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Dear yuletide writer! I am sure you have given up on my writing a letter by now, and I think I am giving up on writing one myself. If you do need any sort of additional information, I will be perfectly happy to write back to the mods as a go-between, but I really do believe in the "optional details are optional" part of yuletide. The thing I would love most of all is for you to enjoy writing the fic.


For my own yuletide efforts, I've managed a canon review and figured out the format of my fic, plus a general mental outline. Here's hoping I manage to finish the fic itself before the drive down to Florida this time.


For my own reference, fic I want to/ought to work on soon, in no particular order:
• Yuletide
• Gambling debts of honor ([personal profile] fan_eunice, you don't mind if yours, uh, goes over 100 words, right?)
• At least one of the ten A-Team fic in my wip folder
• The SPN S6 AU (I'm not allowed to watch S6 until it's done. I didn't finish it for the big bang, but surely I will finish it by the hiatus. Surely. eep.)
• B.A./Murdock kink meme fic. (I am not allowed to write these until I finish one of the others. Repeat, self: I am not allowed to write these until I finish one of the others.)
• Warehouse 13 femslash.
• Prizes (Even if I never put time limits on my flash fic prizes, some of them were promised a shamefully long time ago.)


Before my wrist healed enough that I could write again, I grabbed a ton of books from the library and am now in the habit of using the interlibrary loan, too. While I have a number of books I've yet to make my way through, if anyone has any recommendations, I would love to take them.

Currently, I'm enjoying The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and I recently returned I Want to Go Home! and Over Sea, Under Stone. Gordon Korman was as delightful and amusing as expected, but I'm really hoping Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising is more engaging and entertaining a read than its predecessor. At some point, I'll type up a good chunk of my read list and impressions.

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