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While I have been terrible at finishing fic lately, I did finally look into those media recs I asked for a while back. I gave Homestuck another try, and once I hit Act Two, it was smooth sailing. I'm currently somewhere in Act Five Part Two, and I have discovered one major problem: already I want to read all the fic and I am not even caught up yet.

So! Homestuck fen: this is your chance to sway me to your fandom. Give me recs of fan art and fic and whatever else there might be, and I might (read: will probably) double down on this fandom. Especially if those recs involve Kanaya/Rose, Karkat/John, and any sort of Terezi presence. Like. I love all the humans and their adorkable little faces, but I finally understand what everyone was talking about when they said to wait for the story's spotlight to shine on the trolls.

I mean, okay, I have a few problems with things that come up in the story here and there (it would not be MSPA if I did not), but man. I feel like this fandom and I could possibly have a beautiful relationship.

What I am saying here is: enable meeeeeeee.
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A thing of nightmares, what comes of watching the first five minutes of Frankenstein. I blame [personal profile] lizfu.

Life update stuff: [personal profile] the_wanlorn and I are no longer together. She broke it off, but I'm pretty okay with it all, so no sympathies necessary on either side, I think.

Mostly, my life has stayed pretty boring, though I am going to a carnival wedding of a close family friend later today. Considering the bride was my sister's best friend at the same time her sister was my best friend and our mothers have remained close friends for ages, it is practically a family event. While I'm not looking forward to the crowds, it'll be nice to see that whole family again.

The other thing of interest was watching Frankenstein's theater broadcast with [personal profile] lizfu, as mentioned above. The stagecraft and acting were pretty great, though there were two unexpected potential triggers for s.a. Feel free to p.m. me if you need info on that.

I'm still working on that Avengers Valdemar fusion fic. It is mostly done, but I am having difficulty sticking the landing. Why are endings so hard to write?

Finally, a link for [personal profile] lizfu the rest of you may enjoy, too: Harry the Hufflepuff. It's an ffn link, and yes, there is a sequel accessible via the author's profile.
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Does anyone remember how back in December I asked for prompts? I may have recently started poking at those again.

If, theoretically, I wrote something called "Avengers of Valdemar" I am hoping to post in honor of tonight's Avengers midnight opening, would anyone be willing to look it over for me? And if, say, it is not finished, is there anyone willing to chat online and bounce ideas with me as I'm writing?

Not that I am 1200 words into any such fic. Not at all.

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I think my time away broke my flash fic at will abilities or something. Once I have mastered the urge to write a 5k+ kidfic sequel to Happily Ever After with Goats in response to [personal profile] nel_ani's prompt, maybe I will manage some of the others.


Does anyone know if there is Erfworld fic? And if it involves Jack Snipe, Charlie, or Maggie? I know, I know, fandom of one most likely, especially if my google fu is anything to go by. I suppose I can save up for next Yuletide.


Relatedly, does anyone have any recs for books, webcomics, or games with fandoms? I am rather full up on shows, but if you have anything outstanding that seems like a good lure for a between-main-fandoms Tuesday (see in past: Chuck, Psych, Supernatural), I will take it. Or movies, though A-Team may have been a one-off thing and had a TV show before it besides.

I spent twenty minutes going through my folders for getting a head-start on this years Five Days of Tuesday, and I'd like to add something that I'm actively watching, reading, or otherwise engaging. Otherwise I'm mostly stuck with SPN fic several seasons out of date and which will take me forever to finish regardless. In case that sounds appealing, I warn you that these include things like a) angelpreg b) Gabriel failing at seducing Dean while Sam accidentally convinces Cas to be his angel boyfriend c) kidfic (yes, this is separate from the angelpreg).

What I am saying here is pretty please lure me into a fandom where I will be vulnerable to fic ideas.
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I haven't actually gotten to read much in the way of Yuletide fic and I didn't have time to participate by officially signing up this year, but I did manage to snag one pinch hit for [personal profile] archiesfrog in a fandom dear to my heart.

Pterosaurs for All

Fandom: Eureka
Summary: Zoe should've gone to Florida for Spring Break.
Notes: A story about Zoe, Jo, and pterosaurs. Thanks especially to [personal profile] infinimato for the beta and [personal profile] jmtorres for staying up to hold my hand when I started freaking out over posting fic in a new fandom, as well as [personal profile] the_wanlorn for enabling my love of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and other such awesome things.
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Which is to say that my netbook, as adorable as it is, is not used enough for it to do anything but drive me to distraction when I am trying to type. This is a problem for the flash fic extravaganza (feel free to leave more prompts) only in that I will have to type them all up when I get home, which will be well before the end of the year.

So that no one interested in DAII time stamps (eek, so happy to be writing this) or anything else I'm working on will miss them, I'll be trying something new and posting the flash fic to [community profile] tuesdayfic and AO3 and just leaving a link in my replies.

In other things, I have been enjoying my vacation. I stayed up way too late (see: the time of this post) reading and re-reading [personal profile] devildoll's Semaphore, which is an Avengers movie-verse fic that ends in Tony/Steve, but also includes a ton of minor character and ship moments that delighted me no end, from Clint and Natasha's double handstand to Pepper's new job and boyfriend to Steve's apartment and neighbor to--well, you can read it all yourself. *grin*

Other things done on my vacation have included buying books for the first time in forever, including Mercedes Lackey's new Changes, which I liked much better than Jim Butcher's of the same title, and some book about a zombie lawyer that is on crack. My cane and I haven't tried braving the beach, but then, I didn't bring sandals, anyway. There's a Siamese kitten, maybe a year old, that likes to wander the area, and I am seriously contemplating buying treats to lure it to me. I can bring the rest home to my cat to make up for the betrayal, I'm sure. Besides, his Christmas catnip toys will probably make him forget we left him at all.

Overall, this week is going rather well. How are things with y'all?
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At some point when I am home and not on my yearly trip to FL with my amazing mum, I will post some of the fic I wrote in my absence from DW. Until then (and a little after, too), I am taking flash fic prompts!

You can include time stamp requests of any of the fic I've previously written or any random idea you'd like to see me write. No limits on prompts per person, and I will be collecting and filling them through the 1st.

Because I didn't do Yuletide this year, feel free to ask me for small fandoms you know we have in common, or just hope we do. Feel free to ask about books, video games, webcomics, movies, tv shows, songs, or whatever. Not frantically typing away at a small fandom this time of year feels weird.

If you want something in a larger fandom, that's fine, too!

In sum: Hi, I'm back and would like to write y'all things. :D
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It has occurred to me that might be in question considering my last entry before radio silence. Various things in flesh space (thankfully not ants) have overwhelmed me of late and will likely continue to do so. I won't be participating in Yuletide (assuming its running this year) or any of my other usual fannish activity; neither am I likely to manage any but the most sporadic of journal reading.

If you need me for anything, the only e-mail I'm regularly checking and replying to is my gmail. If you don't have that, feel free to PM me.

As ever, my thoughts are with y'all. ♥


Aug. 13th, 2011 03:34 am
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Still haven't left yet! I will get to the hotel by sometime tonight. Whee, random anxiety attack over driving. Not even attempts to bribe myself with dropping by Molly's have gotten me out of the house. I have told myself that I will face packing by two and leaving by three. *crosses fingers for this being true*

For people who see me at VVC: I am totally up for hugs! Also, if I owe you fic, feel free to frown at me and remind me what I am supposed to be writing you. *eyes [personal profile] fan_eunice and [personal profile] nestra nervously*

Reminders to self for packing:
-Do not forget the blender!
-Socks. You forget these sometimes. You will actually need these.
-Bathroom things.
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I should be packing and finishing fic, but instead I am watching vids and getting excited over all the new vids that I will soon be able to see. [personal profile] danegen put together a list of some of last year's VVC vids she is watching, and I am nicking that idea. Except, well, only some of these are from past iterations of VVC. If a bunch of these look familiar, that is probably because I have recommended several of these in the past.


Get Off by [personal profile] jmtorres
Chuck from the Burbank by [personal profile] kuwdora

Dead Like Me:
There Is A Boy Who Never Goes Out by [livejournal.com profile] greensilver

Doctor Who:
I by [personal profile] fan_eunice

Imma Be by [personal profile] talitha78

Harbor by [livejournal.com profile] kaydeefalls

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
Five Colours by [personal profile] leanwellback

Luv Song by [personal profile] danegen (Technically, this is more SPN fandom?)
Supernatural in my Pants by [livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c
For Your Entertainment by [personal profile] grey_bard
Rabbit Hearted Girl (Raise It Up) by [livejournal.com profile] ancastar
blahblahblah by [livejournal.com profile] kaiyote

Set Fire to the Rain by [personal profile] talitha78

White Collar:
Walk Right Up by [personal profile] china_shop
Bathwater by [personal profile] china_shop

Rolling in the Deep by [personal profile] arefadedaway
Lovestain by [personal profile] talitha78


A sad thing I discovered while putting this together: I can't find Nowhere to Stop anywhere but youtube anymore since [livejournal.com profile] lola_thursday locked it down. On the plus side, I will always have the copy on my hard drive.

If, um, I linked to a vid of yours and I haven't commented on it, sorry! I have been terrible about comments. Be assured, if it's on this list, I love it to bits.

These are only vids from the playlist on this laptop. If anyone is interested, I may put together another link round-up of the older ones on my desktop.

. . . Looking at that list, though, it is obvious I need more lady vids in my life. Especially Raven vids. Are there Raven vids? I really need to look into that.
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Don't Go in the Funhouse [Also at AO3]

Fandom: A-Team (2010)
Summary: "There aren't going to be any explosions," Hannibal said, "if everything goes according to plan."
Notes: B.A./Murdock. 1703 words. Teen and up. Full notes at the link.

"You've never been to a carnival," B.A. said disbelievingly.


Aug. 3rd, 2011 05:56 pm
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It's last minute, but if anyone is looking for a spare room, I'm rooming with [personal profile] devon from Thursday night to Saturday night (checking out Sunday), and we definitely have room for one. I suspect I won't decide what panels and vid shows I'm going to attend until VVC actually starts, but I am so excited.


In other things, today is my anniversary with [personal profile] the_wanlorn! I totally had plans to finish a Haven fic for her, but then I fell asleep at seven yesterday and only woke this morning. I did, however, finally finish an A-Team fic, which with any luck will make a decent substitute. I'll be posting that in a little while.
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Outside of the cut, because I want to make this as clear as possible: the choice to file charges has nothing to do with whether someone was raped. If you are a feminist or choose to so identify, stop suggesting this.

Trigger warning for sexual assault )
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Apparently it's a sinus infection.

Things that are cheering (yes, I need a list):
• New Haven. Two whole episodes of it so far! Excuse me while I draw hearts around Duke and Audrey and Nate's faces
• Porn Battle is closing prompts, which means soon it will be the day it opens fills, and then there will be lots of excellent fic. Also, I am maybe already going through the comments and collecting prompts for my own use.
This video is adorable. Even more adorable: the dog apparently heard it even though I was wearing headphones and came over to check out the two strange dogs making noises in his house. He was very disappointed they weren't actually around to play with.
• My cat is being even more adorable than all of the dogs by curling up on my books so I pay attention to him.
• I have a whole stack of library books to read while stuck inside and resting this weekend.

What are your happy things today?
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The entire right side of my face is a ball of pain, liquid keeps leaking from that tear duct, and I have literally gone through an entire box of kleenex today. These are not tiny boxes.

Currently I can't take NSAIDs for medical reasons. I've used ice right over my sinuses, and it's too hot for heat (though I may try it anyway). I am leery of tea for the same reason. More allergy medications are also right out for the moment, though let me tell you, I am counting down the hours and hoping this is not a sinus infection.

Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or suggestions not listed above? And, though it is less pressing than the ball of pain in my face, any tips for ear pain? You would think this would be something I would know from chronic ear infections as a child, but alas, crying into my mum's lap until I was dragged to the doctor and trying not to let anyone close to my ears is not something I can get away with as an adult.

Failing suggestions, anyone have fic recs? I am currently nostalgic for Harry Potter (you would not believe how much (mostly terrible) femslash and sorting AUs and bad fic I have been reading) and rummaging around in DCU (with a focus on The Avengers, Thor, and X-Men). Alternately, good creepy pasta or creepy web originals. If it deserves a place on the High Octane Nightmare Fuel page, I will probably read it.


And so that I am not just taking, have some recs:

That Insidious Beast: I'm only partway through, but I am delighted by documentation fic combined with actual prose. The TV schedule and the kid snarking on info dots are both great. A mid-apocalypse tale.

The SCP Foundation has tons of awesome stuff, though it also has tons of terrible stuff and tons of triggery stuff. At some point I may go through and find my favorites and link them, if only for my own ease of reference. Tales of a collection of things and people (and things that were people).

And I am sure all of you have already read The Dionaea House.


. . . It is 2:30 a.m., how am I even awake? More to the point, I am re-reading The Dionaea House. Even if my pain goes away, how will I ever sleep again?
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Mum: Your cousins [who are located in California] went to Comic-Con.
Me: I had some friends who went, too.
Mum: We should go. Or at least, I should go.

I suspect I know what my mum will be doing roughly this time next year. (And possibly me, if I can ever bring myself to fly again.)
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Was delighted at many things. Too tired to write up a real reaction post, but tell me all your favorite bits in comments?

P.S. Best movie moment: watching the trailer for Avengers and having a dude in the audience yell, "*THOR*!" Yes, there were definitely asterisks in that exultant proclamation. Some fan boy is secretly reading [personal profile] astolat's journal, I see.

P.P.S. I might have clutched at my face and shrieked a tiny bit at seeing Certain Characters in said trailer.

P.P.P.S. HOW COULD NO ONE HAVE LINKED ME TO THIS alk;lfksglajfdalfskdas;ldfjk obviously there is still tons of comic reading in my future.
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I am considering the possibility of going, because sometimes it is good for me to get out of my routine in a place that is familiar and full of joy. That there is no wait list has been a major, major temptation for a while now. My only problem is that I am probably too full of anxiety to make a post to the comm asking if anyone has any space in their room open for another roommate.

Thus: do any of you? Do you know anyone who does whom you can vouch for not secretly being an axe murderer?

I'm still going back and forth over the whole thing, but my decision would be easier if I knew I didn't have to pay the full cost of a hotel room on my lonesome.

(Okay, there is a second problem of not having covered last year's gambling debts, but I'm sure any day now I will get on that. . . . Any day now.)
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If anyone has Captain America recs for which of the comic series to read (and also any Captain America/Iron Man fic recs), I would greatly appreciate them! I am possibly moving into that fandom and focusing a ton of my writing there at the behest of my awesome girlfriend.

In other things, today [personal profile] the_wanlorn and I met up with [personal profile] polarisnorth, [personal profile] aria, [personal profile] reflectedeve, and [profile] oliviacircle at Al Dente. It was full of awesome fandom chatter, and I am very much looking forward to exploring various fandoms and fic. [personal profile] jmtorres, you will be happy to know that Sanctuary is right at the top of my list again. Well, right after all of the Captain America stuff.

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