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This year has been kind of ridiculous for managing anything fannish whatsoever past that tiny bit of Homestuck fan art. And no, tumblr did not eat me - I haven't been updating there, either. /o\


Some vague life update stuff:

-I took a class and maybe now I will have a new career! It is an exciting possibility, and I am looking forward to change.

-My health has continued to be weird, but I promise I will update y'all if I ever get answers past, "Do this new thing, and then come back to give us more blood to test. [rinse, repeat.]" On the plus side, even if we never figure it out, at worst I'll be stuck with discomfort and/or inconvenience only occasionally. Yay?

-My mum is finally recovering from her major surgery! This is pretty neat, as it means she can finally leave the house for short periods without my following after her like an overly concerned mama hen worried her baby chick's going to trip and need to go back to the hospital for more surgery. Also, my mum finally gets her dog back, even if he must now adjust to the weirdness of coming to me for all his needs.

-I finally have my main computer back! It took a great deal of effort not to cling to and cuddle it, crooning softly, "Never leave me," and generally act like a total creeper to a piece of hardware. There is just something about one's main desktop that cannot be replaced.


Some fannish stuff:

-I am totally failing at doing a NYR for my original Yuletide assignment and am resigned to just never finishing this story. Do any of y'all have a story prompt you saw (all those months ago) and secretly thought, "I hope Tuesday is assigned *that*"? Or maybe you want to take this opportunity to scrawl through that huge, awesome spreadsheet and convince me to write [insert fandom here]? Seriously, I am no good with spreadsheets and am just making sad, desperate faces at google docs and hoping someone will swoop in to save me.

-I seriously wavered over whether to do Five Days of Tuesday this year (obviously that did not happen) and realized I have tons of near-finished short fic. Unfortunately, a lot of it is on other computers. Is there anyone out there still interested in A-Team fic who'd be willing to handhold me through actually finishing the last few hundred words?

-I promise I'll eventually finish that Avengers Valdemar AU. A year late, maybe, but it will happen.

-Is there good Downton Abbey fic? I'm partway through S2 and am curious. It seems like a hard fandom to write in, but the world is full of wonders and wonderful writers.

-I'm finding that I'm somewhat pining for my time in SPN fandom. I have little interest in catching up in the show right now, and I can't bring myself to work on anything in that wip folder, but most of my personal experiences with it were pretty great and the people well worth missing. ♥

-Homestuck: is anyone caught up with this and willing to answer a couple questions for me? I briefly stopped reading and am still uncertain whether I want to get back to it sooner or much, much later.
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Don't Go in the Funhouse [Also at AO3]

Fandom: A-Team (2010)
Summary: "There aren't going to be any explosions," Hannibal said, "if everything goes according to plan."
Notes: B.A./Murdock. 1703 words. Teen and up. Full notes at the link.

"You've never been to a carnival," B.A. said disbelievingly.
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An admission, finally, because no matter how much I hope I will get over this, it's time to face up to the fact it won't happen any time soon. I'm having difficulty (in which, to be honest, "difficulty" itself is almost a euphemism) replying to comments, talking to most people on aim or gchat, using the phone, or chatting with more than one of the few people with whom I can talk at once. (We're not even going to go into leaving the house.) E-mail, at least, is mostly working, if I tell myself I only have to reply with a few lines, and anything past that is just icing.

I'm not saying this so I can get "Oh, poor Tuesday :(" comments or internet hugs, not that I don't appreciate knowing that all of y'all tend towards a most awesome sympathy or empathy when it comes to this sort of issue, rather than automatically assuming some bid for attention. Some of you already know that I'm currently working on finding a medication that works for me, and I'm hoping I'll get there at some point, but right now, I'll settle for making it a little easier on myself and admitting that no, I won't be replying to all of the comments. I may not even be replying to most or some of the comments. Mostly, I want each of you to know: it's really, really not you; it is most definitely me and my brain chemistry.

With any luck, with this out of the way, and with less (even self-created) pressure on, I'm hoping I'll be able to post again, or write fic with the hope of posting again, or at least contemplate either without having to go lie down and tell myself to breathe.

Currently, I'm leaving comments on on this entry, but I may lock them for any (even irrational) reason. This entry is currently unlocked, but that may change. Hell, don't be surprised if I panic at how awkward this entry feels and it is suddenly magically gone from one minute to the next.


Some less awkward-feeling things:

• My sinus infection is slowly getting better, emphasis on slowly, but my wrist is pretty much recovered at this point.
Porn Battle is open and has lots of interesting prompts. This time around it's open for eleven days. Maybe I will finish something for it this time around.
Festivids has gone live. I haven't had a chance to watch much yet, but the two vids I have seen were amazing. And to think, there are well over a hundred more left to watch!
• I've recently taken up Minecraft. It's still in beta, so not only is it discounted, but every time Notch updates with new trees, mobs, and recipes, it's like Christmas. It's like if Legos and Dwarf Fortress got together and had an adorable baby that made friends with the undead. Just so you know, you should consider this Penny Arcade comic and the one proceeding it both a dire promise and a warm warning. Also: this update has cake & squid!
• Speaking of the above, if you play Minecraft and want me to help build or mine you things, let me know what server you are on? I tend to wander the servers when I am not playing on [personal profile] the_wanlorn's or a server full of adorable teenagers. (Actually, I do not know for a fact they are teenagers, but man, do I ever suspect.)
• Expect to see this game in my next The A-Team fic.
• I received lovely cards from [personal profile] love and [personal profile] talitha78 over the holiday season. Sorry for not thanking you both sooner. Each seriously made my day. ♥
• Anyone have any suggestions for a reliable place to back up my fic list if Yahoo can't find anyone to sell Delicious?
• Even though I've been reading this whole time, I've missed y'all. ♥
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Dear yuletide writer! I am sure you have given up on my writing a letter by now, and I think I am giving up on writing one myself. If you do need any sort of additional information, I will be perfectly happy to write back to the mods as a go-between, but I really do believe in the "optional details are optional" part of yuletide. The thing I would love most of all is for you to enjoy writing the fic.


For my own yuletide efforts, I've managed a canon review and figured out the format of my fic, plus a general mental outline. Here's hoping I manage to finish the fic itself before the drive down to Florida this time.


For my own reference, fic I want to/ought to work on soon, in no particular order:
• Yuletide
• Gambling debts of honor ([personal profile] fan_eunice, you don't mind if yours, uh, goes over 100 words, right?)
• At least one of the ten A-Team fic in my wip folder
• The SPN S6 AU (I'm not allowed to watch S6 until it's done. I didn't finish it for the big bang, but surely I will finish it by the hiatus. Surely. eep.)
• B.A./Murdock kink meme fic. (I am not allowed to write these until I finish one of the others. Repeat, self: I am not allowed to write these until I finish one of the others.)
• Warehouse 13 femslash.
• Prizes (Even if I never put time limits on my flash fic prizes, some of them were promised a shamefully long time ago.)


Before my wrist healed enough that I could write again, I grabbed a ton of books from the library and am now in the habit of using the interlibrary loan, too. While I have a number of books I've yet to make my way through, if anyone has any recommendations, I would love to take them.

Currently, I'm enjoying The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and I recently returned I Want to Go Home! and Over Sea, Under Stone. Gordon Korman was as delightful and amusing as expected, but I'm really hoping Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising is more engaging and entertaining a read than its predecessor. At some point, I'll type up a good chunk of my read list and impressions.
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Today we have the Field Museum, and then at some point we're headed back home. I'll try to catch up on comments some time in the next few days.

There are a bunch of things I want to link, but this is the one that shouldn't wait: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite (alternately: at AO3) by [personal profile] the_wanlorn is an adorable B.A./Murdock fic with stealth cuddling and forced hotel bed sharing and Murdock making sure B.A. isn't eaten by monsters. I'll say again: BEST. GIRLFRIEND. EVER.

Now to pack, because we leave in less than an hour and my stuff is scattered eeeeverywheeeere.
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I kept meaning to make individual posts to [community profile] tuesdayfic for all the A-Team fic I've posted on [archiveofourown.org profile] tuesday, but that hasn't happened. Instead, have a round-up post. There are eleven fic, all B.A./Murdock, with ratings from teen to explicit and word counts ranging from 146 to 2,314.

For those of you keeping score at home, yes, I somehow wrote 14 A-Team fic in a month. It seemed like a lot less at the time. Also, some of them are tiny! The last one was posted on July 16th. Any day now I will start finishing fic again.
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I started five B.A./Murdock fic for porn battle and failed to finish any of them on time. Finishing things: not one of my skills lately. See also: my backtoschool.


I haven't been collecting links lately, but something I've seen a few places on my dreamroll: James Roday and Dulé Hill improv the best man speeches Shawn and Gus would give for one another. It is pretty fabulous.
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Things that make me like the world a little more:
Taylor Swift being adorable.
New Spice: Study Like a Scholar, Scholar.
Re-reading Wanlorn's A-Team fic.

I have stuff I need to do tonight, but I feel like just falling over. Agh. Two hours is not enough sleep for today.

A meme

Jul. 12th, 2010 08:40 pm
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A meme I stole from one of [personal profile] the_wanlorn's friends on LJ:

Post the first line of a story here, and I'll write the next five.

If you are posting The A-Team (and, uh, I am assuming y'all are all in the same place I am with that fandom here), then you can totally post as many lines as you'd like.


There are all these posts I keep meaning to make and then never do. Someday, someday.
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I'm giving up on the forty billion tabs of links I meant to collate.

This leaves me with one link I want to leave for anyone interested, though: [community profile] coconutcurrytapenade.

[personal profile] the_wanlorn and I made a comm for anything B.A./Murdock (or B.A. & Murdock) related. I know The A-Team is a tiny fandom, but I am hoping to lure as many of y'all over there as I can.


I suppose I should also use this post to mention that this is the one fandom I am finally completely irrational over. Normally I am all, "eh, whatever, shipping differences? I ship forty different pairings in SPN fandom alone!" But in this particular fandom, I honestly (totally irrationally!) think people in the fandom who don't ship B.A./Murdock are awful people.

I mention this not as any attempt to shame anyone, but to warn you that it is better for the sake of our friendship if you actually do ship Face/Murdock or whatever to just pretend you've never seen the movie/watched the t.v. series and have absolutely no interest if you are talking with me. If you ever post about it, I will probably skim and see "Face" and wander carefully away, just so I can be sure I will not destroy our friendship over shipping preferences. That weird face you may be making at me right now? I have been making it at myself for DAYS.

(But if you ship Sosa with anyone, that is okay. IDEK.)


Tonight I'm going to start posting the rest of the A-Team fic I wrote for the kink meme and only have up on AO3, one each day so I don't spam my dreamroll. I am still in SPN as a main fandom, but I have apparently finally successfully picked up a second main fandom. We'll see whether I can continue to juggle both.

Some of you may be laughing here and saying, "But Tuesday, all you've posted about lately has been A-Team." This is what happens when I sign up for a big bang in my other fandom and everything I want to talk about relates to it. Secrecy! I am not good at it. Radio silence is the only way that's going to happen. Thus: expect very few SPN posts that are not vague "PANIC PANIC WHY DO DEADLINES EXIST" for the foreseeable future.


VVC: Who all is arriving early/staying late? [personal profile] lizfu and I haven't really talked about it (have we talked about it? actually, I am not sure here), but we have plans for the late afternoon/early evening-ish of Thursday, but not for lunch. Anyone want a Tuesday and [personal profile] lizfu for company?
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A Year of Wednesdays [Also at AO3]

Fandom: The A-Team
Summary: Murdock has super powers! Or he is stuck in a time loop. Maybe both!
Notes: B.A./Murdock, Face, Hannibal. 5399 words. Mature. Full notes (and warnings) at the link.

The first day, Murdock didn't notice anything off.
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Creeping Toward the New Normal by [personal profile] the_wanlorn is made of kittens and rainbow and sunshine. She wrote it for meeeeeeeeeeee. It is five times B.A. did not kill Murdock, and it is amazing. If you have watched The A-Team, you will love this. If you haven't watched The A-Team, you should get on that and then read this fic.


Speaking of The A-Team, I wrote a 5k+ B.A./Murdock fic in which Murdock gets stuck in a time loop. Anyone want to beta?


Jun. 26th, 2010 09:12 pm
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Guys, guys, this is why Wanlorn is the best (gif from 1x09 of The A-Team).

Cut for brief discussion of 1x09 )

B.A./Murdock basically makes me ridiculously happy.
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Things that do not make me want to burn down the internet:
• Awesome A-Team episodes that are especially full of B.A./Murdock moments.

. . . That's all I've got right now.

(I am sure I will love everything more when I am feeling better. Though I am sure I would love the internet more right now if it would produce any decent B.A./Murdock for me. :( )

p.s. Also, though this is less the internet, [personal profile] the_wanlorn, who will watch awesome A-Team episodes and let me be downright tinhatty in my shipping of B.A./Murdock without overly judging me for it.
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Thirteen Ways B.A. Shut Murdock Up & Once He Was At A Loss For Words [Also at AO3]

Fandom: The A-Team
Summary: See title.
Notes: B.A./Murdock. Brief appearances by Hannibal and Face. NC-17. 1036 words. Blanket spoilers for the movie. Written for the kink meme prompt "BA/Murdock: Ways to shut Murdock up." I really should have been writing other things, but you do not understand the power of B.A. and Murdock being lulzy together. Full notes at the fic.

1. "Put a sock in it, fool."

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