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First, I am the luckiest of ladies in that [livejournal.com profile] rhea314 made two great pod fic from my flash fic: Like Sharpened Feathers, It Falls, an Akari Hikago fic, and Down Endless Corridors, a Chris Petshop of Horrors fic.

Some links from my circle and network and elsewhere:

Bobwhite by Magnolia Porter is a pretty excellent comic about three friends in university at an art school. It is also complete! You may want to start from the beginning.

Mental Health and Meds, about good experiences with meds.


A number of vid, fic, and art recs (emphasis on vids):

Walk Right Up by [personal profile] china_shop, a Clinton/Neal White Collar vid of deliciousness.

Love the Way You Lie Part 2, which is Charles/Erik X-Men: First Class and terrible and delightful to watch.

'Til the World Ends by [personal profile] talitha78 is Charles/Erik and Britney and absolutely wonderful.

Muppet Thor, which is a little sad and a lot funny and super great.

Set Fire to the Rain by [personal profile] talitha78 (shut up, yes, I rec her a lot because she's awesome), which is Thor and Loki and makes me claw at my face with FEELINGS, SO MANY FEELINGS.

Shatter by [personal profile] aria is a Loki/Thor AU in which Loki is the one cast down, and it also overwhelms me with feelings, oh my gosh, you guys, this fic. FEELINGS. Also, an amazing Darcy and science as sorcerery and FEELINGS.

Possibly I have lost coherence by the end of these recs, but whatever, all you need to know is all of the above are great. Also, if you have any Raven recs, you should send them my way, because right now I am too leery of the internet to go searching.
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[community profile] dark_agenda is holding a Racebending Revenge Ficathon:
Re-write one or more white characters in the fandom(s) of your choice as chromatic/non-white/PoC, in a story of at least 500 words, with some acknowledgment of how the racial difference would make a difference to the story being told.

This SMBC comic made my day.

Everyone ever has linked this, but in case you've somehow missed it: Opt-Out Required to Prevent Your Yahoo! Mail Contacts From Being Used for Social Network. Clear instructions for opting out at the bottom.

via [personal profile] seperis: An all-caps review of Splice (warning: rape, abuse, and other triggers). [personal profile] lizfu, I already said I was definitely not going to see it before I knew it was full of grossness, but you may want to read that review before deciding if you want to. It's full of spoilers, but apparently the movie has very little in common with the previews we've seen.

via [personal profile] somnolentblue:
AIM is doing a thing called AIM Lifestream, which uploads your statuses and who knows what else to an AOL social networking site; opt-out by going to https://settings.aim.com

I would kind of like a Narwhal in stuffed animal form. Or possibly one of the robots.


The cat is feeling better! \o/

I was starting to get really, really worried yesterday, but he doesn't have a fever and seems to be keeping down his food so far today. So much yay.
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On talking and not about Israel and Palestine

8 Bit Theater has finally come to an end. The epilogue is up now. I'll miss you, 8BT.

[community profile] kink_bingo card sign-ups are open through August 15. To be eligible for the next round, you need to finish one story/picture/whatever before next May 15, so you've got almost a full year. This year, you can sign up for consent play-free cards.

Second Annual Femslash Kink Meme


Yahoo is once again withholding some of my comment notifications for long periods of time. Why do you do this to me, Yahoo?

At some point, when I am feeling much better, I want to talk to y'all about In Plain Sight, which [personal profile] bessemerprocess once told me was amazing and which [personal profile] the_wanlorn finally convinced me to Netflix. At the least, let me tell you this now: they were totally right! But yes, an actual review to come at some point later.
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(I still can't believe I have only succumbed to this fandom in the past four days. But it is not my whole life! Yet.)

On the topic of enthusiastic fannish loves, because I want to invite other people in on these conversations I am having that make me ridiculously happy:

[personal profile] nel_ani and I are discussing Mass Effect 2 (massive game spoilers) and it is full of ridiculous amounts of love for nearly everyone. (If you're an Ash fan, you may want to pass up on this, because with Ash it is mostly lamenting, but yeah.)

[personal profile] entwashian mentioned she is writing a Castle zombie apocalypse fic, and I think everyone should go shower her with love and encourage her with great affection and absolutely no mercy. *grin*

And okay, this isn't so much a conversation, but an anonymous person (or maybe it is a site-wide question, proving that despite our problems, Formspring and I are meant to be?) asked me "Gus or Shawn?" I'm just going to copy/paste my answer over here, because I am feeling the love right now. Gus. It is always Gus. )

Other things that currently make me happy:

The cutest deer hug in existence.

Baby snow leopard exploring their outdoor exhibit for the very first time.

This xkcd comic because life is kind of amazing and at any moment could turn into an unpredictable adventure.

The last panel of the newest page of Romantically Apocalyptic.
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Poll #2326 Closer
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 6

If you were making a "Closer" Dean/Castiel vid, who would be the pov?

View Answers

Dean, because he wants to fuck Castiel like an animal
1 (16.7%)

Castiel, because he wants to feel Dean from the inside
3 (50.0%)

Castiel, because Dean gets him closer to God
2 (33.3%)

Dean, because Castiel can't help him with his absence of faith
4 (66.7%)

You have it totally wrong, and I will explain why in comments.
0 (0.0%)


First, a webcomic rec on DA pointed my way by [personal profile] lizfu: Romantically Apocalyptic. I love the art style, and the writing is fabulous in its mix of a small bit of gentle despair with a large dollop of whimsy. When you get gleeful lines like, "No more radioactive soup for me!" picturing the character's beaming smile and surprised, joyous excitement behind zir mask, you know a comic has its hooks in you.


Two fic recs that are not SPN! . . . Or at least, not exactly.

I would blame someone else, but I know she already blames herself for her own actions even before she threw these links at me, so I'm not going to add to those burdens. Have some hilarious Misha/Jensen fic by [livejournal.com profile] elizah_jane:

Fandom Is Srs Bznz has all these fabulous meta moments and incorporates LJ, fandom wank, and Zachary Quinto, but those are all just delicious cherry-flavored icing to me, because this is a fic about complete and total assholes falling in love. My love for asshole characters is great, and when they inflict themselves on each other, it is EVEN BETTER.

I am breaking one of my own rules in recommending Wherein Misha is Released Into An Unsuspecting Populace and its sequels, because the series is unfinished. But here is the thing: even if she never finishes this, it will be worth it! I laughed so hard last night I could not breathe. Literally. My inhaler and I had some quality time together. So I guess if you have a respiratory infection of some kind and asthma, I would not recommend this story; at least, not until you are better and with your rescue inhaler at hand. It is that funny, and almost relentless in its glory.

And if you have a problem with RPF, I'd recommend reading them anyway. Do a search/replace for their names and SPN and there you go, instant fabulous original fic about actors of some random genre TV show and their hilarious shenanigans.
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Linky goodness:

The LA Times top ten recipes a year for the past 25 years. So many delicious looking things!

A lynx decides to join the Olympics. Or at least hang out a very short while.

Amazing casting spoiler of AWESOME for White Collar. Link rollover itself is spoilery.

Two links for disabling google buzz until such time they make it easier to opt out: Buzz off: Disabling Google Buzz and Google Updates, Explains Buzz Privacy Setup.

Old link, but still interesting to me: Behind Pepsi's Choice to Skip This Year's Super Bowl

[livejournal.com profile] baroque_tragedy is running a Dragon Age ficathon (link is to LJ; beware spyware).


If you start following me on Twitter, send me a PM or comment here so I know who you are? I've had a number of people I don't know briefly follow me and then wander away (either spammers or people attempting to garner more followers, I presume), so I'm only following back people I immediately recognize. Considering my memory, I know I wouldn't trust me to be sure, especially if your twitter username is different at all from your journal name.

There's an icicle growing outside our window. Several actually, but this one is going on several feet. I can't decide if I want to let it keep growing for as long as it'll stay up, or if this beauty should be removed and carefully preserved. It could be its own mini ice jousting lance!

Currently I'm watching the women's biathlon. I had no idea how compelling I could actually find the Olympics. I was always right there for the parts involving skating, but now I think I'm going to have to include anything that involves frozen water. The addition of rifles just sweetens the deal.


Anyone who reads A Softer World knows it is by turns funny, poignant, discomforting, and thought provoking--sometimes all at once. I nearly always glean some pleasure from it, but rarely does it strike me right in the heart and stay with me. Wednesday's was one such strip.


eta: Comments contain White Collar casting spoilers.

eta2: Oh, hey, more changes to Google Buzz for the good.

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