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For those of you who might be interested, this post is a behind the scenes look at In Truth (Everyone Is Expendable).

Some rambling about my original plans, two scenes that didn't make it in, and a snippet of conversation with Wanlorn )

In all, as with last time, I really enjoyed Remix Redux. It's always awesome to play with other people's toys and to see what they'll do with yours.
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Less than thirteen hours until the author reveals for Remix Redux. If you want to post recs (or just comment) pre-reveal, you'll probably want to do so soon.


Taken from many people on my dreamroll and network:
If you could remix any of my stories from any of my fandoms, which would it be and how would you remix it?

Also, a note for anyone who is curious, my remix/pod-fic/transformative works policy is on my profile, but here it is again:
If it's not already clear by my writing fic, I am a major fan of transformative works! I don't believe you need my permission to pod fic my stories, remix them, draw art from them, or otherwise engage with them, but you definitely have it! If you'd like to send me a link to your work, though, I would be delighted. For direct translations, I have several older stories I am currently reworking for a variety of reasons, so I would prefer you ask me first.
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This is Tomorrow (the getaway driver remix): Donna's new temp job leads to adventure, in which Donna and Christina have incredible chemistry and I love Donna's brain.

The Bees, The Bees (The Five Times Donna Met the Doctor Without Realising It Remix): Donna goes looking for trouble (and finds it). Eee, Donna, with lots of awesome old school Who references.

Without a Chance to Pray (The Ceiling Cat Remix): In which Castiel is turned into a kitten and remains very much himself. I think my heart grew three sizes reading this story.

An Existential Crisis [the retcon remix]: This story is creepy and wonderful, in which Mary Winchester keeps her promises.

Above Us Only Sky (The Golden Age Remix): This is absolutely gorgeous, in which Anna is trapped between two worlds.
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Remix Redux is open, so everyone who entered should have an e-mail with a story link by now.

My remixer is a genius (A GENIUS) and I am still laughing and wanting to draw hearts around Sam's and Gabriel's (and my remixer's) faces. My remixer chose to remix Dean Won't Be Your Angel Condom: If Any Be Blameless (The Condom Fatigue Remix). It is Sam and Gabriel (and the Impala) and utter and complete hilarity. It makes me very, very happy that my fic could've inspired this.

Anyone who hasn't been involved in my own remixing process (and hasn't checked my related works tab; I'm going by the honor system here) is eligible for a spot the obvious Tuesday guessing game. If you win, you get 500 words or less (I'm hoping--I can't keep writing 7k+ stories for tiny!fic) for whatever prompt you'd like with any of my previously written characters or ships in Supernatural, Psych, Doctor Who, and Chuck (through S2; no spoilers thereafter, please).
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I am on an every other night sleep schedule again, because apparently I hate myself.

Highlights and lowlights of my night:

+ I am something like halfway done with my Remix, which I am incredibly excited about. I really do hope my remixee enjoys it (or does not actively think I've ruined zir story), but I'm considering this round a success already on the basis of how much fun I am having. I am 89% sure I will be completely obvious to several of you.

- Ridiculous amounts of time were spent on Wikipedia and other areas of the internet and resulted in my reading pertinent sections of the Book of Watchers.

+/- "First Comes Love" picked up a prologue that is kind of like a remix of the beginning of the Book of Watchers. Yeah, I think that is about equal parts happy making and distressing.

+/- "First Comes Love" also picked up several more scenes and a plot. I mean, I went into this shit understanding that it would be short and make no fucking sense. It still makes no sense! But now it is looking to stretch its wings and try to reach its predecessor's size.

+ Added a few lines of fic to that 5x18 episode related fic (and by fic, I mean mostly unabashed porn): "The place where make-up and break-up sex meet"

+ [personal profile] jmtorres shared bits of her amazing stories with me. \o/

- Did I mention losing hours to Wikipedia? I think that bears repeating.

+ I plotted out a rom-com kitten fic with [personal profile] shirozora and generally talked fic and drawing with her for a long while. It was just as awesome as it sounds.

+ Despite bouncing around like seven projects, I wrote something like three, four thousand words over the course of the night. I'll be wrecked for the day, but at least I had fun?
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I have no expectations! I'm definitely on the side of this being fun for the writer, so I hope you do what works best for you and go in whatever direction seems most fun or interesting to you. If you want to twist my story so that it is barely recognizable, awesome! If you want to take the same story and completely change the tone, still awesome! I am 100% behind you for whatever changes you would like to make. I've loved all of the fandoms I've ever been in, so I'm personally excited to see whatever comes out of it.

Most of all, though: this is not about me. It's about you, having a good time at the Remix party.

You can find all of my fic linked on my fic Delicious, all of my newer fic at [community profile] tuesdayfic and [archiveofourown.org profile] tuesday, and any older fic I haven't moved over yet at [livejournal.com profile] tuesdayfic. Obviously, my fic Delicious is easiest.

Good luck and happy writing!
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Today I've been incredibly tired. The solution may be more caffeine. Something to try tomorrow.

Remix Redux assignments are out! I'm excited about mine. I'm sure this will soon transition into terror of deadlines. My assignment went into my spam box, so if you haven't received yours, I'd check there first. Then again, I may be the only one having problems with yahoo attempting to keep my mail from me.

I hadn't realized Sweet Charity had different ending dates for different types of offers. I thought when the fic part was finished, everything was. See my disappointment for missing the chance for vids and baked goods. Something to keep in mind for next round, I guess.

[community profile] fem_thoughts is collecting topics for a femslash mini meta fest through the fifteenth, so there's less than a day left on that.

Hubble's greatest hits: Hubble space telescope images Our universe is gorgeous.
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Later tonight, I'm going to put up a postmortem of Five Days of Tuesday, but really fast, for those interested:

[livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest has opened up sign-ups for second prompts through tomorrow.

I picked up a Gus prompt, because Gus=♥.

Remix Redux sign-ups are open until 11:45PM EDT tonight. Needy fandoms include:
Weiß Kreuz
Johnny's Entertainment
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
White Collar
Criminal Minds
Good Omens
The West Wing
Sports Night
Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

I'm still going back and forth over whether I can conceivably write as well as offer in Naruto (two years behind canon! the characters I can actually write are not fandom's darlings!) and whether I want to try my hand at Criminal Minds or Firefly. Something tells me I will panic at 11:30 and edit my sign-up to reflect coin-toss choices.
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Today's genius moment: Spilling Diet Coke on myself and my clean sheets (which are thick enough, fortunately, that they prevented much from soaking into the bed in the short time before I yanked them off). I am extremely thankful to have a laundry machine here, keeping Laundry Day Strikes Back from being terribly inconvenient. I suppose this is what I get for allowing a relapse with my Diet Coke addiction.

Yay for that amazing Gwen vid, because it really is like a pocketful of sunshine. Gwen, I want you to be my harbor. *_*


I have been neglecting the baby animals. You know who hasn't? This awesome hen. She didn't hatch those puppies, but by God, she will peck off anyone's face who threatens them.


Remix Redux is doing test sign-ups. If you feel so inclined, go help try and break the form! Test signing up is not real signing up and does not obligate you to participate.


It seems that once sign-ups are open, they'll be open until the 23rd. Yay for Naruto being an eligible fandom again, because it means I can definitely play this year. All the same, I'm going to try to finish one at least 100 word HP fic and either three 500 word or four 100 word SPN fic to bring my qualifying fandoms up. (Look, I need at least one of the two by some point, because there is no guarantee Naruto won't drop off the qualifying fandoms list again next year.)

What this brings me to is: Does anyone have any tiny HP prompts? I'm only taking one. My loves in that direction tend toward Neville, Luna, and Hermione, along with shameful Draco and Snape love. I'm sure you all know my feelings about Dumbledore/Grindelwald, too, but I've already written my stories for them.

Also: Does anyone have any short SPN prompts? My loves are mainly seasons four and five, Castiel, Castiel/Dean, Dean/Pie, Dean/Impala, Ruby, Sam being Castiel's BFF, Ruby being Castiel's unexpected and somewhat awkward and totally amazing BFF, and lots of awesome ladies I refuse to believe are dead.

No guarantees on any of these, but considering my current wip list, this is the only time I'll be taking prompts until my next "spot the Tuesday" contest during Remix Redux posting. (Excepting, of course, the ones still open from the people who won my last "spot the Tuesday" contest.)
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Financial Planning For People With Disabilities.

Kevin Smith has up his latest SModcast, and it is titled, "Go Fuck Yourself, Southwest Airlines." This is my favorite coverage of his misadventure with SWA's sizeist policies, only closely followed by his twitter and this amazing picture. Wait, actually, the picture may be my favorite. Kevin Smith is ♥.

eta: Wait, this is my new favorite: Kevin Smith: The face of flying while fat

If you haven't thrown in your vote for expanding qualifying fandoms in Remix Redux, now is the time. Especially if you are interested in writing for Psych, fakenews, or Naruto.

Third Monday is open. Lots of stories in fakenews and politifandom! There are also only something like five reviews so far total, so please read and review and keep other fandoms from dropping by and going "Shameful D:" at our story to comments ratio.

Keep in mind that before reveals, you must be a member of the comm and logged in to see the fic. Membership is open. If you need a DW invite, I still have several.

My gift story is The Rest is History.

Also, have a rec: Hurree Babu and Noddy Sing the Blues. This is my favorite Aasif Mandvi and John Oliver story ever.

I have one fic in [community profile] thirdmonday this year. If you can guess me (and apparently I'm really easy this year), I'll write you at least 100 words in any fandom about any character or pairing I've already written linked on my fic Delicious. You can also poke me about other fandoms and characters, though I can only guarantee the ones listed there.

(Just know that if you hold me to the letter of what I've said and request Stephen/W., I will hate you with the fire of a thousand burning suns.)

Also! Dearest TM beta (you know who you are), you get one of these automatically, so start thinking about what you'd like. *grin*
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Remix Redux is taking fandom suggestions. If y'all love me, you will vote for and sign up for Psych and/or Pundit RPF.

Should I also add Chuck? It was a Yuletide fandom last time around, but I'm pretty sure it won't be this year, much as that idea pains me.


Some links, several blatantly stolen from my read list:

A Gamer in the Kitchen. Someday I hope to go epic level.

[personal profile] trascendenza has a fab Women's Murder Club picspam. I don't have room for new TV in my life, but when I do, this is going near the top of the list. If anyone has further compelling reasons for why I should make room, I am open to such discourse.

The girl who couldn't come, a love story about the kinks and quirks of sexuality and--I cannot stress this enough--Johnny Cash. It's sweet, sexy, and, though original, the story feel reminds me of many of my favorite things about fic.

[personal profile] cimorene has a post of fandom Valentines, including Andy/Miranda, Ponder/Ridcully, and Vetinari/Drumknott.

All of the Six Degrees of Canada Valentines.


Dragon Age recs:

Strays is a soothing balm of a Cousland/Alistair story, in which two Wardens get their happily ever after and the family they always hoped for, even if not in the way they expected. (Mild spoilers for one of four game endings. Yes, that's a ffnet link, because I can't find a journal, and the writer sadly has yet to move to AO3.)

Devil in the Details. So much glee for excellent Morrigan fic. (Major spoilers for one of four game endings.) Author's summary: Hell is other people, and Morrigan brought this one on herself.
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Oh, bronchitis and sinus infection, my old friends. Know that I love Amoxicillin more than you.

Probably shouldn't have waited ten days to see the doctor.

I woke up to a nice surprise, though! Last night, I quickly scribbled some down some Chuck fic that I didn't want to forget and thought I had maybe two pages or so of notes in huge handwriting. And okay, it was still huge handwriting, but more like five pages. We'll see what that becomes when typed once I finally am done with the two fic I either owe immediately or am actually way, way, way past due on. ([personal profile] mona, you have all my apologies. You are probably tired of hearing them.)

I think I'm going to maybe drop out of one of the two Bangs I am a part of (and I am waaay behind on my wordcount for the Merlin one), because Remix Redux is coming up, and that is my favorite exchange ever to write for. I received almost no feedback, but it was so much fun.

Speaking of! All you Pundits and Politics RPF people: They're considering letting in RPFandoms as qualifying fandoms this year. Go write in your vote if you're interested. There are a lot of you I would love to see participating. I'll only be signing up for pundits RPF (because one, I am not unlocking my politics RPF, though I will be the rest and two, I'm not writing for politifandom anymore, as most of you have probably been able to tell), but I would love to see more added.

According to [livejournal.com profile] musesfool:
Voting will be open until the weekend - at least Saturday evening, possibly even Sunday night (I have a first communion party to go to on Sunday afternoon) - so please do pimp the poll out.

So yes, please do!


Some recs:

Odd Jobs series by [personal profile] brownbetty and [livejournal.com profile] emeraldwoman
There is a reason The Underwire Job and its sequels are my favorite Leverage fic.

Your Fixed Point by [livejournal.com profile] quigonejinn
Tony Stark is a woman, but still so very Tony. This one hurts, but is so very worth it. Tony/everyone.

(As a warning, because I care about these things, and maybe some of you do, too: There are some consent issues with younger-Tony, what with younger-Tony being young.)

The Things We Did and Didn't Do by [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve
The crossover I never knew I wanted. SGA/Iron Man, past Tony/Rodney, current Rodney/Tony's suit. *g*

For the Public Good by [livejournal.com profile] blamebrampton
A fun read about trying to keep magic secret. Harry/Draco.


Tonight I will finish my [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest by midnight. I will. *narrows eyes at self*

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