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Sometime after my decision to write all the fic, I re-injured my wrist. I refuse to let this stop me. Surely any time now I will be accustomed once more to typing with a wrist brace. Let's not even discuss this ongoing bronchitis or whatever. Cough meds just make writing better, right?

A short list of the Hobbit fic I'm working on:
- Smaug the Magnificent invades Erebor. Unfortunately for Smaug, he chose this quest as an infant dragon. The dwarves are not impressed with their new dragon infestation.
- The accidental soul bond drunk wedding Bree-as-Vegas time loop modern AU, with working title "All the Tropes. All of them."
- A 4k-ish everybody lives AU in which I attempt to purge many of the still left-over feelings from reading the Hobbit at age ten. You are all just very lucky that Tolkien fandom of the time intimidated me, because otherwise somewhere in the internet's murky past there would be 20k of awful and meandering song fic. I am just saying, Sinnead O'Connor was big then.
- Mash-up with Dwarf Fortress (including why you don't eat the meat at an elven table after an orc hunt).
- Instead of going on to the halls of his fathers or whatever, Bilbo is given another option to fill another universe's gap. In which Bilbo is a retired Maiar, no, really, he swears he's done this time, Gandalf comes to regret taking him on the occasional adventure, and this whole quest business is Gandalf's version of revenge.
- The Lovecraftian cannibalism humor fic. I blame the kink meme, which I have shamelessly scoured for ideas. [personal profile] lizfu can confirm this: someone out there wants me to write this fic.
- That other kink meme prompt I discussed with [personal profile] lizfu where the presence of hobbits is the equivalent of a hundred adorable kittens. In which Gandalf has a tendency to throw Bilbo at whichever dwarf is pissing him off (read: Thorin) and by the time they reach Erebor, Thorin doesn't so much have an Arkenstone as a Bilbo problem. There may also be well-meaning Shire kidnappings and Bilbo developing an elves complex.
- At least two Bilbo-the-dragon fic. What, don't look at me like that. It is all perfectly reasonable.

You can be reasonably certain that if the fic I write in this fandom is not Thorin/Bilbo, it is gen. And you can be reasonably certain that I am not writing much gen.
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[community profile] backtoschool has sign-ups open through May 20th. If you are into Supernatural or Supernatural RPF and want to play, we bid you welcome! Fic, art, vids, and fanmixes, and gen, femslash, slash, and het are all encouraged. A note: university AU does not have to mean always human AU, for those of you who want your angels to be angels and your hunters to be college students (or whatever other awesome ideas you might have). We even have a spiffy banner made by the unparalleled [personal profile] shirozora, our more talented mod:

[community profile] spn_bitesized this week is hosting a Women of Supernatural round. There is one prompt I am already eyeing with intent. And by one, I mean many.

[personal profile] bessemerprocess made an amazing mini mix to accompany that fantastic Garcia/Morgan/Reid fic Stepping Stones she wrote me for last Three Ships.

Sweet Charity is over, and this round I failed to win anything. I had my heart set on [personal profile] vanitashaze and Ruby fic, but yahoo decided I did not need to get my "you've been overbid" notifications in a timely fashion and put them in my spam box instead. This is my sad face. On the other hand, people pledged US $4,662.50, which means time to commence with the Paul Gross arms of glee. \o/

How to scare your dragon: When I watched How to Train Your Dragon with [personal profile] lizfu, I commented that Toothless was like if Stitch and a cat had adorable babies. Apparently I wasn't the only one with Stitch on the brain, because this amazing art has Stitch and Toothless upon first meeting. Eeee.

The cost of art by [livejournal.com profile] fiction_theory:
For the record, I believe that ethics and artistry not only do go hand and hand but when divorced create nothing but monstrosity.

via [personal profile] zvi: so you wanna move to dreamwidth? complete with codes for people who are interested. I agree with all of these reasons. :D

also via [personal profile] zvi: These are a few of my Favorite Things, which yes, a lot of these are my favorite, too!

[community profile] spn_dreamwidth is the Supernatural newsletter that covers all the SPN content on Dreamwidth. I am so glad it exists, because I was halfway tempted to make one of my own, and y'all know I already am too involved in fandom organizational stuff at the moment. If you produce SPN content on DW and aren't already watched by their aggregate journal, you should drop them a comment.

Because I commented positively on [community profile] fangasmic's name change, I do want to point out also that I am not wholly impressed with their point/counterpoint post in which given equal weight and airtime is the following:
To say I hated this decision would be putting it lightly. I resisted this move because it feels like we are betraying one of the fundamental reasons we wanted to launch this project to begin with; fandom is so preoccupied with never offending anybody that attempts to have a discussion oftentimes are smothered from lack of oxygen or blow up; I wanted us to be different. If we were going to give in on something as basic as our site name, what was next?

One of the fundamental reasons was so that people could have a place for unexamined privilege? Because we don't already have enough of that? Really? Y'all that are joining, have fun, but I think I'm sticking with my own tiny nooks of fandom.


I've not really been replying to very much lately, because the past few days I've been ridiculously grouchy except for when I saw [personal profile] lizfu and had a wonderful picnic in the park eating tomato soup and a delicious sandwich and sipping an amazing mango smoothie. Reading Changes didn't really help my mood. (Review to come later.)

I'm not going on hiatus, but I am going to continue paring back my interactions outside my comms, journals, and fandom responsibilities for the moment. I'm sure I'll be back to chipper sunshine in a few days.


This is a long shot, but: is anyone else out there allergic to a ridiculous amount of soaps/body washes? If so, what hypoallergenic (or even non-hypoallergenic) soaps/body washes are you doing well with? What face scrubs? I'm good on shampoos, but I think my run with Pure & Natural's hypoallergenic mango butter and vanilla seed is coming to an end, and St. Ives's new Elements olive scrub seems to have been doomed from the start. It could also be my allergy to my cat ratcheting up again, but I am very much hoping that is not the case.
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First, happy birthday, [personal profile] jmtorres! (Well wishes from the future, because I understand what with these timezone things, for you, it's not actually your birthday yet.)


My back suddenly is in agony. It hurt a little earlier, but it wasn't anything like this. I not only hurt so much that I'm near-vomiting levels of nauseous (I'm hoping to keep the aspirin I took down, but it is not necessarily a manageable prospect at this point), but I've also suddenly reached the involuntary tears levels of pain. If I did not think it would wake my neighbors/get them to call the cops on me, I would engage in some screaming to see if it helped. At least I have a heating pad. I'm wondering if this is a redux of last week's back pain or what.

Point being: if anyone has anything in the next few hours they think would distract me/SPN recs/what-have-you, please, please point me to them, because I am in serious need of a mental diversion. Writing is not happening like this.


Chicago was really awesome, the opera not so much. Actual write-up of my weekend when I am not in horrible agony.


eta: Cut for TMI )

I think it bears repeating: fuck my life.
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Dear body )


Three gen Supernatural crossover fic recs for Fandom Appreciation Day Three:

Burnt Ash and Golden Eyes by [livejournal.com profile] trolllogicfics (LJ link) This is pretty much my favorite Psych/SPN crossover ever, and I would love for there to be a 100k epic of this for me to roll around and read forever, but in truth, it is pretty damn epic on its own. Shawn is one of Azazel's children, and it is amazing.

Coeur d'coeurs by [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing (LJ link) [personal profile] lizfu, did you throw this at me at one point? Did I throw it at you? Did someone else wander in while we were discussing Supernatural/Pushing Daisies cross-overs in the comments somewhere? I don't really know. All I know is this is fabulous and re-reading it put a smile on my face. I would love a sequel that is The Continuing Adventures of Sam and Dean and Emerson Cod (Emerson ♥).

Rule # 7: always be specific when you lie by [livejournal.com profile] anniehow (LJ link) This is totally what would happen if Dean were brought in by NCIS. I love it to pieces. It wins lots of points for how Dean gets out of the situation and for how everyone is so very them. Any fic that has Sam geeking out over websites for cover building and Castiel posing not-very-convincingly as a lawyer is A++ in my book.

Speaking of Sam geeking out over websites and cover identities, I don't suppose any of y'all have recs for a Supernatural/Leverage crossover? Something like: Hardison and Sam bond over forging IDs! Parker is endlessly fascinated by Castiel and keeps mimicking his head-tilt (unnerving him in the process)! Eliot has a hunter cousin and has been around the block a few times! Sophie also somehow knows Ellen from way back! Dean and Nate have a man-pain face-off!

Surely this exists. Someone tell me it exists. *pitiful eyes*

wtf self?

Feb. 24th, 2010 06:14 am
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So I'm still sick, I just watched the SPN episode where Spoilers for 4x16 ) and then my uterus decided now would be a good time to stage its monthly rebellion. (This, of course, meant that I needed to take my pain meds with caffeine in, which partially explains why I'm still up.)

What did my brain decide would be the best thing to do? Write angel porn into my crack fic. Both of them.

I don't even know, guys. Thus far, one is 1,500 words. This is your warning: cracked-out angel porn coming soon to a journal near you. Or maybe not so soon, in that I have barely begun any of these.
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All in SPN, all about the shiny, shiny angel(/Dean), all on YT, and . . . all by the same vidder. Look, anaapenas has the good crack, okay?

Touch My Whoa-oa-oa Dean thinks Castiel will have to work harder if he wants to touch his whoa-oa-oa. One of the few cases of using audio in vid that I actually like.

Hot 'n Cold I know. I know. It's Katy fucking Perry. But I think we've been over this before, how I hate pretty much everything she stands for, but have a strange, somewhat unsettling love for some of her music. Especially this song in vids. Especially in this vid.

Leave Me Alone This one is my favorite. Favorite. It opens with Dean finding Castiel's diary, and it is priceless. This is like horrible, wonderful crack fic made into vid form. Trust me, it is amazing. I only wish there were a sequel. If you only watch one of the three, watch this one.


Health things )

Can I just say that I love tea? It is my best friend outside of [personal profile] lizfu.
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I have something like a very mild version of the flu or a cold (because a month is too long to go without illness! whee!) and have been submerging all my hate for the cold, winter, dry air, and the fact that my nose has decided to slowly ooze blood for the past three days because of all the aforementioned in Supernatural fic. So far, I've consumed quite a bit of Castiel fic (usually of the Castiel/Dean variety), some Ruby fic, and a handful of vids.

Some conclusions I've reached:

1) I am still really fucking bad at clicking on fic with hope and ultimately backspacing in horror.
1a) It does not help when people couch their warnings in one very short sentence in the middle of a twenty line author's notes.
1b) It really does not help when people do not believe in warnings at all.

2) A small but vocal section of this fandom has a hard-on for killing women. Like, I don't even mean all the canon deaths, but rather that if there's a female character who somehow escaped Kripke that shows up, chances are she doesn't make it out of the first fifth of the story.

3) A small but vocal section of this fandom has a hard-on for writing canonically dead female characters as still being alive and kicking major ass. This makes me feel so much better about point two.

4) What is with all of the consent issues? (And I'm not talking about the whole Jimmy issue here, because yeah, I'm basically compartmentalizing and not thinking about it when reading a lot of the Castiel fic. I REALIZE THIS MAKES ME A HORRIBLE PERSON, OKAY? But sometimes a girl just needs to read about shiny, shiny angels while fighting a fever and cursing all winter ever.)

5) No, really, what is with all of the consent issues? Have I been spoiled by comparison to my brief reading jaunt back into Gus/Shawn, which is pretty much all, ":D :D <3 <3" between them when Shawn isn't being an asshole? I don't even know.


Which brings me to--

Have some vids rec (to be upfront, these are all going to be about the shiny, shiny angel) )
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Guess who was accidentally drinking poisoned drinking water? And by poisoned, I mean the filter had mold in it? (Yes, I am making a D: face just recalling it, look as horrified as you like.) If you guessed Tuesday, you win the prize, which is to feel smugly correct!

This would definitely explain why my allergic reaction to something else (never wander through unidentified plant life in sandals just because the dog is) tipped me over so terribly--because I was already reacting to something. Suffice to say, I've spent the past many days knocked out on Benadryl. I missed volunteering at Ikasucon and watching [personal profile] lizfu run a panel I very much wanted to see last weekend, but at least on Monday I discovered what was wrong, made the appropriate filter changes and cleaning, and by this morning, I feel somewhat human again.

I couldn't tell you most of what I've done the past several days, but I did draw a map to something, write several plot points, and several lists. It makes me wonder what other surprises await me.

This weekend is Vividcon! I can't tell you how excited I am (and how glad I am that this whole allergy thing is slowly clearing up, because driving on Benadryl is never going to happen; at least, not without me running my car into a ditch at most five minutes in). Who else is going?

Also, what else have the rest of you been up to this past week?

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