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Sometime after my decision to write all the fic, I re-injured my wrist. I refuse to let this stop me. Surely any time now I will be accustomed once more to typing with a wrist brace. Let's not even discuss this ongoing bronchitis or whatever. Cough meds just make writing better, right?

A short list of the Hobbit fic I'm working on:
- Smaug the Magnificent invades Erebor. Unfortunately for Smaug, he chose this quest as an infant dragon. The dwarves are not impressed with their new dragon infestation.
- The accidental soul bond drunk wedding Bree-as-Vegas time loop modern AU, with working title "All the Tropes. All of them."
- A 4k-ish everybody lives AU in which I attempt to purge many of the still left-over feelings from reading the Hobbit at age ten. You are all just very lucky that Tolkien fandom of the time intimidated me, because otherwise somewhere in the internet's murky past there would be 20k of awful and meandering song fic. I am just saying, Sinnead O'Connor was big then.
- Mash-up with Dwarf Fortress (including why you don't eat the meat at an elven table after an orc hunt).
- Instead of going on to the halls of his fathers or whatever, Bilbo is given another option to fill another universe's gap. In which Bilbo is a retired Maiar, no, really, he swears he's done this time, Gandalf comes to regret taking him on the occasional adventure, and this whole quest business is Gandalf's version of revenge.
- The Lovecraftian cannibalism humor fic. I blame the kink meme, which I have shamelessly scoured for ideas. [personal profile] lizfu can confirm this: someone out there wants me to write this fic.
- That other kink meme prompt I discussed with [personal profile] lizfu where the presence of hobbits is the equivalent of a hundred adorable kittens. In which Gandalf has a tendency to throw Bilbo at whichever dwarf is pissing him off (read: Thorin) and by the time they reach Erebor, Thorin doesn't so much have an Arkenstone as a Bilbo problem. There may also be well-meaning Shire kidnappings and Bilbo developing an elves complex.
- At least two Bilbo-the-dragon fic. What, don't look at me like that. It is all perfectly reasonable.

You can be reasonably certain that if the fic I write in this fandom is not Thorin/Bilbo, it is gen. And you can be reasonably certain that I am not writing much gen.
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