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Server load is such that I can't respond to anything, and I really do need to head to bed, but here, have three insta-recs!

Further Adventures of Coraline (and Wybie, Too)
I got my Wybourne fic! This was the one I wanted most while staring at that mystery sign, telling myself I would be happy with whatever I received and yet whispering to myself, "Be Wybourne fic. Be Wybourne fic." And my Yuletide wish came true! *twirls*

I have already thrown it at [personal profile] lizfu, but I advise the rest of you to go read it, too! Wybourne has a cold, but that does not stop him from having ADVENTURES.

Of Sick Days And Star Trek Marathons
It is Stanford era Chuck/Bryce! Fic of their college days! Also, I think y'all are stalking my health entries or something, because this is the second fic wherein my favorite character contracts a cold. Fortunately, I am mostly over mine, but if I weren't, I would totally want a Chuck to bring me soup and tell me to watch Star Trek.

Applied Problem Solving
More Chuck/Bryce! So much wanting and so much having! I am totally blessed with extra fic this year. This one is an AU wherein Bryce is Chuck's handler. Let me repeat that: BRYCE IS CHUCK'S HANDLER. After reading the first scene, I had to stop and shriek at [personal profile] jmtorres in chat for a moment. It is that awesome.

And now, it is time for me to sleep. Don't kill the servers while I'm gone. *grin*
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Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to see [personal profile] bessemerprocess, then going from her place to see a really good friend from college. This weekend is going to involve lots and lots of travel each day, but it will totally be worth it. This weekend is also White Collar! So basically I am a bundle of excitement for all of that.

I told a couple of people I would write up a review of the movie Coraline, which I recently saw with [personal profile] lizfu. Non-spoilery version is that overall, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, really liked the animation style, and was both happy at the inclusion of Wyborne (and his grandmother and great-aunt) and also horrified by a few faily things I don't think the creators thought through.

Herein lies the actual review with spoilers )

If I watched this film again, I would watch it for the animation and for Wyborne. It being Yuletide season, I actually am considering checking if it's nominated, because there really needs to be fic of Wyborne and his grandmother out there in the world, being awesome.

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