Jul. 25th, 2012 04:54 pm
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Last night I was talking to the fabulous [ profile] amireal about VVC and whether I was attending. My anxiety has been pretty terrible for the past many months, so I didn't jump on the original sign-ups. But! Registration appears to still be open.

I'm not 100% decided, but I am thinking that if I can room with others, I will go. If you have a hotel space open, would you like to room with a Tuesday?

If I can't find a roommate, I may make a day trip that weekend to Chicago regardless for cupcakes and various Chicago adventures. If so, would anyone want to catch dinner with me at House o' Meat or elsewhere?


In other things, tumblr has me finally trying my hand at fan art again. I'm undecided how much crossposting there may be with that. Hmmm.
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Still haven't left yet! I will get to the hotel by sometime tonight. Whee, random anxiety attack over driving. Not even attempts to bribe myself with dropping by Molly's have gotten me out of the house. I have told myself that I will face packing by two and leaving by three. *crosses fingers for this being true*

For people who see me at VVC: I am totally up for hugs! Also, if I owe you fic, feel free to frown at me and remind me what I am supposed to be writing you. *eyes [personal profile] fan_eunice and [personal profile] nestra nervously*

Reminders to self for packing:
-Do not forget the blender!
-Socks. You forget these sometimes. You will actually need these.
-Bathroom things.
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I should be packing and finishing fic, but instead I am watching vids and getting excited over all the new vids that I will soon be able to see. [personal profile] danegen put together a list of some of last year's VVC vids she is watching, and I am nicking that idea. Except, well, only some of these are from past iterations of VVC. If a bunch of these look familiar, that is probably because I have recommended several of these in the past.


Get Off by [personal profile] jmtorres
Chuck from the Burbank by [personal profile] kuwdora

Dead Like Me:
There Is A Boy Who Never Goes Out by [ profile] greensilver

Doctor Who:
I by [personal profile] fan_eunice

Imma Be by [personal profile] talitha78

Harbor by [ profile] kaydeefalls

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:
Five Colours by [personal profile] leanwellback

Luv Song by [personal profile] danegen (Technically, this is more SPN fandom?)
Supernatural in my Pants by [ profile] deirdre_c
For Your Entertainment by [personal profile] grey_bard
Rabbit Hearted Girl (Raise It Up) by [ profile] ancastar
blahblahblah by [ profile] kaiyote

Set Fire to the Rain by [personal profile] talitha78

White Collar:
Walk Right Up by [personal profile] china_shop
Bathwater by [personal profile] china_shop

Rolling in the Deep by [personal profile] arefadedaway
Lovestain by [personal profile] talitha78


A sad thing I discovered while putting this together: I can't find Nowhere to Stop anywhere but youtube anymore since [ profile] lola_thursday locked it down. On the plus side, I will always have the copy on my hard drive.

If, um, I linked to a vid of yours and I haven't commented on it, sorry! I have been terrible about comments. Be assured, if it's on this list, I love it to bits.

These are only vids from the playlist on this laptop. If anyone is interested, I may put together another link round-up of the older ones on my desktop.

. . . Looking at that list, though, it is obvious I need more lady vids in my life. Especially Raven vids. Are there Raven vids? I really need to look into that.


Aug. 3rd, 2011 05:56 pm
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It's last minute, but if anyone is looking for a spare room, I'm rooming with [personal profile] devon from Thursday night to Saturday night (checking out Sunday), and we definitely have room for one. I suspect I won't decide what panels and vid shows I'm going to attend until VVC actually starts, but I am so excited.


In other things, today is my anniversary with [personal profile] the_wanlorn! I totally had plans to finish a Haven fic for her, but then I fell asleep at seven yesterday and only woke this morning. I did, however, finally finish an A-Team fic, which with any luck will make a decent substitute. I'll be posting that in a little while.
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I am considering the possibility of going, because sometimes it is good for me to get out of my routine in a place that is familiar and full of joy. That there is no wait list has been a major, major temptation for a while now. My only problem is that I am probably too full of anxiety to make a post to the comm asking if anyone has any space in their room open for another roommate.

Thus: do any of you? Do you know anyone who does whom you can vouch for not secretly being an axe murderer?

I'm still going back and forth over the whole thing, but my decision would be easier if I knew I didn't have to pay the full cost of a hotel room on my lonesome.

(Okay, there is a second problem of not having covered last year's gambling debts, but I'm sure any day now I will get on that. . . . Any day now.)
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Other souvenirs from Chicago: the flu. Whee. I'm finally starting to feel better and am able to eat real food again, if by real food one means PB&J and cereal.

I'm slowly catching up on things, but the keyword there is slowly.

To people subscribing/friending me from VVC: Do you post most of your content to DW or LJ? Most of mine is at Dreamwidth, but I do crosspost some entries.

Other leftover messages from VVC: Has anyone left a blue sweater in the back of my car? It wasn't [personal profile] celli's and [personal profile] deepad had sat in the front at that point. I'm thinking it belongs to someone from the grocery run. If not, I guess I'll be taking this question to the VVC LJ comm.

Also, [personal profile] jmtorres, we had the hotel calculate your part of the room, and I have the leftover cash. I'll send you it via money order at some point when I can make it to the post office? This is one of those times it would probably be a good idea to own checks.

Post VVC

Aug. 10th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Now that it's over, my knees hate me, my back hates me, my ear hurts again from all the cold, and my toe is very definitely infected from where the nail cut into skin from all the running up and down stairs. And in spite of all that, I had a really good time!

I got to see a ton of friends, the choreography panel was great, poker was a lot of fun (I owe [personal profile] fan_eunice two Doctor Who drabbles and [personal profile] nestra one gen White Collar drabble), and I am coming back from it with a lot of potential new fandoms to watch, including Whip It, Smallville season nine (I think I gave up at s3 before?), and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Also, I am planning to finally catch up on Legend of the Seeker.

I'm kind of ridiculously glad to be home and to have finally gotten real sleep and to have a full first aid kit on hand (rather than the mini one I brought to con) so I can ice my knee and continue to apply tons of antiseptic to my poor toe without worrying about running out. VVC is just the right length that I can enjoy it, but appreciate coming home, too.
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Between my bad knees and my phobia of iron coffin death machines, I've missed one of the panels I reaaaaally wanted to attend, but once I reached my room to grab the identity DVD, my right knee decided we weren't going anywhere for a while. I currently have my leg propped up on pillows and am hanging out in my hotel room.

Probably I am going to skip everything until either We're Here, We're Queer or premieres.


. . . Dear self, you need to actually hit POST to post an entry. *facepalm* This addition brought to you by this entry having lurked in tabs for well over an hour before I noticed it. Also, I have the best roommates, and they brought me ice and a towel for my knee!


Aug. 5th, 2010 07:07 am
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Going to Chicago! [personal profile] lizfu should be here in a bit (she is running late, but that is good, because it gives me time to fuck around on the internet and wake up more), at which point I will feed her leftover tacos, and then we'll hit the open road. And by hit the open road, I mean go straight to the nearest filling station and buy tons of tea and other forms of caffeine.

Various people have posted about being open to awesome sexual shenanigans over con. I am not open to such things (see: having a girlfriend; still ridiculously happy about that), but I am open to awesome platonic cuddling shenanigans. If you are looking for a cuddle buddy during premieres or someone volunteering drunk back-rubs during Club Vivid or someone willing to play with your hair while watching A-Team Saturday night, I am probably the person you are looking for!

Also, I am bringing a copy of Risk just in case I find someone willing to play it. If you would like to pit your armies against mine, I will totally make time for that.

For people attempting to find me: I've got black glasses, silver studded earings, and very short brown hair. It usually starts out the day somewhat spiky and then falls over as time progresses. I'm also ridiculously pale. Maybe there are twelve other people who will fit this very description, but past that, I recommend peering at con badges! If nothing else so someone else will join me in my shameful habit of looking like I am staring at strange places on people's bodies as I attempt to make out what the text on a badge says from across the room.


Okay, time to brush my teeth, toss my toiletries in a bag, and lug everything I'm taking out to the car.
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Things to attempt today:
• Cleaning out the car.
• Grocery run for experimental cookie ingredients.
• Create a successful recipe variant for mocha cookies.


Limited time offer:
If you are going to VVC and have any special food needs/allergies but want mocha cookies, let me know!

I'm making them in a kitchen that frequently uses nuts, meat (I'm a vegetarian; my family is not), and dairy products. Walnut allergies I can't get around because I guarantee there are going to be traces of it everywhere, though depending on time, I may make ones that are nut-free (and label the bag with warnings for trace nuts) if anyone just hates walnuts. (It is okay, walnut haters! That just leaves more walnuts for me.)

If anyone has any suggestions for dairy product variants, I am open to suggestion. Right now my thought is delicious rice or soy milk and vegan butter. I'm going to make caffeinated and decaf versions so I can send some to [personal profile] the_wanlorn. Anyone have any preferences between dark and milk chocolate? Also, how much apple sauce does one generally use to substitute for an egg? [eta: Found the information I was looking for! Though now I am intrigued by the idea of substituting tofu and/or soy yogurt. Probably best to stick with the apple sauce and baking powder, though.] (Fully vegan cookies may be doomed from the outset.)

Once I have recipes down, I'll probably make three or four different versions total, so I'll put up a post Monday-ish with the the most successful recipes to gauge interest. If there are no successful versions, you will all be happier in the end for my not bringing cookies to VVC after all.

Because there is no way that I will be able to eat all the experimental cookies, [personal profile] afniel, would you want the dubious fruits of my labor? I promise not to send any of the utterly failed experiments.

Anyone want to take odds on the likelihood of my attempting to murder a mixing bowl today and/or destroying the kitchen?


p.s. Am leaving for the grocery in maybe three hours.

p.p.s. If you're in the U.S. and would also like experimental cookies, I will totally send you some if there are any that don't cause death left after I make [personal profile] afniel's cookie care package. First come, first serve.
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Before anything else of note tomorrow (today), I am going to finally give in and buy sleepphones. Yes, crickets, ILU, too, but I would love you more if I could sleep. I'm not placing all of the blame on you! (A lot of it is me!) Just enough of it that I am finally willing to spend the money.


I am probably going to end up finishing my Casfest at VVC. This is a terrible idea, but I know it's what's likely to actually happen.

My one act of responsibility is this attempt to line up a beta now rather than at the last minute: is anyone willing to beta what is likely going to end a gen (with hints of het? maybe? I am still working out the kinks on this part) Castiel fic on the seventh with turnaround by the eighth? The last day of posting is travel and no internet access for me.


Speaking of VVC and Chicago, [personal profile] lizfu, do you know what you want to do after the Field Museum on Monday, before we head home?

I am thinking any of the following: aquarium, planetarium, wandering around the park, delicious chocolate things off the Magnificent Mile (the place begins with a G? I think?), cheesecake at Eli's, Mitsuwa, amazing Chicago pizza, lots of cappucino at any of a dozen places, the Museum of Science and Industry, staring at the lake.

Feel free to shoot down any of those/suggest your own. We can also do any of those, depending on what time we get in, on Thursday before the cupcake run.


The thing I dislike about houses is they make settling sounds in the night, leaving you to wonder if that was a footstep on a creaking board, or just the house, playing games with your very tired mind. Not cool, house. Not cool.


Tell me about your day! Mine was surprisingly, ridiculously fabulous after I got the first three quarters over with. *waves hands happily*

And now to poke at the internet while considering the futility of another attempt at sleep.
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VVC is only a week away! I am simultaneously \o/ and /o\. For some reason, I both knew it was in a week and was sure that I had two. IDEK.

Things I need to do pre-VVC:
• Place all necessary materials on the laptop.
• Check to see if the really old and creaky laptop still works.
• Finish my Casfest, because I really don't want to be worrying about that deadline while at the con.
• Refill the two medications that need refilling.
• Haircut. (Why does hair grow so fast?)
• Clean out car, especially trunk.
• Laundry.
• Track down my travel sewing kit.
• Make sure roommates have my number.
• Packing.

I am sure there are things I am forgetting.

For those of you interested in A-Team, I'm thinking Saturday night. Eps during karaoke, main event after that. Thoughts? (Roommates, you are mostly the people interested, plus it is, well, your room, so I'd especially like to hear from you.)

For those of you interested in crack vids over lunch, I'm also thinking Saturday.

So much excitement! So much panic over things left to do!

A poll

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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

Are you coming to Vividcon?

View Answers

Yes! :D
4 (30.8%)

No. :(
9 (69.2%)


View Answers

I want hugs from Tuesday.
9 (100.0%)

I do not want hugs because I do not like them/do not know Tuesday well enough/whatever.
0 (0.0%)

I am interested in watching The A-Team with Tuesday.
5 (55.6%)

I would be interested in watching crack vids over lunch one day.
6 (66.7%)

If you're interested in watching The A-Team and/or crack vids, let me know what days/times work best for you? Roommates obviously get vetos on things.
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I'm giving up on the forty billion tabs of links I meant to collate.

This leaves me with one link I want to leave for anyone interested, though: [community profile] coconutcurrytapenade.

[personal profile] the_wanlorn and I made a comm for anything B.A./Murdock (or B.A. & Murdock) related. I know The A-Team is a tiny fandom, but I am hoping to lure as many of y'all over there as I can.


I suppose I should also use this post to mention that this is the one fandom I am finally completely irrational over. Normally I am all, "eh, whatever, shipping differences? I ship forty different pairings in SPN fandom alone!" But in this particular fandom, I honestly (totally irrationally!) think people in the fandom who don't ship B.A./Murdock are awful people.

I mention this not as any attempt to shame anyone, but to warn you that it is better for the sake of our friendship if you actually do ship Face/Murdock or whatever to just pretend you've never seen the movie/watched the t.v. series and have absolutely no interest if you are talking with me. If you ever post about it, I will probably skim and see "Face" and wander carefully away, just so I can be sure I will not destroy our friendship over shipping preferences. That weird face you may be making at me right now? I have been making it at myself for DAYS.

(But if you ship Sosa with anyone, that is okay. IDEK.)


Tonight I'm going to start posting the rest of the A-Team fic I wrote for the kink meme and only have up on AO3, one each day so I don't spam my dreamroll. I am still in SPN as a main fandom, but I have apparently finally successfully picked up a second main fandom. We'll see whether I can continue to juggle both.

Some of you may be laughing here and saying, "But Tuesday, all you've posted about lately has been A-Team." This is what happens when I sign up for a big bang in my other fandom and everything I want to talk about relates to it. Secrecy! I am not good at it. Radio silence is the only way that's going to happen. Thus: expect very few SPN posts that are not vague "PANIC PANIC WHY DO DEADLINES EXIST" for the foreseeable future.


VVC: Who all is arriving early/staying late? [personal profile] lizfu and I haven't really talked about it (have we talked about it? actually, I am not sure here), but we have plans for the late afternoon/early evening-ish of Thursday, but not for lunch. Anyone want a Tuesday and [personal profile] lizfu for company?


Mar. 14th, 2010 12:03 am
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I'm registered for VVC!

[personal profile] lizfu, I registered you as if you were me but with my gmail because I was panicking and couldn't remembered yours. Forwarding that to your gmail now.

*falls over*
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Today is going to be all about [personal profile] lizfu and throwing vids at her from VVC DVDs.

At some point, I'll actually write up the whole con experience, rather than just finally posting what I'd written Friday morning during the con and saved to drafts. One thing I'll say now is that the computers provided were awesome in that they let you read your e-mail and terrible in that they wouldn't post anything and would hardly send anything. Add that to the con crud I picked up like everyone else and am barely over, and I have a huge backlog of everything.

I'm still working my way through adding people (or adding them back from my previous no-time-on-vacation-I-thought-they-were-on-DW cut), but I am slow like an exhausted tortoise. Not to mention, much more forgetful. Feel free to poke me immediately about anything, whether adding or otherwise.

Two exceptions: Fandom enabling is being compiled and should be in everyone's e-mail boxes by Wednesday, and I have a half-drafted e-mail about [community profile] vegetarian. I mean, you can still poke me, but they are on my radar.

And looking at the time, though my hair isn't yet dry, I should probably head out.

[personal profile] lizfu, I have my phone and will plug it in to charge it. I should be there in an hour-ish!
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The only thing that makes me feel better about being up at five a.m. Chicago time is that it is six a.m. Indiana time. Let's not look at the fact that I went to bed at midnight. Having a drink last night was a mistake. I always wake up Really Damn Early whenever I have any alcohol. I suspect VVC will be experienced in a state of near-constant sleep deprivation. [eta: I was right.]

It may (will definitely) be worth it. [eta: And right again.]

My poor roommates may have been woken with my rummaging around in the dark. I really hope not. My first attempt to grab shoes, my purse, and quietly sneak out met with two failures. One, no matter how gently I eased the door, it makes a very, very loud click as the lock engages. Two, I stole someone else's sandals. [eta: I later discovered they were [profile] cherryice's.] I had to go back in, necessitating two more giant clicks, and resorted to using my phone as a very dim flashlight so there was no more accidental thievery.

And this, after my first impression to [personal profile] thirdblindmouse was likely of a frazzled babbling person, because man do I get like that when tired, and I woke up at three yesterday, but only wandered to the hotel room for sleeping at eleven-something.

For those of you who didn't go on the great fangirl Chicago outing yesterday, it was awesome. For those who did, you already know. Highlights included Millenium Park, Ghirardelli Chocolates (and the both best and most terrible cappucino--hot, amazing; cold, an abomination unto caffeine), and [Bad username or unknown identity: svmadelyn site=]'s favorite pizza place (the name of which, as ever, escapes me).

There are a number of people I need to add from the trip, and I still need to add back most of the people I trimmed from my f-list in preparation of visiting Japan, so I suspect the next several days is going to be some sort of adding frenzy for me.

Also! It's slowly come to my attention (very slowly; sometimes I just do not pay that much attention) that hey, some of you whose DW I follow are still only posting to LJ. I didn't take you off because I didn't want to read you! I just thought I wouldn't be reading you twice, not that I suddenly wouldn't be reading you at all. Working to correct that.
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I don't know if a computer store has ever filled me with more frothing rage than Fry's. I really don't. I held a great deal of rage for Best Buy, but at least I got it back eventually in working order and when they had it they could tell me where it was and what was being done to it.

I've finally delegated talking to them to my willing (but growing ever less so) mother, because my sympathy for people in any service industry is drowning in a frothy sea of rage. And even my mother, one of the sweetest, most upbeat people I know is beginning to sound like they are sucking out their soul and has become a force for the campaign to Never Buy From Fry's. A warranty is no good if it means that when it is broken, you give it to them and never see it again.

(For those who are only just joining the saga of The Pretty Monster and Its Capture by Fry's, the Pretty Monster first went in in mid or early May. It has been long enough I don't rightly remember.)


In more cheering things, I forgot to mention, but [ profile] hng_deathmatch has finished! Lots of delicious fic to read. I managed to mix things up and defaulted in Round Two, but that life for you. It was fun while it lasted. I'm really hoping that at some point in the future, we can all play again.

At some point, I will clean up some of the mistakes made on my entry in round one while madly dashing it out, having realized the first deadline was only five hours away. It'll be re-posted on my fic journal, but I'll probably mention it here for anyone curious.


I know I already asked about people going to VVC, but more specifically, will there be anyone in Chicago tomorrow (Thursday) around eleven-ish nine/ten-ish interested in brunch breakfast? Also, if anyone is, do you have any recommendations? I'm thinking the West Egg or Original Pancake House, but I am always open to new things. My only restriction is vegetarian, and breakfast-y foods are very good to me that way.

eta: I have plans for noon/afternoon! \o/ Obviously I still want to grab breakfast-y type foods with anyone interested, but it will have to be actual breakfast.
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Guess who was accidentally drinking poisoned drinking water? And by poisoned, I mean the filter had mold in it? (Yes, I am making a D: face just recalling it, look as horrified as you like.) If you guessed Tuesday, you win the prize, which is to feel smugly correct!

This would definitely explain why my allergic reaction to something else (never wander through unidentified plant life in sandals just because the dog is) tipped me over so terribly--because I was already reacting to something. Suffice to say, I've spent the past many days knocked out on Benadryl. I missed volunteering at Ikasucon and watching [personal profile] lizfu run a panel I very much wanted to see last weekend, but at least on Monday I discovered what was wrong, made the appropriate filter changes and cleaning, and by this morning, I feel somewhat human again.

I couldn't tell you most of what I've done the past several days, but I did draw a map to something, write several plot points, and several lists. It makes me wonder what other surprises await me.

This weekend is Vividcon! I can't tell you how excited I am (and how glad I am that this whole allergy thing is slowly clearing up, because driving on Benadryl is never going to happen; at least, not without me running my car into a ditch at most five minutes in). Who else is going?

Also, what else have the rest of you been up to this past week?

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