with it, so let me emphasize again that I'm just happy that there will be another fanwork for one of these fandoms. This monster of a letter was mostly an excuse to enthuse about these fandoms, and I truly hope it doesn't put you off or make you worry about whether you can make any of the prompts work. Whatever you end up writing or drawing, I'm hoping it's something you enjoy about the fandom and have fun creating.

Have a happy Trick or Treat! ♥
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I think my time away broke my flash fic at will abilities or something. Once I have mastered the urge to write a 5k+ kidfic sequel to Happily Ever After with Goats in response to [personal profile] nel_ani's prompt, maybe I will manage some of the others.


Does anyone know if there is Erfworld fic? And if it involves Jack Snipe, Charlie, or Maggie? I know, I know, fandom of one most likely, especially if my google fu is anything to go by. I suppose I can save up for next Yuletide.


Relatedly, does anyone have any recs for books, webcomics, or games with fandoms? I am rather full up on shows, but if you have anything outstanding that seems like a good lure for a between-main-fandoms Tuesday (see in past: Chuck, Psych, Supernatural), I will take it. Or movies, though A-Team may have been a one-off thing and had a TV show before it besides.

I spent twenty minutes going through my folders for getting a head-start on this years Five Days of Tuesday, and I'd like to add something that I'm actively watching, reading, or otherwise engaging. Otherwise I'm mostly stuck with SPN fic several seasons out of date and which will take me forever to finish regardless. In case that sounds appealing, I warn you that these include things like a) angelpreg b) Gabriel failing at seducing Dean while Sam accidentally convinces Cas to be his angel boyfriend c) kidfic (yes, this is separate from the angelpreg).

What I am saying here is pretty please lure me into a fandom where I will be vulnerable to fic ideas.
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Instead of seeing [personal profile] lizfu, I spent the majority of the day lying in bed feeling terribly dizzy and generally awful. I didn't even have to drive, just ride in a car and then remain upright at a restaurant. Something tells me these meds are not going to last past my check-in in a week or so.

Tonight I'm going to stay upright as long as possible writing fic. Anyone who wants to get on aim and tell me what I should be working on or get sneak peek snippets, just poke me. I'm thinking of one of the SPN S5 AUs (kid fic? or the one where everyone fails at retirement?) because for some reason I'm feeling nostalgic, but I could poke at DAII fic or maybe Haven. I'm in a very susceptible state right now and open to suggestion. Just sayin'.
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Guys, I know I only just turned twenty-five, but I am secretly an old lady. (Or a toddler, come to think of it. My grandmother has somehow outgrown the need for sleep except a couple hours in the wee hours of the night. My grandmother: secretly a robot.) It is only eleven, but I feel like it should be four in the morning.

-Still working on filling flash fic prompts, even if I didn't manage anything after discovering I'd contracted the flu.
-Am mostly over the flu.
-Continuing to be ridiculously in love with Echo Bazaar and Minecraft, though I have managed almost zero time for them of late.
-Saw Suckerpunch. Short, nonspoilery version of my review: sideswiped by some unexpected triggers (I knew about some, but not all), side-eyed some things, but overall liked it with caveats. Please give me all of the vids now.
-Discovered a Dragon Age kink meme! Sadly, it is on LJ and requires fills to be anon. Considering I have eight pages longhand of a second DA2 fic and am nowhere done with it, it is kind of ridiculous to contemplate all the splitting up of fic into comments I would have to do, all anon and with no ability to edit when I inevitably fuck up posting in that many comments. Just, no. All kink memes on LJ should allow one to post links to one's fills on AO3 or a DW/LJ/JF/whatever post or some other option that does not result in my thinking it would be best never to fill anything there ever in my life. That is counterproductive. (Worst thing? Those eight pages are based off a kink meme prompt. Please let this not be another Courtship.)
-Have a cat lying on top of my left arm and shoving my right to the side and away from the keyboard. Time to cut this entry short.

In sum, I am alive, I am slowly writing, and eventually I may find my way back out of Dragon Age fandom, but don't expect that for a while.
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Happily Ever After With Goats [Also at AO3]

Fandom: Dragon Age II
Summary: "There's no trouble you can't outrun with a fast ship and a good crew." Hawke only wishes this were true. In which they take to the open seas, start a farm, and fail at traditional romance.
Notes: Hawke/Varric, references to past Hawke/Anders and Hawke/Fenris. 5488 words. Teen and up. Full notes (and warnings) at the link.

Isabela spoke first.
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I was considering making a post to the effect of, "I did not take into consideration various family commitments and other things, including getting the house ready for my sister to visit this week, so five days of tuesday is probably not happening this year, nor anything fannish for the rest of this month, apparently." And then I stayed up last night writing a shamefully self-indulgent 5700 word Dragon Age 2 fic with every Hawke ship ever.

Anyone know any comms where someone could post such a thing?

I was originally thinking I would write it, then post under a sockpuppet to ffnet, and no one would ever know my secret shame. (Seriously. It is Very Self-Indulgent.) Did you know ffnet has a two day hold on posting fic after account creation? I did not know this. I am terrible at this patience thing. I want to post now.



Also, anyone who wants to talk about anything in the game, I have played through twice and read so many forum posts about other options that my eyes still hate me. Spoilers are not only my friends, I think there are few left for me to find. Just leave something along the lines of "spoilers through act __" in your subject line for others to avoid, as I know a couple of you have only just started it.


When my sister comes, I am going to be a zombie. When you hear the outbreak started in Small Town, Midwest, you will know who to blame. Just saying.
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[personal profile] bessemerprocess informed me that Dragon Age II came out today. Between her and Steam, I have been thoroughly enabled.

I had part of that poll with snippets post put together. Key point: past tense. I'll get on that again once I am over accidentally deleting it. DAII will be a nice distraction. On the other hand, DAII . . . well, see the subject line.
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Remix Redux is taking fandom suggestions. If y'all love me, you will vote for and sign up for Psych and/or Pundit RPF.

Should I also add Chuck? It was a Yuletide fandom last time around, but I'm pretty sure it won't be this year, much as that idea pains me.


Some links, several blatantly stolen from my read list:

A Gamer in the Kitchen. Someday I hope to go epic level.

[personal profile] trascendenza has a fab Women's Murder Club picspam. I don't have room for new TV in my life, but when I do, this is going near the top of the list. If anyone has further compelling reasons for why I should make room, I am open to such discourse.

The girl who couldn't come, a love story about the kinks and quirks of sexuality and--I cannot stress this enough--Johnny Cash. It's sweet, sexy, and, though original, the story feel reminds me of many of my favorite things about fic.

[personal profile] cimorene has a post of fandom Valentines, including Andy/Miranda, Ponder/Ridcully, and Vetinari/Drumknott.

All of the Six Degrees of Canada Valentines.


Dragon Age recs:

Strays is a soothing balm of a Cousland/Alistair story, in which two Wardens get their happily ever after and the family they always hoped for, even if not in the way they expected. (Mild spoilers for one of four game endings. Yes, that's a ffnet link, because I can't find a journal, and the writer sadly has yet to move to AO3.)

Devil in the Details. So much glee for excellent Morrigan fic. (Major spoilers for one of four game endings.) Author's summary: Hell is other people, and Morrigan brought this one on herself.
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Linky goodness:

The LA Times top ten recipes a year for the past 25 years. So many delicious looking things!

A lynx decides to join the Olympics. Or at least hang out a very short while.

Amazing casting spoiler of AWESOME for White Collar. Link rollover itself is spoilery.

Two links for disabling google buzz until such time they make it easier to opt out: Buzz off: Disabling Google Buzz and Google Updates, Explains Buzz Privacy Setup.

Old link, but still interesting to me: Behind Pepsi's Choice to Skip This Year's Super Bowl

[livejournal.com profile] baroque_tragedy is running a Dragon Age ficathon (link is to LJ; beware spyware).


If you start following me on Twitter, send me a PM or comment here so I know who you are? I've had a number of people I don't know briefly follow me and then wander away (either spammers or people attempting to garner more followers, I presume), so I'm only following back people I immediately recognize. Considering my memory, I know I wouldn't trust me to be sure, especially if your twitter username is different at all from your journal name.

There's an icicle growing outside our window. Several actually, but this one is going on several feet. I can't decide if I want to let it keep growing for as long as it'll stay up, or if this beauty should be removed and carefully preserved. It could be its own mini ice jousting lance!

Currently I'm watching the women's biathlon. I had no idea how compelling I could actually find the Olympics. I was always right there for the parts involving skating, but now I think I'm going to have to include anything that involves frozen water. The addition of rifles just sweetens the deal.


Anyone who reads A Softer World knows it is by turns funny, poignant, discomforting, and thought provoking--sometimes all at once. I nearly always glean some pleasure from it, but rarely does it strike me right in the heart and stay with me. Wednesday's was one such strip.


eta: Comments contain White Collar casting spoilers.

eta2: Oh, hey, more changes to Google Buzz for the good.
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Discovery: Expired vitamins will turn a fantastic morning into a terrible morning and afternoon. I am no longer dangerously nauseous, but now my throat and stomach hurt. Consulting my father yielded the information that it would eventually pass, but that I should skip the whole brand, as it sounds like I'm having an allergic reaction to something in it in addition to that whole "two years expired" thing. Time to go back to my current regular brand.


Rock Band, Farscape, cooking, college friends, and pie are still a fabulous combination. I also made everyone alcohol smoothies last night, but was too busy staring at the shininess of Return to Ostagar--in my defense, I warned everyone that I would be taking time out to play--to actually snag much of either pitcher for myself.


Return to Ostagar is totally worth the $5 if only for the following two reasons (Dragon Age: Origins spoilers) )


No, seriously, guys, I can feel the vitamin working its way through my body, seeding its poison. I have no idea what to do with this. Bubbly carbonated soda and lots of crackers made the nausea go away, but the pain continues unrelenting. If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them wholeheartedly.
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PSA first:

Livejournal's interstitial advertising is putting your computer at risk for malware. Really. By simply browsing LJ, your computer could contract malware. There are not enough angry faces in the world.

Have a link for reading your LJ f-list via RSS reader. Doesn't do comments, but it's a nice stop-gap for the moment, anyway.

The really funny thing? I was about to give LJ money again. It was only by mistake my account had lapsed (I'd changed credit cards since the last time I'd given them money and forgotten to update it), and then I decided to give it a month. I was unhappy at the fact that--by going with a paid account--my account was no longer grandfathered in for no ads, not to mention that whole NOM and other anti-queer ads being put in with queer content thing. At the end of that month? I'm pretty much done. I'll still be cross-posting, but I'm disabling comments henceforth on LJ, and I'll be moving my fic journal over here and also posting to AO3.

Anyone who wants a Dreamwidth invite, which does not do interstitial (or any) ads, give me your e-mail? I have nine.


On a happier note, vid recs! (Yes, two of these are on LJ, but seem to be paid accounts with no ads.)

Rabbit Hearted Girl (Raise It Up) by [livejournal.com profile] ancastar is a Supernatural vid all about Jo and Ellen, and has convinced me that if it were the Jo and Ellen Show, I would still be watching Supernatural. It contains massive spoilers and may make you cry, but I cannot rec it enough.

That's Not My Name by [livejournal.com profile] kita0610. "Heroines of Color: The meta, the ass-kickingness, the fail, and the pretty." This is so shiny and so angry-making and so wonderful. I don't know all of these heroines, but I want to. (I also want to write Joss Whedon angry letters, but that's not much of a change.)

Bathwater by [personal profile] china_shop is a White Collar vid all about Neal and Mozzie, and I want to draw hearts around it forever.


Why, yes, I do seem to be back. *grin*

Would it be useful to anyone to put together a slowly updating list of triggers I run across in Mass Effect 2? It wouldn't include death or more general violence or by any means be complete, the game being what it is, but I'd try to include whatever people found useful.

Anyone out there playing Dragon Age: Origins? I can see some people in fandom are, in that PB has prompts from it. Sadly, none are for Warden/Alistair, taking away my thin excuse to write gloriously filthy het porn. Ah, well. I have other projects I really need to finish.

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