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It's 3 a.m., but I'm sick and can't sleep, so here, have a reveals post! I wrote nine fic in eight fandoms, including three pinch hits. I had a lot of fun writing them and am super excited about actually finishing and posting fic again. It has been a while.

All These Wakeful Hours

Fandom: Ruby Quest
Summary: Ruby could've done a lot worse for a player than /tg/. In which there are malevolent fish, mysterious admirers, and far too many deaths waiting around every. corner.
Notes: Red/Ruby and Tom/Ruby when they show up, but mostly gen. 12205 words. Teen and up.

I had entirely too much fun with this one. Like, cackling gleefully to myself while plotting terrible things full-out joy. Full notes at the fic. (Yes, niq, this is that fic.) Also, if you're not already familiar with Ruby Quest, take this as a rec to go read it.

We Are Not Close Enough Friends For These To Be Benefits

Fandom: Archie Comics
Summary: Jughead wants a nap. Reggie has other plans.
Notes: Reggie/Jughead. 1620 words. Teen and up. Maybe I will be breaking my no sequels rule for this one. Full notes at the fic.

The Continuing Adventures of Dr. Bright: Doctor, Scientist, Cosplayer

Fandom: SCP Foundation
Summary: Reasons Dr. Bright needs a keeper. (And reasons having a keeper won't help.) In which Bright goes through assistants like others go through tissue, there is desperate spending of extra D-Class resources in response to upcoming budget reviews, and Bright has a doctorate but is still not that Doctor.
Notes: Dr. Bright gen. 1988 words. Teen and up. Dr. Bright may be a terrible person, but you have to admit he knows how to have a good time. Full notes at the fic (and, er, in the comments, because I am terrible at remembering to update with end notes).

Growth Cycle

Fandom: The Sims
Summary: Hydrangea doesn't like kids, but her daughter's growing on her.
Notes: OFC/OFC, but really mostly mother-daughter family gen. 2494 words. Teen and up. Entirely too many things in this came straight from my own games, highlighting weird Sims behavior and my own awful skills at managing a household. Full notes at the fic.

Echo Reply

Fandom: Almost Human
Summary: Dorian claims he hasn't gone rogue, but what else could all these flowers mean? In which John is concerned, Dorian is exasperated, and there will be no more talk of feelings.
Notes: Dorian/John. 1295 words. Teen and up. When added to the Archie fic (or just taken on its own), further proof of my love for the "doesn't know they're dating/on a date" trope. Full notes at the fic.

These Bonds Pulled Tight

Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Summary: Porn. Omigosh, porn.
Notes: D/Leon. 1146 words. Explicit. Dub-con. Trying to write fuck-or-die is apparently impossible for me, so this is likely the closest I will achieve. I meant to change the summary placeholder and enact all the changes my beta suggested, but I have yet to achieve either of these. I figure y'all are stuck with that summary, but maybe in the next week or two I will stop having weird anxiety feelings attached to this and make the other changes. We'll see. I'm determined it will happen eventually. (Sorry, treat recipient! :( My other option was not posting it, but I opted on the side of more gifts rather than less.)

A Gentlelady and Her Books

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
Summary: Adam likes to read, but there are only so many books a person can read before cabin fever sets in. A role reversal B&B AU.
Notes: Prince Adam/Belle. 757 words. General Audiences. I want to re-watch this movie now.

Chi's First Christmas

Fandom: Chi's Sweet Home
Summary: In which Chi discovers Christmas cake and presents.
Notes: Gen. 546 words. General audiences. My love for this manga is boundless. My only regret is that I did not have the time to write everything I wanted and make fan art to include in this. (And I still did not have time to write everything I wanted!)

We Last to Raise Our Hands

Fandom: Ruby Quest
Summary: Bella didn't volunteer.
Notes: Gen. 100 words. Teen and up. The whole YuMaDrIn thing was a nice excuse to write a short Bella piece.

All in all, I had a lot of fun writing this Yuletide, though I did not manage everything I hoped to. Considering that much of it was done while on vacation (though Ruby Quest snagged me much sooner), I will have to settle for NYRC during my free time this year for the rest of it.

And now it's 4 a.m., so time once more to try for sleep.

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