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So apparently it is possible to cut open your finger with the side of a fork if you are using it as a whisk. The more you know!

In somewhat related news, I am maybe putting the dry ingredients for the last three batches into tupperware containers and holding off on turning them into cookies until I return from Chicago. I have two batches and did the decaf first, so that's enough to send [personal profile] the_wanlorn some and bring the rest to VVC.

Other people I have promised experimental cookies to: I love you, but I think you may have to wait.

Of course, I haven't tried either batch of the cookies that I did finish yet, so it could be they are all terrible and destined for the trash heap anyway. One plus side: my house smells delicious.
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I have run out of woven floss. This is a DISASTER. And by disaster I mean maybe I will have to order it online, because all the stores carry anymore is wax and tape floss. The last time I used tape weave, I tore up my gums terribly. Do not even get me started on the evils of wax floss.

Local stores: I will visit you all tomorrow to give you one more chance to produce actually decent dental floss. Please do not fail me.


[personal profile] mona and I are considering doing a Kalinda The Good Wife group mini re-watch! I think she has certain episodes in mind, and I know I will be spending most of the viewing party keyboard smashing about Kalinda, but if you want to join us and have any episodes in mind/specific dates or times that work for you, you should totally let me know.

Speaking of The Good Wife, does anyone have any recs for good Kalinda femslash? I am easy on pairings so long as the story has Kalinda and Kalinda being awesome with ladies.


Today I made vegetarian soft tacos for an early lunch. They were delicious! And very filling. If ever I make them again, though, I am going to start off with a knife and fork rather than resorting to them once I have hit a point of utter despair for my poor hands. (Tuesdays do not deal well with messy food.)


I hadn't realized how much the second allergy medicine was doing for me until I'd spent the past week without it. Definitely overdue for refilling my prescription. I just need to figure out what I've done with the empty bottle.

On the other hand, the pharmacy that regularly handles my refills should have the prescription number on hand, right? Hm.


My Casfest will definitely be done on time (1k is not all that difficult; it is stopping after 1k that is the problem), but I am considering restarting yet again. And also rewatching all the Anna episodes.


I am not sure how I am going to do all of the baking and go to Ft. Wayne to get a haircut tomorrow. Maybe all the baking should just happen today. Hmmm.
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Suddenly I am posting a lot! But I will probably disappear again over the course of VVC, so it will all balance out, I am sure.

Some things, in no particular order:

• I have a girlfriend! I was going to try to be subtle about this, but I am not very good at the subtle thing.
• That girlfriend is [personal profile] the_wanlorn! (I love how most people I have mentioned the first bullet point to IMMEDIATELY KNEW who I was talking about. See again: my ability to be subtle.)
• Vegan cookies may or may not happen depending on my ability to make it to the supermarket all the way on the other side of town/whether vegan butter's even available there. It is definitely no longer available at the closest supermarket.
• I have finally found where the corn tortillas are kept at the closest supermarket! This is something I have been searching out for weeks. Apparently they are in the canned vegetable aisle. IDEK.
• Does anyone know the cross-state liquor transportation laws for an individual crossing between IN and IL?
• A question for my VVC roommates: do any of you have any means of hooking up laptops to TVs? My current plan is just to bring the mammoth laptop for A-Team watching, but it occurs to me there may be a better way here.
[personal profile] lizfu, are you secretly dead? Should I resort to phoning? Because I am going to resort to phoning soon. (I know, I am a hypocrite who does not answer her own phone. All the same.)
• I agree completely with everyone who's said they were not impressed by the second episode of Sherlock. To make up for this, the third episode should star Irene and there should be at least two scenes of her flirting with and winning over Watson's sister. After all the "we're not gay, we just love each other we're just flatmates," I think this would only be fair.
• The problem with list entries is I never want to stop. I just want to keep bullet pointing forever.

I think perhaps actual baking will happen much later tonight or tomorrow, because I am so tired only terrible things could come of me + kitchen equipment + fragile ingredients like eggs. Also: oven fires. They are not a thing I want.
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Things to attempt today:
• Cleaning out the car.
• Grocery run for experimental cookie ingredients.
• Create a successful recipe variant for mocha cookies.


Limited time offer:
If you are going to VVC and have any special food needs/allergies but want mocha cookies, let me know!

I'm making them in a kitchen that frequently uses nuts, meat (I'm a vegetarian; my family is not), and dairy products. Walnut allergies I can't get around because I guarantee there are going to be traces of it everywhere, though depending on time, I may make ones that are nut-free (and label the bag with warnings for trace nuts) if anyone just hates walnuts. (It is okay, walnut haters! That just leaves more walnuts for me.)

If anyone has any suggestions for dairy product variants, I am open to suggestion. Right now my thought is delicious rice or soy milk and vegan butter. I'm going to make caffeinated and decaf versions so I can send some to [personal profile] the_wanlorn. Anyone have any preferences between dark and milk chocolate? Also, how much apple sauce does one generally use to substitute for an egg? [eta: Found the information I was looking for! Though now I am intrigued by the idea of substituting tofu and/or soy yogurt. Probably best to stick with the apple sauce and baking powder, though.] (Fully vegan cookies may be doomed from the outset.)

Once I have recipes down, I'll probably make three or four different versions total, so I'll put up a post Monday-ish with the the most successful recipes to gauge interest. If there are no successful versions, you will all be happier in the end for my not bringing cookies to VVC after all.

Because there is no way that I will be able to eat all the experimental cookies, [personal profile] afniel, would you want the dubious fruits of my labor? I promise not to send any of the utterly failed experiments.

Anyone want to take odds on the likelihood of my attempting to murder a mixing bowl today and/or destroying the kitchen?


p.s. Am leaving for the grocery in maybe three hours.

p.p.s. If you're in the U.S. and would also like experimental cookies, I will totally send you some if there are any that don't cause death left after I make [personal profile] afniel's cookie care package. First come, first serve.
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An assortment of links (I have no energy for commentary):

Linkspam on Cornell University's Clitoriplasty on Intersex Children
Subscribing to certain tags on a community
a FREE e-cookbook [5 ingredients | 10 minutes] + how minimalist home cooking can help you
Community Standards, OH NO!
7th-Graders Discover Mysterious Cave on Mars
Obama internet 'kill switch' proposed & Senators propose granting president emergency Internet power

Anyone have more information on that last?


In a way, this cold is really not so bad. In my levels of sheer exhaustion, though, it kind of is.

Even though I haven't been writing as much in the evenings (see: exhaustion), I have the sneaking suspicion my Castiel/Dean mini bang is on the way to jumping tracks. Depending on how several things go, this fic may be the biggest tease ever.
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Color-blind racial ideology linked to racism, both online and offline.

Arizona Legalizes Racial Profiling, Sparks National Conversation on Immigration Law and Reform.


Arizone's Immigration Laws:
This provision legalizes the creation of two classes of people (immigrant and non) and criminalizes only one class for not carrying proof of its membership in that class. Does this ring any historical bells for anyone? Beyond becoming a "criminal" who has committed a "misdemeanour" (and, btw, being "convicted" for such a crime totally affects your immigration application), being unable to provide documentation disenfranchises you; it could even prevent you from accessing such basics as health care. This provision of the law renders one set of people invisible; it denies them access to the protections and human rights afforded members of the other class. It legalizes the dehumanization of a set of people who want to work to support their families and themselves.

"Yes I'm Gay, But..." A Homophobia SMACK-DOWN!

Icelandic woman plays ukulele to teach us how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull. [personal profile] lizfu, we were just discussing something about this.

reasons to watch NCIS: Los Angeles part 1 by [personal profile] copracat: Sam's smiles! Complete with awesome pictures.

Martha Jones Is a Big Damn Hero: "Smith & Jones" by [personal profile] arch is a character manifesto for Martha Jones, who rocked my world on Doctor Who, with some bonus Amy Pond love. In conclusion: Martha Jones ♥.


Some awesome things going on for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw:

RPF Comment Fic Meme.

[community profile] vulcanreforged has a kink meme.

[community profile] random_fic_is_random has a panfandom kink meme.

The June/Neal kink meme.

The Women of Psych, Leverage and White Collar Commentathon: Prompts Collection.

Transfic Mini Fest.

A Thousand (And One) Drabbles.

[community profile] callenhanna is running a 3, 2, 1 x100 writing challenge.

Merlin friending meme.

A cooking and baking friending meme.

Small Fandoms Friending Meme.

There are also a slew of contests and lotteries and sponsorships for getting points for paid account time )

More can found at [profile] three_weeks_of_dreamwidth or http://www.dreamwidth.org/latest?feed=threeweeks


Finally, a meme for 3WFDW:

What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about $foo I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?
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Exclusive Scoop: Season Six News About Supernatural Of all the many April Fool's jokes, I really wish this one were real.

A Small Reminder
Because I really, really want you to start giving a fuck about the systemic horrifying abuse faced by autistic people as well as disabled people in general.

[community profile] backtoschool now has up a matchmaker post for finding others for mutual pacts of desperation, a prompts post, and a Delicious account

Idaho Revises State Laws to Remove Ableist Language

I'm not a feminist (and there is no but)

via [community profile] access_fandom: "I Have Always Depended On The Kindness Of Strangers..."

Related to the above, [community profile] access_fandom's collection of United Airlines Fail links

Who owns a DW/LJ comm, and can LJ 'take away' your permanent account if you get too big? This is a really interesting discussion.

Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting

Castle: I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do - Why Castle Is Winning Us Over (meta by Helens) I especially love the sections on the women of Castle and on Ryan and Esposito.

On Original Content and Gray-Area Fanworks, in which the OTW clarifies.

These two [community profile] boilingwater posts seem like a great combination for warm days: drinks for when it's hot out (iced tea & iced coffee) and Chocolate ice cubes


I'm eyeing my next rec sets. Are y'all more interested in a mostly Castiel/Dean kink rec set or a mixed rec set?
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[community profile] thescottishpairing: "Is it Sam/Castiel related? Post it here! Fic, recs, art, vids, picspam, discussion, hilarious interviews, you name it, we'll take it." Castiel/Sam is a fun pairing, and this will be a fun comm! I am sharing modly duties, by which I mean I have been placed in charge of obsessing over the tagging.
[community profile] deancastiel: "A community for Dean/Castiel EVERYTHING - fics, pics, icons, vids, discussion, etc."
[community profile] genspn: "This is a gen comm for SPN that, all the same, welcomes every type of fandomer."
[community profile] supernatural_women: "This is a community to support the many reoccurring and one-shot female characters on the CW's Supernatural." Because Supernatural has awesome women!
[community profile] spn_bitesized: "A community for comment-sized Supernatural fanworks (fic, art, graphics, audio, and more)." I love flash fic/comment fic challenge comms and have really been looking forward to participating in another since my Hikago days.

Grab bag of fandoms:
[community profile] amplificathon: "The amplificathon is a place to post everything and anything podfic-related."
[community profile] dark_agenda: "This community is a place to offer resources in order to increase the representation of international, non-English, non-Western fandoms in multi-fandom fic, art and vid exchanges and festivals, as well as promote the responsible writing of characters of colour."
[community profile] thefemslashjob: "This is a community for Leverage related femslash." The world needs more Parker femslash.
[community profile] queerlygen: "A festival of gen works, because some of us are queer all day long."

Fandom of food:
[community profile] omnomnom: "A collection of yummy recipes and food."
[community profile] bakeitup: "Recipes, tips and photos of baked foods, both sweet and savory, and their accessories."
[community profile] boilingwater: "Cooking for beginners."
[community profile] vegetarian: "Vegetarian tips, recipe sharing, and community building"
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[livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon sign-ups have been extended through the 19th. I'd be interested, but a) I have too many plates in the air already and b) Remix Redux is soon. Instead I am going to keep an eye on it and happily throw myself at all the fic that is produced. I am curious about where to sign up for pinch hits, though. Something to poke at later.

[personal profile] polarisnorth has a rec post on [community profile] genspn full of awesome gen Supernatural goodness.

via [personal profile] entwashian: John Casey Presents: So You Want to Be a Deadly Spy?

Sweet Charity is having one last go-round. Sign-ups are open through April 7th. Another thing I'm not likely to sign up for, though I will probably bid on amazing, amazing things.

Kinda Busy by [livejournal.com profile] yeats is the Honey B/Gaga fic of MY HEART.


For those wondering, yes, I'm feeling a lot better now, and yes, embarrassment totally won out over misery. I'm still under the weather and am unlikely to be able to visit [personal profile] omnipresentdmat tomorrow, but I am so much better than before.

To celebrate, have the laziest of soup recipes )

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