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It's last minute, but if anyone is looking for a spare room, I'm rooming with [personal profile] devon from Thursday night to Saturday night (checking out Sunday), and we definitely have room for one. I suspect I won't decide what panels and vid shows I'm going to attend until VVC actually starts, but I am so excited.


In other things, today is my anniversary with [personal profile] the_wanlorn! I totally had plans to finish a Haven fic for her, but then I fell asleep at seven yesterday and only woke this morning. I did, however, finally finish an A-Team fic, which with any luck will make a decent substitute. I'll be posting that in a little while.
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I am considering the possibility of going, because sometimes it is good for me to get out of my routine in a place that is familiar and full of joy. That there is no wait list has been a major, major temptation for a while now. My only problem is that I am probably too full of anxiety to make a post to the comm asking if anyone has any space in their room open for another roommate.

Thus: do any of you? Do you know anyone who does whom you can vouch for not secretly being an axe murderer?

I'm still going back and forth over the whole thing, but my decision would be easier if I knew I didn't have to pay the full cost of a hotel room on my lonesome.

(Okay, there is a second problem of not having covered last year's gambling debts, but I'm sure any day now I will get on that. . . . Any day now.)
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If anyone has Captain America recs for which of the comic series to read (and also any Captain America/Iron Man fic recs), I would greatly appreciate them! I am possibly moving into that fandom and focusing a ton of my writing there at the behest of my awesome girlfriend.

In other things, today [personal profile] the_wanlorn and I met up with [personal profile] polarisnorth, [personal profile] aria, [personal profile] reflectedeve, and [profile] oliviacircle at Al Dente. It was full of awesome fandom chatter, and I am very much looking forward to exploring various fandoms and fic. [personal profile] jmtorres, you will be happy to know that Sanctuary is right at the top of my list again. Well, right after all of the Captain America stuff.
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Any fen in Boston want to meet up for dinner in the next week or so? Any day but Tuesday or Thursday would be awesome. I will be visiting with my fabulous girlfriend, [personal profile] the_wanlorn from Friday on, so it would be me, her, and whoever else would like to show. I know I am dragging her (or rather, making her drive me) to Al Dente one day, at least.

Opinions on day/time/place?
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Links are gathered from my sub list and elsewhere:

I haven't had the chance to read it yet, but my amazing girlfriend finally posted one of her Haven fic I have been waiting forever for, Anything You Say Can (And Will) Be Held Against You. It is Audrey/Nathan/Duke, and I am so excited.

There's a circling meme for people with mental illness.

[personal profile] rydra_wong wrote On exercising whilst crazy.

President Obama declared June LGBT month for the US.

Tomorrow I am going to see my BFF barring any problems. Admittedly, who knows if there will be problems on my end, because I am still on medication roulette.

While sick, I started on some of the prompts y'all left me. One of those is turning into an actual fic that will be over 1k. The rest probably shan't be posted, as apparently I was mostly incoherent with dizziness and feeling awful, if my notebook is anything to go on.

Best of all was coming home to my cat. I don't know if I've mentioned, but my poor bb cat (okay, maybe not such a bb, as he is 14 now) had to have surgery while we were gone, when a routine check-up before we left revealed a lump on his side. He had to have a mass removed the size of the fist of the vet (a medium-largeish dude), which also had a mass inside of itself. He spent our vacation stuck at the vet's under observation, but he came through it all really well. His biggest complaint was that he was at the vet's and they shaved him. His dignity couldn't take this. I think he was even happier than I at coming home. Right now his only complaint is that, despite our hovering and cooing over and spoiling him relentlessly, we are not letting him outside until the incision fully heals. Such cruel, heartless humans we are!

And now I am ridiculously tired and going back to bed. Suffice it to say, I had fun at Disney, but I am even happier to be home.
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Hi! I know, I know, I never call, I never write, I am basically a terrible imaginary girlfriend for those of you who like to think of me as such. (Just don't tell my actual girlfriend. *grin*)

Right now I am in the very sunny, ridiculously hot state of Florida at Disney World for a late celebration of my 25th birthday. My mum said she wanted to take me anywhere I wanted to go for my birthday as my birthday present, and because I am perpetually five at heart, of course I wanted to go here. And then because I am also a lover of great deals and saving money, I didn't go on my birthday itself, because I could save 40% on our stay. If you like visiting Disney and saving money, I would seriously recommend giving them your e-mail.

ANYWAY. More about Disney after the real reason for this post, which is that the fabulous [ profile] kalakirya made a pod fic of The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester (link goes to LJ). The pod fic is also available at the audiofic archive.

I cannot express my excitement and glee. I am sure it is the most amazing thing that will ever grace your ears. Sadly, I can't listen to it myself until I return home, but eee, so much excitement.

Between that and all of the fun at Disney, I am having the best vacation ever. We've seen a flock of seven ducklings and their mama hanging out in a pool, deftly avoiding the two small children trying to catch them, several corvids bathing and playing in water, amazingly fun changes made to the Haunted Mansion, a few parades and a show, Fast Five at the Disney Downtown AMC, a group of small children on a pirate ship pretending to be searching for treasure, and tons of other great things. This is the vacation I finally learn to take it slow. I've brought my cane and am taking frequent breaks (this is one of them, during which I have commandeered my mum's laptop while she is out doing things), and we're pacing ourselves. I've done a lot less than usual, but I can't begin to tell you how great a time I'm having.

With any luck, once I return, I won't be too tired or broken down and will have many more stories to tell you. I may even finally break this radio silence I've fallen into for good. At the very least, I'll take care of the modly duties I've been remiss in and appoint some new mods at the comms I run alone.

I hope y'all have even half as good a week as I am currently. ♥
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Every year, as most longtime readers well know, I spend the week around Christmas in Florida with my mom. The one time I've missed it in the past two decades was when I was in the midst of my study abroad. While I'm not altogether fond of the beach, the warm air is great for my asthma, and listening to the crashing waves is immensely relaxing. The past three years have been just the two of us, but it's been wonderful to spend the time together. We're fairly laid back wrt vacations, so there are no intense time tables, no blame for being late anywhere, no unhappiness over someone having a headache and spending the day in bed.

Usually, I spend the 24th writing treats, picking up last-minute pinch hits, or volunteering to beta in yulechat, but this year, between the weather, needing to get back to IN in time to meet my girlfriend (SO MUCH EXCITEMENT), and going to Disney for Christmas Eve, I may or may not have internet access when Yuletide opens. I also may or may not have time to upload the two treats I've written, but those can just be uploaded as regular gifts if need be.

To my writer(s): I am sure I will absolutely love whatever you've written, and will try to read and respond at the first opportunity. Don't worry if that's not until the 26th or 27th.

Even though I've spent most of this week with a headache (the all day in bed example was, sadly, not entirely figurative), I've had a fabulous time. I went swimming, soaked my aching hip in the hot tub, walked on the beach, had delicious gourmet ice cream, survived a trip to the mall, read several books, written a couple treats and a pinch hit, and spent a lot of time with my mom. I'm especially excited for the discovery that I am no longer ridiculously allergic to chlorine, which means we'll be able to go to a water park tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong--I'll be glad to return home to my cat, my comfortable bed, and my more reliable internet access. I'll especially be glad to be returning home just in time for [personal profile] the_wanlorn to visit me, which is pretty much the best Christmas gift ever. But I can honestly say that, even with random minor annoyances and the fact that I am as yet not recovered from various injuries, this has been a pretty awesome week.

Post VVC

Aug. 10th, 2010 03:07 pm
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Now that it's over, my knees hate me, my back hates me, my ear hurts again from all the cold, and my toe is very definitely infected from where the nail cut into skin from all the running up and down stairs. And in spite of all that, I had a really good time!

I got to see a ton of friends, the choreography panel was great, poker was a lot of fun (I owe [personal profile] fan_eunice two Doctor Who drabbles and [personal profile] nestra one gen White Collar drabble), and I am coming back from it with a lot of potential new fandoms to watch, including Whip It, Smallville season nine (I think I gave up at s3 before?), and Little Mosque on the Prairie. Also, I am planning to finally catch up on Legend of the Seeker.

I'm kind of ridiculously glad to be home and to have finally gotten real sleep and to have a full first aid kit on hand (rather than the mini one I brought to con) so I can ice my knee and continue to apply tons of antiseptic to my poor toe without worrying about running out. VVC is just the right length that I can enjoy it, but appreciate coming home, too.
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Today we have the Field Museum, and then at some point we're headed back home. I'll try to catch up on comments some time in the next few days.

There are a bunch of things I want to link, but this is the one that shouldn't wait: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite (alternately: at AO3) by [personal profile] the_wanlorn is an adorable B.A./Murdock fic with stealth cuddling and forced hotel bed sharing and Murdock making sure B.A. isn't eaten by monsters. I'll say again: BEST. GIRLFRIEND. EVER.

Now to pack, because we leave in less than an hour and my stuff is scattered eeeeverywheeeere.
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Between my bad knees and my phobia of iron coffin death machines, I've missed one of the panels I reaaaaally wanted to attend, but once I reached my room to grab the identity DVD, my right knee decided we weren't going anywhere for a while. I currently have my leg propped up on pillows and am hanging out in my hotel room.

Probably I am going to skip everything until either We're Here, We're Queer or premieres.


. . . Dear self, you need to actually hit POST to post an entry. *facepalm* This addition brought to you by this entry having lurked in tabs for well over an hour before I noticed it. Also, I have the best roommates, and they brought me ice and a towel for my knee!


Aug. 5th, 2010 07:07 am
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Going to Chicago! [personal profile] lizfu should be here in a bit (she is running late, but that is good, because it gives me time to fuck around on the internet and wake up more), at which point I will feed her leftover tacos, and then we'll hit the open road. And by hit the open road, I mean go straight to the nearest filling station and buy tons of tea and other forms of caffeine.

Various people have posted about being open to awesome sexual shenanigans over con. I am not open to such things (see: having a girlfriend; still ridiculously happy about that), but I am open to awesome platonic cuddling shenanigans. If you are looking for a cuddle buddy during premieres or someone volunteering drunk back-rubs during Club Vivid or someone willing to play with your hair while watching A-Team Saturday night, I am probably the person you are looking for!

Also, I am bringing a copy of Risk just in case I find someone willing to play it. If you would like to pit your armies against mine, I will totally make time for that.

For people attempting to find me: I've got black glasses, silver studded earings, and very short brown hair. It usually starts out the day somewhat spiky and then falls over as time progresses. I'm also ridiculously pale. Maybe there are twelve other people who will fit this very description, but past that, I recommend peering at con badges! If nothing else so someone else will join me in my shameful habit of looking like I am staring at strange places on people's bodies as I attempt to make out what the text on a badge says from across the room.


Okay, time to brush my teeth, toss my toiletries in a bag, and lug everything I'm taking out to the car.
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In May, I'm going to be in California for what will probably be the last time in a very, very long time. It would be the very end of May, and I would be in San Diego, then San Francisco. I don't know how much extra time I'd have, the purpose of my visit being to see family, but if anyone would like to meet up for coffee, I would totally be up for that. I'm trying to gauge interest before nailing down any plans.

It's still not 100% decided, because it's going to be over 120 hours between here, San Diego, San Francisco, and back home. On the plus side, I could bring my work and edit, edit, edit, plus maybe take a break to finish some fandom stories. The last time I had a long train ride, I wrote Head Wounds Are Only Part of the Package.

(Anyone wondering why I will not be flying: I am severely phobic, to the point in the past, before it got worse, I would generally pass out sometime during take-off from sheer panic. Imagine Dean Winchester's fear of flying and then multiply it by roughly one billion.)

P.S. CHECK OUT MY NEW AMAZING ICON. There is also a second version on my icons page. [personal profile] shirozora, you are my favorite.
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Still sick, but feeling so much better than yesterday. Don't expect too much coherency from this entry, because when I am sick I tend to ramble and go wherever my tired brain takes me.

All the same, my weekend was great, because CHICAGO. )

The most terrible thing about my Chicago trip (other than coming back ill) was that I somehow managed to gain two more fic for my SPN wip folder. For those of you keeping track, that means it's at nineteen now. I blame Madelyn and her enabling ways.


[personal profile] sarken (and many people before her) pointed out that you can link to your AO3 as a username at Dreamwidth with the format user="username" site="". It appears like so: [ profile] tuesday Is that not the coolest thing?

Other cool things going down include a giant non-fandom friending meme.


Three SPN recs (fic quotes have spoilers for seasons four and five) )
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I've made a new Dreamwidth comm! [community profile] genspn.

Does what it says on the box. Feel free to go poke it, make suggestions, and tell me and [personal profile] lizfu what we should do with it/offer yourself in [personal profile] lizfu's place in pity because I dragooned her into modding with me. I'm leaving for Chicago within the hour (it is a less than four hour drive, but extra time in case of emergencies = <3), so don't break anything while I'm gone!


Last night I had to drive through heavy rain and an accident site. I'm hoping today's driving will be somewhat less harrowing. Yesterday, a Muse and a Shakira CD were acquired for the trip, so it should be fun.


There are a lot of things I have up in my tabs to link to, but I'll leave you for now with just a link to [personal profile] lizfu's amazing, amazing crack art dump. She always makes the best things.

The Sam geeking out over the pegacorn picture comes from our discussion of what should be included in my overly ambitious book of AUs fic, which she posited should have a high fantasy AU "with elves and pointy ears and shit" and also pegacorns (what happens when a unicorn and a pegasus decide to have tiny adorable babies), leading to my writing down:

Castiel & Dean: . . .
Sam: This is seriously bad-ass!

And then she drew it, because she is awesome like that.

Other notes for the book of AUs created last night include a boy band AU that I will be blaming on [personal profile] cimorene:
Castiel: Some women came and covered me in glitter. Were they the make-up girls?
Sam: . . . We don't have make-up girls.
Castiel: . . . I'd wondered why they insisted I take off my shirt for further glitter application.
Dean: You are so ending up on TMZ again.
Sam: Tell me you didn't take off your pants this time.
Castiel: . . . That would be a lie.

I'm hoping my visit with [ profile] svmadelyn will be anywhere near as productive.
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[ profile] chilayse's tiny netbook is adorable, though the tiny keyboard is a bit difficult to use.

[profile] besssemerprocess was fab and an amazing host. Her husband fed me amazing foodstuffs, and she showed me lots of excellent Criminal Minds, though some of it broke my heart into tiny, tiny pieces. Her cats were adorable (Tucker has the biggest eyes I've ever seen!) and all of them took advantage of my willingness to pet them, though the dog was quite adamant that I pet her, too. hb's house in general was full of awesome, and y'all should envy her her Fall office view. It was all trees and hills and gorgeousness.


During the first night of my stay, we watched the series premiere of White Collar! To put it succinctly: I loved it.To put it succinctly: I loved it.

In more, very spoilery detail )

My reaction can also be summed up in emoticons as :D :D :D :D :D

Yes, FIVE SMILIES. That is what this episode gets. If it keeps this level of awesome and I get lots more of Caffrey and the show ups the probie agent content, I will be happy as a clam. Happier, really, as I am not much for the ocean or sand.

Anyone else watching White Collar?


In other things, I still hurt. I suppose I will try to catch up on my lists until that goes away a little more.
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Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to see [personal profile] bessemerprocess, then going from her place to see a really good friend from college. This weekend is going to involve lots and lots of travel each day, but it will totally be worth it. This weekend is also White Collar! So basically I am a bundle of excitement for all of that.

I told a couple of people I would write up a review of the movie Coraline, which I recently saw with [personal profile] lizfu. Non-spoilery version is that overall, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, really liked the animation style, and was both happy at the inclusion of Wyborne (and his grandmother and great-aunt) and also horrified by a few faily things I don't think the creators thought through.

Herein lies the actual review with spoilers )

If I watched this film again, I would watch it for the animation and for Wyborne. It being Yuletide season, I actually am considering checking if it's nominated, because there really needs to be fic of Wyborne and his grandmother out there in the world, being awesome.
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My cat is very happy, very cuddly, and quite talkative now that he is home, too. He demanded I follow him around the house as he marked things as his by rubbing his cheek and scent on everything, stopping every few steps to make certain I was still there and to request I pet him.


Never fly AirTran. We were nearly trapped in Atlanta, and they wanted us to pay for our own hotel. Only after we demanded a refund (because we wouldn't fly with them if they couldn't get us to our actual freaking destination) did they finally make the decision to hold the connecting flight a few minutes so most of the people in the original delayed plane could make their connections. Well, I say most. Surrounding us were other people making connections, and only about half were actually able to do so. The rest were stranded or taken to semi-nearby airports (read: at least three hours away) and told they would need to rent a car they would have to pay for so they could drive the rest of the way.

Apologies to everyone I texted during my first panic attack when I thought I was going to be stuck in either the Orlando or the Atlanta airport. I was so far gone, I even texted Sam, despite her currently being in Japan and not in the position to get any texts on that cell phone at all.

But we did make it! And regardless of my many panic attacks, nothing happened to either plane.

Still going to do my best to only take trains or drive if I travel in the continental U.S. again.


Posting about the rest of Disney later. Today is a finish recuperating, pet my cat, and go to bed early sort of day. I've actually been poking at this entry all day. My sunburn is mostly gone, fortunately, leaving only the oddest tan ever in a blurred circle around my neck.

I also had my arm looked at today because it still hurts to touch and still pains me to hold in certain positions. I, uh, may or may not have run it into a pole so hard it stopped all my quick forward motion my first day at Disney. The good news: it is not broken! The bad news: I bruised some tendons and strained some muscles and generally did things to it such that it will take quite a while to heal.

No casts, and I can still write with it, so overall it is a win.


I am still catching up on last week's missed TV. No spoilers or real reviews, but I do want to say: OMG Cho, how so amazing? Also, Sam and G continue to be adorable, Linda Hunt continues to rock, and Dom is still my favorite.
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The last two days I'll write up after I'm home. We have a character breakfast tomorrow, and the flight home in the afternoon. This time we have one layover, so we won't arrive home until sometime after midnight.

My means of coping with flying tomorrow is to see if two Mai Tais will help me sleep. I'll, uh, let y'all know how that turns out.

Overall, Disney has been magical and excellent, even with the occasional injury or person who hasn't paid attention to what they've been doing and run either me or my mom over. Seriously, people here are not very careful. But it's all worth it! The rides, the atmosphere, the couples of all sexualities, the baby animals at Animal Kingdom, the delicious vegetarian options--it is definitely a good time.
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Today we mostly took a day in. Mom has blisters, and my bad knee is bothering me, plus we are both sunburned. (Better Than Ezra was so worth it.)

Hollywood Studios was not as magical as I remembered it. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground was not the giant maze I remembered it as, likely on account of my being three times as tall as I was last time. After hitting my already bad and injured knee on the slide on the way down, I gave it up as something to stay fondly in memories.

Because we entered the park much later in the day to avoid as much as we could of the sun and let Mom's blisters heal up, there were pretty much no lines. Unfortunately, of the rides I was interested in, only Star Tours was open. After enjoying that and spending a lot of time staring covetously around the Star Wars gift shop, we went to the Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Diner.

The diner got a B+ on atmosphere. It was very 50s style and there was a huge movie screen at the front that aired old trailers, commercials, and cartoons. Unfortunately, this being old, old sci-fi, there were all sorts of interestingly faily things being shown, such that even my mother, who tends to be oblivious to this sort of thing, came out going, "Wow, those were really, really sexist, weren't they?"

The food was mostly terrible. The smell and taste of my pasta nearly made me sick, and Mom didn't enjoy hers either. If you do go to this diner, go only for their apple crumble or for their soda with flavor shots of cherry and vanilla. Or the service! Our server was adorable and brought out Mom's apple crumble with a candle in, then sang happy birthday to her, all without my having made any arrangements. Unfortunately, even with such service, I doubt we will ever go back

Overall, today has been a slow day. Tomorrow, we have a very early breakfast (8 p.m., so we will have to get up at 6 p.m. to be ready and take the bus there on time) and a return to Epcot! I'm very much looking forward to it.
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I think the subject line will tell you everything you need to know about today.

If you would like details )


Okay, I guess other stuff happened today, too: Epcot food & activity details )

And now, as you can probably tell by the rambling and the off beat humor, I am exhausted and should head for bed. We were informed by a cafe worker that it's been twenty degrees (F) higher than usual for this time of year. So yeah, while you are jealous of me, know that if it's anything below ninety where you are, I envy you. Well, except when it comes to this guitar pick I am keeping forever. *grin*

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