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Sweet Charity lives! For those unfamiliar with it, it's a fan run charity for RAINN. People offer vids, fic, pod fic, art, delicious foodstuffs, and much, much more. I'm not offering anything, but I would encourage you to go bid. I think the ginger snaps on offer are the same I bought last year, and they were amazing. Just don't get between me and my Ruby fic.

Stargate Second Lives: Round Two Call for Prompts at [community profile] phoenix_gate: "This promptathon is dedicated to giving a second chance to characters who died or were left behind in Stargate (SG-1 and SGA) canon, including entire races and places and civilizations."

[personal profile] lizfu, I saw [community profile] paperjournals and thought of you. "It's pretty much whatever it sounds like: a community for anything relating to paper journals: handwritten ones, scrapbooks, art journals, pretty much anything you like as long as it's on paper and not a screen."

Choice of Broadsides is a fun text-based adventure game. I am sad only that I could not manage a Villeneuve femslash storyline (it seems like it should exist!). Something to request for Yuletide, perhaps.

I enjoyed this article on the iPad if nothing else for the image this line elicits:
So I see the iPad as a Bizarro Trojan Horse. Instead of importing soldiers into the kingdom to break down its walls, in this horse, we, the people, are stuffed inside and wheeled into the old walls; the gate is shut and we’re welcomed back into the kingdom of controlling media that we left almost a generation ago.

[personal profile] sarken has a Rachel Maddow picspam post in honor of Rachel's birthday a few days ago. So much amazingness all in one post!

For your adorable animal needs today, why not try Kitteh Roulette?

p.s. This video of Jensen Ackles singing The Weight continues to make my life. How so amazing and adorable? (Campfire has all the best links.)
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Genius thing I did today: dropped something heavy on my foot, tearing off some skin and bruising it in the process. Genius.


I've hit a minor fic writing slump.

It probably doesn't help that I can't decide what to focus on. The road trip fic is currently in the percolating stage, I feel like I would need to do more research if I actually made a serious attempt at what would be a long-ass college AU, the wall sex keeps stalling, the postponed apocalypse kid fic has a billion and one unanswered questions and four pages that need typing up (I hate transcribing), the angel condom one makes no sense whatsoever, the Ruby/everyone fic is on the backburner, and I can't decide how long it takes Castiel to make it to the Roadhouse in the retirement plans fic. I suppose I could poke at one of two cracked out things I've considered writing based on my conversations with [personal profile] cimorene, but I really don't need any more additions to my SPN folder. I really, really, really don't. And that is without taking into account the book of AUs project that apparently would not be a completely different story each chapter, because I figured out what the overarching plot would be. I seriously need help here.

I suppose I could work on the Leverage steals The Daily Show fic, but I'm still not sure why they're stealing the show other than it makes Hardison really, really happy--even when Eliot has to knock out John Oliver and stuff him in a supply closet. (Hardison totally gets a moment with Aasif Mandvi and has Parker steal one of Jon's cheap Bic pens as a souvenir.) Point being: it's still in the percolating stage, too.



Most of these recs are Supernatural and hosted on LJ (with one amazing White Collar fic on DW):

This Misha Collins/Castiel vid is adorable.

Five Times Castiel Played A Taylor Swift Song, in which Castiel attempts to (inexpertly) woo one Sam Winchester. (Castiel/Sam)

Has Finally Found Me, in which Castiel is allowed to re-enter the Heavenly Host on one condition: temping as a Cupid. (Castiel/Dean)

Sunny Banks of Sweet Deliverance by [personal profile] shirozora (Also available on LJ and AO3.) This is my favorite coda fic for 5x14 thus far, in which Cupid is both awesome and highly inept, not to mention bonus Crowley. Or, in [personal profile] shirozora's words: There is no art of wooing Dean Winchester. There is however a clue bat. (Castiel/Dean)

On the Castiel and Cupid theme, Happy Valentine's Day, Dean, fun Castiel/Dean fan art.

So apparently there's a Multifandom College AU Comment Fic Meme. I may or may not have started a terrible fic for it, but that's not what's important here.

What is important is that someone wrote Murphy/Dresden fic (Dresden Files) for it. *twirls it*

You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way) by [personal profile] jmtorres: The only thing I can really tell you about this amazing, amazing White Collar gen fic without spoiling anything is that it trod upon my heart in all the best ways. I was seriously clutching my chest and making happy wheezing sounds of joy, all, "MY HEART. MY HEART."
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How To Care For Your Angelic Soulbonding Handprint by [personal profile] cimorene is fun and kind of hilarious. I'm also really tempted to write fic for it.

The Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2010 is being run on LJ, but posting can be done anywhere. Day one is posting three recs for challenge stories or fanworks. I have that many in my "to be recommended" tabs! More, actually:

Spooks by [personal profile] entwashian is a Castle zombie apocalypse fic written for [livejournal.com profile] castleland. Zombie apocalypse! Need I say any more?

Sexafecta by [personal profile] sirdrakesheir is a Pundits RPF story told via e-mails and is lots of fun. I had the privilege of seeing an unfinished version of it, and the finished version's reveal was like a gift all for me (even if, you know, it was technically someone else's [community profile] thirdmonday gift story). This fic is one of the stories still locked, but the comm's membership is open, and I have DW codes if anyone needs one.

Peanut Butter-Pumpkin Wedding Cake is a fabulous Dean/Castiel AU, which is kind of ridiculous in all the best ways. In it, Dean is a mechanic and bartender, and Castiel is not marrying his sister, no matter how mistaken Dean may be on that point. I have a special love for dating fic in which one person does not actually realize they are dating, and this fic definitely hits that love.

7th_heaven is now online by [livejournal.com profile] ksock is chat fic and absolutely hilarious. I dare you to read this excerpt and not fall in love a little:
7th_heaven: This isn't funny, Dean. I believe my computer has been possessed.
bonScott79: yeah?
7th_heaven: It keeps advertising Available Singles in my area.
7th_heaven: There are photos of women in provocative clothing.
7th_heaven: They know where I am. I suspect they are using witchcraft to track me.
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[community profile] thirdmonday reveals are up!

This means that mine and several belonging to others are unlocked now, so you don't need a DW account to read many of them. If you want to make sure you read them all--likely not everyone opted for unlocking--I still have invite codes!

I wrote The Genesis of Cake Night. (Cake night began neither with cake, nor at night. It began with the fact that Jon Stewart, worst boss in history, was a lunch thief.)

It is very gen and something near 1,300 words.

As for the guessing game, I had two people guess in chat, [personal profile] dhobikikutti and [personal profile] sirdrakesheir, and I owe flash fic to the fabulous mod, [personal profile] bessemerprocess and to my even more fabulous beta, [personal profile] sarken. (Sorry, Henry, but you know my fickle nature and always overwhelming love for whomever happens to be my latest beta.)

As I stated before, I'll write you at least 100 words in any fandom about any character or pairing I've already written linked on my fic Delicious. You can also poke me about other fandoms and characters, though I can only guarantee the ones listed there.
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Remix Redux is taking fandom suggestions. If y'all love me, you will vote for and sign up for Psych and/or Pundit RPF.

Should I also add Chuck? It was a Yuletide fandom last time around, but I'm pretty sure it won't be this year, much as that idea pains me.


Some links, several blatantly stolen from my read list:

A Gamer in the Kitchen. Someday I hope to go epic level.

[personal profile] trascendenza has a fab Women's Murder Club picspam. I don't have room for new TV in my life, but when I do, this is going near the top of the list. If anyone has further compelling reasons for why I should make room, I am open to such discourse.

The girl who couldn't come, a love story about the kinks and quirks of sexuality and--I cannot stress this enough--Johnny Cash. It's sweet, sexy, and, though original, the story feel reminds me of many of my favorite things about fic.

[personal profile] cimorene has a post of fandom Valentines, including Andy/Miranda, Ponder/Ridcully, and Vetinari/Drumknott.

All of the Six Degrees of Canada Valentines.


Dragon Age recs:

Strays is a soothing balm of a Cousland/Alistair story, in which two Wardens get their happily ever after and the family they always hoped for, even if not in the way they expected. (Mild spoilers for one of four game endings. Yes, that's a ffnet link, because I can't find a journal, and the writer sadly has yet to move to AO3.)

Devil in the Details. So much glee for excellent Morrigan fic. (Major spoilers for one of four game endings.) Author's summary: Hell is other people, and Morrigan brought this one on herself.
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Open letter time!

Before I post this, a couple quick notes. First, I haven't looked very hard at any of the politifandom comms in the past two days, so the information that this letter was based on may have changed a little in the meanwhile. But the impetus for writing this letter holds true. Second, I truly believe that several people whose words are linked to are well-meaning, but that doesn't change that this conversation needs to take place. Third, someone else (whom I may or may not link later, depending on if she decides where/how she wants me to) really does deserve the credit for me writing this and for noticing things and for looking this over in an incomplete form. And thanks, [personal profile] mona, for looking this over in its finished format and being sure I'm at least semi-coherent.

eta: [personal profile] bookshop pointed out that I might want to frame this more, so let me specify that I am talking specifically about a 1920s and 30s AU currently emerging in politifandom in [livejournal.com profile] rahmbamarama, a locked comm. This post was written after this Brian Williams photo was posted with others, which led to a discussion about the niftiness of a 1920s and 30s AU, with fanworks following. During the course of this discussion, the focus seemed to be more on the shiny parts of the 1920s and 30s, without addressing the more problematic parts of such an AU. This AU was referred to as "noir-verse" (though [personal profile] lizfu can tell you that it isn't exactly necessarily Noir, but that's a discussion separate from what I'm going for). Thus this letter.

All that said:

An Open Letter to Politifandom )

I'm keeping all comments at Dreamwidth, because this is the sort of conversation that doesn't deserve to be fragmented. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account but do have a Livejournal account, you automatically have an openID account, and Dreamwidth allows you to confirm your e-mail address with openID so you can receive replies if you'd like.

eta: It was also pointed out to me that we can't forget the miscegenation laws and how they would have had a huge impact on Barack Obama.

eta2: Upon further reflection, I am removing the links to RBR (which I linked for context and to highlight part of what I found highly problematic). Because RBR is locked, I did not want to directly quote them and also knew that the chances of trolls ending up over there were unlikely.

I am removing the links because some of the commenters linked mind their words being discussed. (I am leaving the mafia-AU link, but if anyone wants me to take it down, please let me know.) I don't mean to offend anyone, but this highly defensive reaction proves to me that having this discussion in the entries on RBR discussing it is NOT going to be a place I would feel safe doing so.

eta3: Last intended edit. It's totally encouraged to talk more broadly about AUs and genres and consequences in writing choices thereof. Two really important current conversations ongoing about that (mentioned in comments) include the Thirteenth Child and the discussion about steampunk (and steampunk as possible Victorian apologia). I'm not sure where a good collective link for the latter is (and will edit one in here if I can't find it), but [community profile] metafandom has many good links about it.
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My part in posting for lgbtfest is now over. \o/ Now I can just settle down to read (and write all the other fic I have due).

Title: Two Secret Agents, One Duck Pond, No Bookstore
Fandom: Pundits (The Daily Show/The Colbert Report)
Pairing/characters: Stephen/Evie, Jon, Amy, Paul, various.
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: 1697. RPF - Pundits, Stephen Colbert, On being an invisible bisexual because he's married to a woman.
Summary: Stephen's never meant to be in the closet.
Author's Notes: Thank you to bessemerprocess for pre-reading and the title and also to [personal profile] amadi for betaing.

Two Secret Agents, One Duck Pond, No Bookstore

Now if I could only figure out why my laptop has decided it is three hours ahead of the timezone it's in. It says it's on Indiana time, and yet. Hmmm.

Anyway, time to watch some third season due South and work on other fic.

eta: I know everyone who already had an account were all supposed to receive invites to give to people, but I don't seem to have received any. We get these by e-mail, yes? *a bit confused*
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Anyone willing and able to beta a TDS fic of 3k words right now and get it back to me within the next thirty minutes or so?

Yes, you can take this to mean that I only finally finished my lgbtfest fic. You would think I'd have learned my lesson about deadlines last time. Writing the header now. /o\

eta: Got it at DW! Thanks!
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Oh, bronchitis and sinus infection, my old friends. Know that I love Amoxicillin more than you.

Probably shouldn't have waited ten days to see the doctor.

I woke up to a nice surprise, though! Last night, I quickly scribbled some down some Chuck fic that I didn't want to forget and thought I had maybe two pages or so of notes in huge handwriting. And okay, it was still huge handwriting, but more like five pages. We'll see what that becomes when typed once I finally am done with the two fic I either owe immediately or am actually way, way, way past due on. ([personal profile] mona, you have all my apologies. You are probably tired of hearing them.)

I think I'm going to maybe drop out of one of the two Bangs I am a part of (and I am waaay behind on my wordcount for the Merlin one), because Remix Redux is coming up, and that is my favorite exchange ever to write for. I received almost no feedback, but it was so much fun.

Speaking of! All you Pundits and Politics RPF people: They're considering letting in RPFandoms as qualifying fandoms this year. Go write in your vote if you're interested. There are a lot of you I would love to see participating. I'll only be signing up for pundits RPF (because one, I am not unlocking my politics RPF, though I will be the rest and two, I'm not writing for politifandom anymore, as most of you have probably been able to tell), but I would love to see more added.

According to [livejournal.com profile] musesfool:
Voting will be open until the weekend - at least Saturday evening, possibly even Sunday night (I have a first communion party to go to on Sunday afternoon) - so please do pimp the poll out.

So yes, please do!


Some recs:

Odd Jobs series by [personal profile] brownbetty and [livejournal.com profile] emeraldwoman
There is a reason The Underwire Job and its sequels are my favorite Leverage fic.

Your Fixed Point by [livejournal.com profile] quigonejinn
Tony Stark is a woman, but still so very Tony. This one hurts, but is so very worth it. Tony/everyone.

(As a warning, because I care about these things, and maybe some of you do, too: There are some consent issues with younger-Tony, what with younger-Tony being young.)

The Things We Did and Didn't Do by [livejournal.com profile] siriaeve
The crossover I never knew I wanted. SGA/Iron Man, past Tony/Rodney, current Rodney/Tony's suit. *g*

For the Public Good by [livejournal.com profile] blamebrampton
A fun read about trying to keep magic secret. Harry/Draco.


Tonight I will finish my [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest by midnight. I will. *narrows eyes at self*

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