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This year has been kind of ridiculous for managing anything fannish whatsoever past that tiny bit of Homestuck fan art. And no, tumblr did not eat me - I haven't been updating there, either. /o\


Some vague life update stuff:

-I took a class and maybe now I will have a new career! It is an exciting possibility, and I am looking forward to change.

-My health has continued to be weird, but I promise I will update y'all if I ever get answers past, "Do this new thing, and then come back to give us more blood to test. [rinse, repeat.]" On the plus side, even if we never figure it out, at worst I'll be stuck with discomfort and/or inconvenience only occasionally. Yay?

-My mum is finally recovering from her major surgery! This is pretty neat, as it means she can finally leave the house for short periods without my following after her like an overly concerned mama hen worried her baby chick's going to trip and need to go back to the hospital for more surgery. Also, my mum finally gets her dog back, even if he must now adjust to the weirdness of coming to me for all his needs.

-I finally have my main computer back! It took a great deal of effort not to cling to and cuddle it, crooning softly, "Never leave me," and generally act like a total creeper to a piece of hardware. There is just something about one's main desktop that cannot be replaced.


Some fannish stuff:

-I am totally failing at doing a NYR for my original Yuletide assignment and am resigned to just never finishing this story. Do any of y'all have a story prompt you saw (all those months ago) and secretly thought, "I hope Tuesday is assigned *that*"? Or maybe you want to take this opportunity to scrawl through that huge, awesome spreadsheet and convince me to write [insert fandom here]? Seriously, I am no good with spreadsheets and am just making sad, desperate faces at google docs and hoping someone will swoop in to save me.

-I seriously wavered over whether to do Five Days of Tuesday this year (obviously that did not happen) and realized I have tons of near-finished short fic. Unfortunately, a lot of it is on other computers. Is there anyone out there still interested in A-Team fic who'd be willing to handhold me through actually finishing the last few hundred words?

-I promise I'll eventually finish that Avengers Valdemar AU. A year late, maybe, but it will happen.

-Is there good Downton Abbey fic? I'm partway through S2 and am curious. It seems like a hard fandom to write in, but the world is full of wonders and wonderful writers.

-I'm finding that I'm somewhat pining for my time in SPN fandom. I have little interest in catching up in the show right now, and I can't bring myself to work on anything in that wip folder, but most of my personal experiences with it were pretty great and the people well worth missing. ♥

-Homestuck: is anyone caught up with this and willing to answer a couple questions for me? I briefly stopped reading and am still uncertain whether I want to get back to it sooner or much, much later.
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I think my time away broke my flash fic at will abilities or something. Once I have mastered the urge to write a 5k+ kidfic sequel to Happily Ever After with Goats in response to [personal profile] nel_ani's prompt, maybe I will manage some of the others.


Does anyone know if there is Erfworld fic? And if it involves Jack Snipe, Charlie, or Maggie? I know, I know, fandom of one most likely, especially if my google fu is anything to go by. I suppose I can save up for next Yuletide.


Relatedly, does anyone have any recs for books, webcomics, or games with fandoms? I am rather full up on shows, but if you have anything outstanding that seems like a good lure for a between-main-fandoms Tuesday (see in past: Chuck, Psych, Supernatural), I will take it. Or movies, though A-Team may have been a one-off thing and had a TV show before it besides.

I spent twenty minutes going through my folders for getting a head-start on this years Five Days of Tuesday, and I'd like to add something that I'm actively watching, reading, or otherwise engaging. Otherwise I'm mostly stuck with SPN fic several seasons out of date and which will take me forever to finish regardless. In case that sounds appealing, I warn you that these include things like a) angelpreg b) Gabriel failing at seducing Dean while Sam accidentally convinces Cas to be his angel boyfriend c) kidfic (yes, this is separate from the angelpreg).

What I am saying here is pretty please lure me into a fandom where I will be vulnerable to fic ideas.
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Instead of seeing [personal profile] lizfu, I spent the majority of the day lying in bed feeling terribly dizzy and generally awful. I didn't even have to drive, just ride in a car and then remain upright at a restaurant. Something tells me these meds are not going to last past my check-in in a week or so.

Tonight I'm going to stay upright as long as possible writing fic. Anyone who wants to get on aim and tell me what I should be working on or get sneak peek snippets, just poke me. I'm thinking of one of the SPN S5 AUs (kid fic? or the one where everyone fails at retirement?) because for some reason I'm feeling nostalgic, but I could poke at DAII fic or maybe Haven. I'm in a very susceptible state right now and open to suggestion. Just sayin'.
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Hi! I know, I know, I never call, I never write, I am basically a terrible imaginary girlfriend for those of you who like to think of me as such. (Just don't tell my actual girlfriend. *grin*)

Right now I am in the very sunny, ridiculously hot state of Florida at Disney World for a late celebration of my 25th birthday. My mum said she wanted to take me anywhere I wanted to go for my birthday as my birthday present, and because I am perpetually five at heart, of course I wanted to go here. And then because I am also a lover of great deals and saving money, I didn't go on my birthday itself, because I could save 40% on our stay. If you like visiting Disney and saving money, I would seriously recommend giving them your e-mail.

ANYWAY. More about Disney after the real reason for this post, which is that the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] kalakirya made a pod fic of The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester (link goes to LJ). The pod fic is also available at the audiofic archive.

I cannot express my excitement and glee. I am sure it is the most amazing thing that will ever grace your ears. Sadly, I can't listen to it myself until I return home, but eee, so much excitement.

Between that and all of the fun at Disney, I am having the best vacation ever. We've seen a flock of seven ducklings and their mama hanging out in a pool, deftly avoiding the two small children trying to catch them, several corvids bathing and playing in water, amazingly fun changes made to the Haunted Mansion, a few parades and a show, Fast Five at the Disney Downtown AMC, a group of small children on a pirate ship pretending to be searching for treasure, and tons of other great things. This is the vacation I finally learn to take it slow. I've brought my cane and am taking frequent breaks (this is one of them, during which I have commandeered my mum's laptop while she is out doing things), and we're pacing ourselves. I've done a lot less than usual, but I can't begin to tell you how great a time I'm having.

With any luck, once I return, I won't be too tired or broken down and will have many more stories to tell you. I may even finally break this radio silence I've fallen into for good. At the very least, I'll take care of the modly duties I've been remiss in and appoint some new mods at the comms I run alone.

I hope y'all have even half as good a week as I am currently. ♥
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Dear yuletide writer! I am sure you have given up on my writing a letter by now, and I think I am giving up on writing one myself. If you do need any sort of additional information, I will be perfectly happy to write back to the mods as a go-between, but I really do believe in the "optional details are optional" part of yuletide. The thing I would love most of all is for you to enjoy writing the fic.


For my own yuletide efforts, I've managed a canon review and figured out the format of my fic, plus a general mental outline. Here's hoping I manage to finish the fic itself before the drive down to Florida this time.


For my own reference, fic I want to/ought to work on soon, in no particular order:
• Yuletide
• Gambling debts of honor ([personal profile] fan_eunice, you don't mind if yours, uh, goes over 100 words, right?)
• At least one of the ten A-Team fic in my wip folder
• The SPN S6 AU (I'm not allowed to watch S6 until it's done. I didn't finish it for the big bang, but surely I will finish it by the hiatus. Surely. eep.)
• B.A./Murdock kink meme fic. (I am not allowed to write these until I finish one of the others. Repeat, self: I am not allowed to write these until I finish one of the others.)
• Warehouse 13 femslash.
• Prizes (Even if I never put time limits on my flash fic prizes, some of them were promised a shamefully long time ago.)


Before my wrist healed enough that I could write again, I grabbed a ton of books from the library and am now in the habit of using the interlibrary loan, too. While I have a number of books I've yet to make my way through, if anyone has any recommendations, I would love to take them.

Currently, I'm enjoying The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, and I recently returned I Want to Go Home! and Over Sea, Under Stone. Gordon Korman was as delightful and amusing as expected, but I'm really hoping Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising is more engaging and entertaining a read than its predecessor. At some point, I'll type up a good chunk of my read list and impressions.
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I aten't dead (yet). I understand there has been some confusion on this matter.

For various reasons, I missed the deadline for the Castiel/Dean big bang, but I'm kind of okay with that. Everyone looks like they're having lots of fun, and I know I'll finish this fic eventually.

Lately I haven't been doing much writing for fandom at all, and I'm kind of skeptical about my ability to write to spec for a deadline at the moment, so I'm not signed up for [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan, but bidding is open through Sunday, 1 PM EST, and there are a lot of really awesome offers.

Something I've seen around my dreamroll is people offering outside the bounds of [livejournal.com profile] help_pakistan, and that's something I can possibly manage. Basically, I'm basing it a little off of [personal profile] bookshop's Red Cross fundraiser she ran a few years back, but in a sort of reverse. For every 100 words I write, I'm hoping the prompter for whom I'm writing will donate one dollar. If you are interested in fic from me, list what prompts you'd like filled and how much you're willing to donate for each prompt, if it varies, or your total maximum offer. This will work a lot like my flash fic extravaganzas in that there's no guarantee I'll be able to write all of the prompts, or even up to someone's maximum offer.

Fandoms and pairings I've written in the past can be found at delicious and AO3. Because this is for charity (and I'm not guaranteeing my ability to write anything), feel free to throw anything you'd like at me, and we'll see if I know and/or can write it! :D

People I owe fic from VVC, I am still working on that. I have not forgotten you!
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I have run out of woven floss. This is a DISASTER. And by disaster I mean maybe I will have to order it online, because all the stores carry anymore is wax and tape floss. The last time I used tape weave, I tore up my gums terribly. Do not even get me started on the evils of wax floss.

Local stores: I will visit you all tomorrow to give you one more chance to produce actually decent dental floss. Please do not fail me.


[personal profile] mona and I are considering doing a Kalinda The Good Wife group mini re-watch! I think she has certain episodes in mind, and I know I will be spending most of the viewing party keyboard smashing about Kalinda, but if you want to join us and have any episodes in mind/specific dates or times that work for you, you should totally let me know.

Speaking of The Good Wife, does anyone have any recs for good Kalinda femslash? I am easy on pairings so long as the story has Kalinda and Kalinda being awesome with ladies.


Today I made vegetarian soft tacos for an early lunch. They were delicious! And very filling. If ever I make them again, though, I am going to start off with a knife and fork rather than resorting to them once I have hit a point of utter despair for my poor hands. (Tuesdays do not deal well with messy food.)


I hadn't realized how much the second allergy medicine was doing for me until I'd spent the past week without it. Definitely overdue for refilling my prescription. I just need to figure out what I've done with the empty bottle.

On the other hand, the pharmacy that regularly handles my refills should have the prescription number on hand, right? Hm.


My Casfest will definitely be done on time (1k is not all that difficult; it is stopping after 1k that is the problem), but I am considering restarting yet again. And also rewatching all the Anna episodes.


I am not sure how I am going to do all of the baking and go to Ft. Wayne to get a haircut tomorrow. Maybe all the baking should just happen today. Hmmm.
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Before anything else of note tomorrow (today), I am going to finally give in and buy sleepphones. Yes, crickets, ILU, too, but I would love you more if I could sleep. I'm not placing all of the blame on you! (A lot of it is me!) Just enough of it that I am finally willing to spend the money.


I am probably going to end up finishing my Casfest at VVC. This is a terrible idea, but I know it's what's likely to actually happen.

My one act of responsibility is this attempt to line up a beta now rather than at the last minute: is anyone willing to beta what is likely going to end a gen (with hints of het? maybe? I am still working out the kinks on this part) Castiel fic on the seventh with turnaround by the eighth? The last day of posting is travel and no internet access for me.


Speaking of VVC and Chicago, [personal profile] lizfu, do you know what you want to do after the Field Museum on Monday, before we head home?

I am thinking any of the following: aquarium, planetarium, wandering around the park, delicious chocolate things off the Magnificent Mile (the place begins with a G? I think?), cheesecake at Eli's, Mitsuwa, amazing Chicago pizza, lots of cappucino at any of a dozen places, the Museum of Science and Industry, staring at the lake.

Feel free to shoot down any of those/suggest your own. We can also do any of those, depending on what time we get in, on Thursday before the cupcake run.


The thing I dislike about houses is they make settling sounds in the night, leaving you to wonder if that was a footstep on a creaking board, or just the house, playing games with your very tired mind. Not cool, house. Not cool.


Tell me about your day! Mine was surprisingly, ridiculously fabulous after I got the first three quarters over with. *waves hands happily*

And now to poke at the internet while considering the futility of another attempt at sleep.
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I'm giving up on the forty billion tabs of links I meant to collate.

This leaves me with one link I want to leave for anyone interested, though: [community profile] coconutcurrytapenade.

[personal profile] the_wanlorn and I made a comm for anything B.A./Murdock (or B.A. & Murdock) related. I know The A-Team is a tiny fandom, but I am hoping to lure as many of y'all over there as I can.


I suppose I should also use this post to mention that this is the one fandom I am finally completely irrational over. Normally I am all, "eh, whatever, shipping differences? I ship forty different pairings in SPN fandom alone!" But in this particular fandom, I honestly (totally irrationally!) think people in the fandom who don't ship B.A./Murdock are awful people.

I mention this not as any attempt to shame anyone, but to warn you that it is better for the sake of our friendship if you actually do ship Face/Murdock or whatever to just pretend you've never seen the movie/watched the t.v. series and have absolutely no interest if you are talking with me. If you ever post about it, I will probably skim and see "Face" and wander carefully away, just so I can be sure I will not destroy our friendship over shipping preferences. That weird face you may be making at me right now? I have been making it at myself for DAYS.

(But if you ship Sosa with anyone, that is okay. IDEK.)


Tonight I'm going to start posting the rest of the A-Team fic I wrote for the kink meme and only have up on AO3, one each day so I don't spam my dreamroll. I am still in SPN as a main fandom, but I have apparently finally successfully picked up a second main fandom. We'll see whether I can continue to juggle both.

Some of you may be laughing here and saying, "But Tuesday, all you've posted about lately has been A-Team." This is what happens when I sign up for a big bang in my other fandom and everything I want to talk about relates to it. Secrecy! I am not good at it. Radio silence is the only way that's going to happen. Thus: expect very few SPN posts that are not vague "PANIC PANIC WHY DO DEADLINES EXIST" for the foreseeable future.


VVC: Who all is arriving early/staying late? [personal profile] lizfu and I haven't really talked about it (have we talked about it? actually, I am not sure here), but we have plans for the late afternoon/early evening-ish of Thursday, but not for lunch. Anyone want a Tuesday and [personal profile] lizfu for company?

vid rec

Jun. 20th, 2010 02:29 pm
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I have apparently come down with a cold of doom (seriously, why do I bother going outside?), but before I go to bed, those of you not currently engaged in various Father's Day activities should totally check out this amazing vid:

For Your Entertainment by [personal profile] grey_bard

I mentioned this a while back when I was fortunate enough to preview it and have basically been sitting on my hands since to stop from going on about how awesome it is. It's a Supernatural Gabriel/everyone vid made of total win.

Now to go fall over a while.
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Between that J2 story, that bandom story, and Hobbs's latest (disability) fail, I have to wonder if there is something in the water this week. That's not even going into that horrific and triggering story dealing with child abuse and sexual assault.


I have a bunch of thoughts on warnings and labels, lately, and their usefulness as tools for navigating toward or away from things depending on needs, but I think they need to simmer longer. I do want to point out that I read every comment on my post about warnings and triggers (contains triggering content for sexual assault) (and have come to the conclusion that what I mean and what different people in fandom mean by certain labels can be vastly different). I know I said ahead of time that I probably wouldn't be able to respond to all comments, but wow, how true that actually was. Point being: I definitely was (and am) listening, even if I haven't done a lot of replying.


Some links:

My amazing artist BFF has prompts open through midnight tonight. I am probably going to make random demands of her close to the deadline.

A multifandom mix challenge is being put together, in which people create mixes and others claim and write fic for them. Y'all should go give opinions.

SKTSO is my new favorite fandom acronym.

For the three of you on the internet who haven't seen it: this Supernatural comic by glockgal is amazing.

Sea turtle films self, becomes YouTube sensation.

Bobcat kittens.


Recently, I found an old copy of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and was curious if it would run on Windows 7. The opening screen is a sea of black with two outlines of tan boxes set in the middle, but once I click the right button, everything runs fine. I haven't made it very far (world domination will never be mine at the rate I am going), but I am kind of in love with the guilt-inducing quit menu.

(Other things I love: tvtropes using a modified version at the bottom of its page on Alpha Centauri.)
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Of All Possible Futures [Also at AO3]

Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Of all possible futures, Castiel chose this one.
Notes: Castiel/Dean, brief references to past Dean/OMCs, OFC/OFC, Sam, Anna, Uriel. R. 3740 words. Blanket spoilers through S5. Written for the [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest prompt "Castiel doesn't see what the big deal is -- angels have no gender as humans understand it, and Dean is in love with him, not his vessel's body, right? For Dean, it's nowhere near that simple." Thank you to [personal profile] jmtorres for betaing and to [personal profile] shirozora for doing another run-through. Full notes at the fic.

English was imprecise. Castiel held multitudes, was seven contradictory things without stretching himself.
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For those of you who might be interested, this post is a behind the scenes look at In Truth (Everyone Is Expendable).

Some rambling about my original plans, two scenes that didn't make it in, and a snippet of conversation with Wanlorn )

In all, as with last time, I really enjoyed Remix Redux. It's always awesome to play with other people's toys and to see what they'll do with yours.
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In Truth (Everyone Is Expendable)

Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: When the rest of the angels jumped ship, Anna and Castiel stayed.
Notes: Anna, Castiel, Becky, Dean. PG-13. 2078 words. References through 5x17, major spoilers for 5x04. Full notes and warnings at the fic. I'll have a behind the scenes for this up within the next few days, including several hundred more words of fic that never made it in and the my original story plans (which had more character death, more time travel, and would have required at least another six thousand words). It's a remix of [personal profile] schmevil's In Truth (Four Things That Never Happened to Anna Milton, and One That Did) for Remix Redux.

Anna didn't make the same mistake twice
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Hands to Hold You Down [Also at AO3]
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Dean woke up to the tang of copper on his tongue and a cold band of steel encircling his wrist. (Dean needs. Castiel provides.)
Notes: Castiel/Dean, NC-17, 2184 words. This is set during 5x18. Full notes (and warnings) at the fic.

Dean woke up to the tang of copper on his tongue and a cold band of steel encircling his wrist.
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I am torn between wondering why I'm awake and wondering why, of all the different fic I've poked at tonight, none of them have been my lgbtfest. I think I may be up for the day regardless.

Handcuffs fic gained another six hundred words. I should probably figure out at least a working title for it. Two other fic gained more plot and a few sentences each. ~Sam and Castiel's Amazing Adventure~ possibly gained another anchor scene, depending on whether I'm going with the switch to Castiel/Sam and Dean/Gabriel or sticking with the original idea. We'll--see how that goes.

Today will probably be spent working on a number of writing projects while waiting for Doctor Who to air. With any luck, some of those will be fic with actual deadlines attached.
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Working on it leads to her re-watching spoilers for SPN 5x18 ) while drinking heavily at four in the morning.

And I've still only managed four more sentences. FML.
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I promised [personal profile] jmtorres I would make a behind the scenes post (and wanted to anyway, so I have an easy place to access all the awesome ideas dialogue snippets she threw at me that never made it into the fic). This is that post! It is mostly chat excerpts between me and [personal profile] jmtorres and [personal profile] shirozora. This post will very much be proof that if not for my friends, I would never finish fic. It is also proof of how easily changeable things are when I'm writing, because there are several scenes that ended up going in completely different directions

Also, even though I didn't include every conversation (and didn't include several conversations in full), this is still over 5400 words and doesn't even include my conversations with the deancastiel chat or with Campfire. I also bounced a bunch of story ideas for this fic off of [personal profile] the_wanlorn, but most of the ideas that didn't make it in are going into a completely different fic now, in which Sam is the best little brother ever and Castiel still does not get these ridiculous human dating customs, but is willing to give it a try anyway for Dean.


How to convince Tuesday to write fic )


Tuesday's writing process )


Tuesday's process also involves bothering people who aren't Juls )


So yes, if you've ever wondered why I always include thanks for audiencing my fic, it's because that generally includes hours on aim talking story ideas, characterization, silly conversation branches and "what if"s, and other means of entertaining me and keeping me on track. *grin*
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via [personal profile] firedreamer: Hi, I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: The Musical

"normal stories" vs. slash (LJ) by [livejournal.com profile] rm

Drabble fest unfilled prompts and extension in Hikago fandom

[livejournal.com profile] castielfest sign ups close on the 30th.

[livejournal.com profile] sbomg sign ups for the mini fest close on the 29th. Soul bonds!


For those of you not watching the comm, [community profile] kink_bingo is gearing up for its next round, with tons of essays and more:
Points and Scoring Post for Round Three
Pervertible World: Essay and Picspam
Accessibility Policy
Rules Post for Round Three
this year's kink list: changes, additions, subtractions
Run Up to Kink Bingo--Answering Questions!


Some general signal boosting:
Helping thdancingferret (LJ):
In order to raise money for Chris, we will be listing specific items up for auction that people can bid on. They will be posted by categories: Food Items, Graphics, Art/Knitting Items, and Fiction. If you would like to donate a story, knitting, art or food items, please leave a post in those sections. (We are trying to model this after the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti auction.)

The timeframe for us is short, so we are opening up the donating of items IMMEDIATELY. Donations by sellers will close May 29, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. After that we will open the items up to bidding May 30, 2010 at 12:01am EST. Because Chris' need is urgent, we are going to do a Lighning Round for these items, closing all auctions on June 2, 2010 at midnight EST.

it's time!:
Now you can help debunk the myth that you need to look like a beauty queen to win these kinds of contests, and vote for me, yay!

Please pass the link around, post it on Facebook, reblog it, anything and everything. Tell your friends!

Thank you all so much! If I actually wind up in the top 5 and get to go to new York for the singoff, I am totally writing you all fic.

[community profile] stories_for_sandy:
I wanted to make a place for people to rec stories Sandy would like (and hasn't already read and rec'd for us), or sign up to write stories Sandy would like based on her kinks. Formatting things for easy printing/Kindling would be a big plus as well, since reading and searching on a computer is heavy, painful, and time consuming.

Edited to add: Other ideas for Sandy include: Music she'd like (playlists?); books she'd like that can be Kindle-achieved easily; vids for her. TV she hasn't seen! Etc! Anything we can do to help deliver fannish fun.


I have a behind the scenes post on my writing process/stuff that didn't make it into "The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester" in the works, but I'm still coding. It boils down to: all my best lines and ideas are actually stolen wholesale from [personal profile] jmtorres, who is one of the biggest reasons I finish fic. Maybe it will be ready tomorrow!
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How excited am I for drafts, scheduled updates, and the new update page? Very.


Normally I would post this locked, but I would appreciate anyone's input. For those of you who have been/are on Loestrin, how bad were the side effects for you? If you experienced terrible and ongoing nausea, did it eventually fade? If you experienced daily mild to blinding headaches, did those eventually fade? If you experienced occasional cramps, did those eventually stop?

For anyone wandering through who might suggest stopping taking hormonal b.c. and using a different means of b.c. instead (or, as my brother would put it, "Why are you even on it?")--it's for ongoing medical reasons. Preventing accidental passing on of genes is not really a concern for a woman who only dates other women. *wry smile*


On that note, I think I am back up for a while. Maybe in a bit I will try taking some aspirin and trying sleep again, but at the moment it seems unlikely. Anyone online?


P.S. Just found #airplanes. Dying of laughter. How is [personal profile] shirozora so awesome? (JET WINGS.)

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