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I've slowly continued my experiments with trying all of the scents, though I've done better with the documentation as I go than actually posting the results. Here are three more, with three more to be posted at some point in the future, plus an eventual post on blending the RPG series. (A preview to that latter post: they are much better blended as intended than stand alone.)

Nuclear Winter 2013. Source: BPAL forums.

Pleasantly dry note, a little sweet (medium high), a touch almost . . . spicy? (perhaps the mint?) that feels a little brambly, I can feel this pleasantly on the back of my tongue as something almost wet, like biting into a grape. If this were a candy, I'd eat it. Of course, judging by my allergic reaction, I would probably die in the process.

Allergic reactions: tickle at the back of my throat morphing into mild asthmatic reaction, quickly turning worse, followed by need for my inhaler. In further confirmation that this scent isn't going to work, walking by my mother to wash it off led to her saying, "I don't like that one," not because she could smell it very well, but because she could feel it in her throat when she breathed. Ten minutes later, I am still coughing. A few minutes after that, a headache developed.

Picture Books in Winter. Source: BPAL forums.

General impressions: In bottle, butterscotch candy from the candy dish at my beloved nan's house. Wet, butterscotch candy with a background dusty spice. A minute dry, very faint butterscotch, but mostly my skin has consumed this all. Ten minutes dry, if I stick my nose all the way against my wrist, I get the faintest hint of sweet, with old, dry book dust settling near the back of my tongue.

Allergic reactions: A tickle at the back of my throat, but that may be leftover from Nuclear Winter, even hours later. I'll definitely have to give this one another go on a better breathing day.

Tokyo Stomp. Source: BPAL forums, decant.

General impressions: In bottle, old bubblegum and other Halloween candies discovered years later hidden in the back of the closet. Wet on the skin, it goes a little more sour than sweet, with a sharp taste underneath. My skin is eating this one pretty quickly, too, because dry, all I'm getting is a faint whiff of old candy. Wait, ten minutes later, it suddenly achieves mild throw, but still old candy. Half an hour past that, it turns to old candy coated in baby powder. This scent evoked the memory of a fun afternoon dissecting the spoils of Halloween many years past with my sister when she hit high school, but I'm not really feeling it as something I'd wear unless I decided to dress up as a Candyland Princess.

Side note: Either my cat really liked this scent or he was just trying to get by my wrist to get at the jewelry box of scents at large.

Allergic reactions: None. Probably. It's really hard to tell if this ticklish feel at the back of my throat when I breathe in deep is anything more than aftereffects of Nuclear Winter.

Overall, it was fun trying this batch, but I don't believe I'll be wearing them again any time soon.
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