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A Doctor Who primer by The A.V. Club. I know some of y'all are tempted to finally get into Who, and this is a great time to do so, with a new Doctor, a new companion, and a new showrunner. Reading the primer isn't necessary, but it does give you a little bit of background for those interested.

The dos and don’ts of defending Muslim women:
Being an ally is the same as being a true friend: respecting my wishes, even if you may want something different for me; helping me when I need it, without thinking me helpless; and viewing me as an entire person.

Feminists Don't Understand Muslim Women

I doubt Nathan Lane feels threatened: These things are fucking amazing.

The Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future


Assorted recs in Supernatural, Doctor Who, Chuck, Leverage, and Criminal Minds:

Words Get in the Way by [personal profile] epiphanyx7 is a Jo/Castiel fic set before 5x10. It's bittersweet, but the sort of bittersweet that heavy on the sweet and well worth the bitter.

One More Thing... by [livejournal.com profile] maskedfangirl is a short, fun fic with Dean and Castiel set early S5.

Fussy by [personal profile] sahiya is adorable Eleven & Amy fic.

Geronimo? by [livejournal.com profile] leelakin, art in which Eleven is adorable.

[community profile] intoabar has up a fic masterlist. In which two characters from different fandoms walk into a bar.

The Clusterfuck Job by [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin, in which "Reid walks into a bar and meets... Hardison." Go, read! It is amazingness.

Chuck from the Burbank by [personal profile] kuwdora: This is a lot of why I love Chuck (the character; my show love has more reasons). To be honest, my Chuck love (and Chuck love) has kind of suffered this season, but this vid makes me want to give it another shot and at least see where the last couple episodes take me. This vid is fun, lighthearted, and what I'd hoped for from S3.
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[community profile] backtoschool has sign-ups open through May 20th. If you are into Supernatural or Supernatural RPF and want to play, we bid you welcome! Fic, art, vids, and fanmixes, and gen, femslash, slash, and het are all encouraged. A note: university AU does not have to mean always human AU, for those of you who want your angels to be angels and your hunters to be college students (or whatever other awesome ideas you might have). We even have a spiffy banner made by the unparalleled [personal profile] shirozora, our more talented mod:

[community profile] spn_bitesized this week is hosting a Women of Supernatural round. There is one prompt I am already eyeing with intent. And by one, I mean many.

[personal profile] bessemerprocess made an amazing mini mix to accompany that fantastic Garcia/Morgan/Reid fic Stepping Stones she wrote me for last Three Ships.

Sweet Charity is over, and this round I failed to win anything. I had my heart set on [personal profile] vanitashaze and Ruby fic, but yahoo decided I did not need to get my "you've been overbid" notifications in a timely fashion and put them in my spam box instead. This is my sad face. On the other hand, people pledged US $4,662.50, which means time to commence with the Paul Gross arms of glee. \o/

How to scare your dragon: When I watched How to Train Your Dragon with [personal profile] lizfu, I commented that Toothless was like if Stitch and a cat had adorable babies. Apparently I wasn't the only one with Stitch on the brain, because this amazing art has Stitch and Toothless upon first meeting. Eeee.

The cost of art by [livejournal.com profile] fiction_theory:
For the record, I believe that ethics and artistry not only do go hand and hand but when divorced create nothing but monstrosity.

via [personal profile] zvi: so you wanna move to dreamwidth? complete with codes for people who are interested. I agree with all of these reasons. :D

also via [personal profile] zvi: These are a few of my Favorite Things, which yes, a lot of these are my favorite, too!

[community profile] spn_dreamwidth is the Supernatural newsletter that covers all the SPN content on Dreamwidth. I am so glad it exists, because I was halfway tempted to make one of my own, and y'all know I already am too involved in fandom organizational stuff at the moment. If you produce SPN content on DW and aren't already watched by their aggregate journal, you should drop them a comment.

Because I commented positively on [community profile] fangasmic's name change, I do want to point out also that I am not wholly impressed with their point/counterpoint post in which given equal weight and airtime is the following:
To say I hated this decision would be putting it lightly. I resisted this move because it feels like we are betraying one of the fundamental reasons we wanted to launch this project to begin with; fandom is so preoccupied with never offending anybody that attempts to have a discussion oftentimes are smothered from lack of oxygen or blow up; I wanted us to be different. If we were going to give in on something as basic as our site name, what was next?

One of the fundamental reasons was so that people could have a place for unexamined privilege? Because we don't already have enough of that? Really? Y'all that are joining, have fun, but I think I'm sticking with my own tiny nooks of fandom.


I've not really been replying to very much lately, because the past few days I've been ridiculously grouchy except for when I saw [personal profile] lizfu and had a wonderful picnic in the park eating tomato soup and a delicious sandwich and sipping an amazing mango smoothie. Reading Changes didn't really help my mood. (Review to come later.)

I'm not going on hiatus, but I am going to continue paring back my interactions outside my comms, journals, and fandom responsibilities for the moment. I'm sure I'll be back to chipper sunshine in a few days.


This is a long shot, but: is anyone else out there allergic to a ridiculous amount of soaps/body washes? If so, what hypoallergenic (or even non-hypoallergenic) soaps/body washes are you doing well with? What face scrubs? I'm good on shampoos, but I think my run with Pure & Natural's hypoallergenic mango butter and vanilla seed is coming to an end, and St. Ives's new Elements olive scrub seems to have been doomed from the start. It could also be my allergy to my cat ratcheting up again, but I am very much hoping that is not the case.
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Today's been kind of odd, but not in a bad way. A headache meant I didn't do the usual gathering with my dad's side of the family, but it's finally gone away, and my mom gave me an Easter basket filled to the brim with Cadbury eggs. I am set for the year.


On Eleven's first episode of Doctor Who; not very coherent in my glee )

In sum, I enjoyed the episode and am very much looking forward to seeing where the series takes us.


The Criminal Minds Kink Meme: The Second: I am probably not playing, but I will definitely be skulking around looking for Derek/Penelope, Derek/Spencer, Penelope/Spencer, Derek/Penelope/Spencer, or Jordan/Emily goodness.

5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading: This is definitely something I ought to read up on further.

I think everybody needed this tonight: A lovely piece of sequential fan art that serves as a coda to 5x16 of Supernatural. The last panel is my favorite.

An Alicia/Kalinda picspam of amazingness by [livejournal.com profile] freya86. Just. Eeee. If Kalinda were real, I would marry her.

The Losers has both Zoe Saldana and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and y'all know how I am about characters who are losers and faily in fun, happy ways (see: my thoughts on early Psych (this is also a reminder that I really need to port my old entries over, because that entry is only on LJ, sadly)). Also, may I repeat: ZOE SALDANA. Even if [personal profile] lizfu were not totally on board watching this with me (and she is), I would still be attending opening day and just go on my own.
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I'm going to remain terribly behind on comments through tonight, but really quickly, I absolutely must share with y'all one of the things [personal profile] lizfu gave me for my birthday, a Dresden Files painting of amazingness in which Marcone is a bad-ass and saves Harry princess-carry style from tentacle porn.

Check it out )

Is that not one of the most fabulous things you've ever seen?


Despite the ridiculously late hour I stayed up, I didn't manage to finish ~Sam and Castiel's Adventure~ (and probably won't finish it for a while yet; I haven't even gotten to Vegas or finished the minotaur scene, and tomorrow I'm going to be busy trying to write a bunch of Derek Morgan and Jordan Todd flash fic for [community profile] dark_agenda). Fortunately I have a safety net story of ridiculousness that I will be posting within the next couple of hours for the bonus sixth day of Five Days of Tuesday (buy five, get one free!) before I have to leave to see family.

I have tentative plans to grab coffee or delicious chai from one of two awesome local coffee houses in the area of my extended family, at which point I will be hanging out with my laptop writing some flash fic, so put your prompts in if you're interested. Remember, while I'm saying the likelihood of me writing outside of SPN right now is low, I am also easy to talk into things.
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Tanuki! As I told [personal profile] firedreamer when she sent me this to cheer me up, tanuki are like if bears and raccoons had little evil babies to mesmerize you with their adorable stares while they stole your everything and then ate your toes. And you are all, "Noooo, those are my toes, you can't--so cuuuuuuuute--no wait, my toes! But, but, ADORABLE." If I were an evil supervillain, I would not populate the mountains surrounding my secret lair with wolves, but with tanuki.

[livejournal.com profile] con_or_bust is currently on-going.

[personal profile] deepad has up an ARC of Split, an excellent book I recommended/reviewed in October.


Apparently it's a meme sort of month in addition to all the SPN. I've seen these two memes (often together) floating around my lists, and they sound like fun:
Ask me a question about one of my stories. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don't hold back. Anything. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer.


Pick one of my stories, and I will tell you the first line of its sequel. Even if I was never actually planning to write a sequel. Even if it already has a sequel -- I'll give you the first line of another version of its sequel!

The best place to find most of my collected fic is on my fic Delicious.


I forgot to do two things for Three Ships, which was lots of fun, even if my life kind of ate my brain at the time. First let me point you all to the absolutely amazing Criminal Minds Morgan/Garcia/Reid fic [personal profile] bessemerprocess wrote me:

Stepping Stones: It's a slow process, but they keep moving forward.

Second, I wrote a Harry/Hermione/Ron fic for Keine:

Adventures in Adulthood: Happily ever after, trio-style.

Psych fic

Nov. 20th, 2009 03:10 am
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Less Traveled By
Fandoms/Characters: Psych (/Criminal Minds). Gus, Shawn.
Summary: Gus went to college, and Shawn went away.
Notes: 1,700 words, PG-13. AU, gen, written for Death Bingo. Minor crossover with Criminal Minds. Warnings for character death, references to violence, and brief references to cannibalism.
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Home safe. Behind on comments. Still exhausted.

Have links:

Verb Noire is going through some tough times at the moment.

How to add subtitles and translations to your vids. I'm sure everyone else has seen this, but I know I hadn't.

Sign-ups for Three Ships closes Friday. I would especially love to see plenty Chuck and Criminal Minds in there.

How to write a novel using the snowflake method. This intrigues me, and may be timely for those of you about to start National Novel Writing Month.

Non-English, Non-Western, or Non-youknowwhadimean fandoms for yuletide. Netflix and I are going to be buddies in Yuletide prep.

Disability Blog Carnival #59: Disability and Work.

This Is Going to Hit You, that awesome Criminal Minds fic [personal profile] bessemerprocess wrote to break me. (I haven't had time to read the finished version yet, but it is going to be my happy/sad place tonight.)
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Sleepy but can't sleep.

Today is [personal profile] lizfu's birthday! Happy birthday, [personal profile] lizfu! :D

Much later we are meeting up for a movie and so I can throw her birthday gift at her.

Right now I've started watching more old Criminal Minds. Such a bad idea at night, and yet, I keep doing so.

Some links taken from my read lists:

Female farmers photo essay, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

On FWD, What Can I Do?

Twelve generations from now, people like me will still be writing posts like this: "One of the most common fights I have to have, when it comes to sticking up for myself and my culture, is the fight over whether it's okay to mock bad translations from Japanese to English."

. . . And the dog just sicked up (he was moved out to the courtyard in time), so I think I'm done for the night.

One last thing: threadless has a Halloween sale going until 10/20 10 am CT. Only a few more hours, but awesome tees for $10.
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It's come to my attention that I am most productive fic-wise if I'm writing for fests or others, and that I work better on my original stuff when I have several fic going I'm excited about. This means I'm weighing trying Bangs again in addition to my current projects, most of which should be done by the end of the month (two Askewniverse fic, two Bones fic, assorted fic for FFFA, and Death Bingo fic in various states). Most of November will be eaten by [livejournal.com profile] yuletide and [community profile] 3_ships, but I will need things to do after that.

[livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang looks fun. I'm trying to keep things manageable, but 10k in four months doesn't sound that bad, especially considering my [livejournal.com profile] third_monday was that long and written in a week. I mean, apoca-fic. [livejournal.com profile] svmadelyn, if I worked on a Chuck fic for this, would you occasionally poke me about it?

I have until November 3rd to decide. If I don't write fic, I think I'll volunteer as an artist and make a vid. Because really, I can't say this enough times: apoca-fic.

Also intriguing are [livejournal.com profile] hermionebigbang (the world is missing a very long Hermione/Luna "Hermione takes over the wizarding world" or "Hermione was Sorted Hufflepuff" AU) and [livejournal.com profile] bau_bigbang (this will depend on my thoughts once I've watched the rest of Criminal Minds with [personal profile] bessemerprocess).

In my list of fen-related points of curiosity, how many vids out there are there for "Clint Eastwood" by Gorillaz? Are there any for Chuck? These are the things I wonder when I listen to my iTunes these days. Well, this, and how sick of Passion Pit people are going to be once I start that project.
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Reasons why I should seriously consider giving vidding another try:

-Someone has to make a Criminal Minds vid to Swimming in the Flood and a Reid/Morgan vid to Moth's Wings.
-I can't find a copy of it on Youtube, but "Karma Police" as performed by Brown Derbies really, really wants to be a Chuck vid. Same with "98 Points" by Arlene Bishop for another Criminal Minds vid.
-I am feeling an urge to do something creative that would be a break from writing, and my icon inspiration for the year has already been used up.

Reasons why I should seriously reconsider giving vidding another try:

-Windows Movie Maker kills my soul, but it is not a hobby I can afford to put lots of money into
-No one should make a RayK/RayV/Fraser/Victoria vid to The Funeral of Hearts, especially not if the idea makes them laugh with inappropriate glee.
-Did I mention Windows Movie Maker? Because that cannot be mentioned enough. Kills. my. soul.

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Everyone had very convincing arguments. I think that practicality wins out, though, and shiny grey it is. Maybe I will budget enough to buy red next year and have two pairs of shiny, shiny boots, one for everyday, one for when I want to feel kick-ass in red.

At some point, I'm going to finally put together a post about Psych this season, but for now, I'm going to focus on new seasons/series.

The Mentalist (2x01) )

NCIS: Los Angeles (1x01) )

In conclusion: Unlike its predecessor, I'm actually very interested in a fannish way, too, and will be keeping a close, hopeful eye on the fandom.

Criminal Minds (6x01) )

I'm still working through back episodes. I've now seen almost all of season one, with a continued smattering of everything between. Most of it I've watched with my mom while her TV shows were in re-runs. She's gone from not liking the show very much to demanding that the TV magically cough up more of S6 rightthismoment.


Originally, I was going to do a small review of the House season opener as well, but there's not much point. It was semi-interesting, but I don't think he's really going to change, and I kind of hate his character and the show at this point. See even just the beginning of this episode for why. It's always brought me back for the premiere and finale, but I'm hoping that finally I'm breaking the cycle. I get why people still like it and are still watching, but at this point I'm not even invested enough to explain why I don't and won't be.

Though I'll always come back to the fandom if it brings me Kutner fic.


Anyone want to look a book review over for me to see if it has errors/is coherent/gives too much away/doesn't explain enough?

It's really short, but my intention of poking at it one last time and posting it yesterday dissolved in a cloud of death allergies and Benadryl. I'm wearing a dust mask to feed the pets at my dad's house while he's gone for a couple weeks, but I'm still not doing very well with it. Even with protection, the death house is, well, the house of allergy death. I don't trust my coherency of late.
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Dilemma: I fell asleep before I could call Shelly for Rosh Hashanah yesterday. Is it still appropriate to wish her L'shannah tovah today? Or is there something else for the second of the Days of Awe? I wish my google fu was less weak. Maybe Mom will know when she returns from church, though she probably remembered to call yesterday. Hmm.


Eid mubarak!

[community profile] eid_ka_chand/[livejournal.com profile] eid_fic is live, and many people are posting awesome things.


Other things going on:

[livejournal.com profile] daysofawesome, a ficathon for Jewish characters, is live.

[profile] older_not_dead is looking for prompts for characters who are 40+ here.

[community profile] femgenficathon is looking for pinch hitters here.

[personal profile] bessemerprocess is hosting a Criminal Minds Mini Marathon and today is Day One.

[livejournal.com profile] blind_go is live.

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