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How excited am I for drafts, scheduled updates, and the new update page? Very.


Normally I would post this locked, but I would appreciate anyone's input. For those of you who have been/are on Loestrin, how bad were the side effects for you? If you experienced terrible and ongoing nausea, did it eventually fade? If you experienced daily mild to blinding headaches, did those eventually fade? If you experienced occasional cramps, did those eventually stop?

For anyone wandering through who might suggest stopping taking hormonal b.c. and using a different means of b.c. instead (or, as my brother would put it, "Why are you even on it?")--it's for ongoing medical reasons. Preventing accidental passing on of genes is not really a concern for a woman who only dates other women. *wry smile*


On that note, I think I am back up for a while. Maybe in a bit I will try taking some aspirin and trying sleep again, but at the moment it seems unlikely. Anyone online?


P.S. Just found #airplanes. Dying of laughter. How is [personal profile] shirozora so awesome? (JET WINGS.)
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Dreamwidth is going to have tag merge on the next code push. \o/

Dreamwidth's point transfer tool is live now, and the 10% points bonus sale is ongoing through May 7th.

The state of the coffers in [site community profile] dw_biz has a poll by the management on account use and what users would pay for. It has the question "A bound-book version of your journal (with or without comments included)?" to which my reaction is "!!!! IS THAT POSSIBLE?" and general happy flailing.

Also mentioned in that post: "[staff profile] mark is working on cross-site friends page reading as his primary development priority right now and estimates sometime in June." CROSS-SITE FRIENDS PAGE READING. IN JUNE. Even capslock cannot convey my excitement.


Links culled mostly from dreamroll and network, I think (most of these are not at all that old, but my memory is shot today):

Elton John's letter to Ryan White, 20 years after his death from AIDS

I Am Not – Your Hipster Punchline

Writing My Own

The Story of the After, an interview with Swati Avasthi about her novel, Split, which I've previously reviewed and highly recommend. It's out in bookstores now!

I think ABC Suspects We’re All Terrorists, on ABC's decision to not run Lane Bryant's lingerie commercial during Dancing with the Stars, complete with picspam.

New Fanfiction Policy, in which Jim Butcher is awesome, but sadly lying about ponies and ice cream for everyone.

PSA: Breach of Online Privacy, in which creepiness abounds and Spokeo lets stalkers know where I live if they know my e-mail address. As someone who had an actual internet stalker in high school, this creeps me out and angers me on so many levels.

picspam! cute animals by [personal profile] green. It is all the cute you need in your day and more.

two recs:

I've already talked about how awesome [personal profile] fan_eunice's current Doctor Who vid project is, but I really, really have to specifically rec Can You See The Lights. The thing about this season of Doctor Who is that I love the characters, but I was pretty sure I didn't (and wouldn't) ship any of them. I saw hints of Amy/Doctor/River and Amy/River in the last couple episodes, but it wasn't until I saw this vid that I went, "Okay, I am totally on board now." This vid takes those hints and spotlights them in all their shiny glory and makes you (me) see how absolutely amazing it could be.

[personal profile] lunarwolfik wrote Knives and Enemies Rarely Mix (Especially in a Dark Alley), which is Anna/Ruby knifeplay, omg. How much do I love The Supernatural and CWRPF Kink Meme and [personal profile] lunarwolfik? A LOT.
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Color-blind racial ideology linked to racism, both online and offline.

Arizona Legalizes Racial Profiling, Sparks National Conversation on Immigration Law and Reform.


Arizone's Immigration Laws:
This provision legalizes the creation of two classes of people (immigrant and non) and criminalizes only one class for not carrying proof of its membership in that class. Does this ring any historical bells for anyone? Beyond becoming a "criminal" who has committed a "misdemeanour" (and, btw, being "convicted" for such a crime totally affects your immigration application), being unable to provide documentation disenfranchises you; it could even prevent you from accessing such basics as health care. This provision of the law renders one set of people invisible; it denies them access to the protections and human rights afforded members of the other class. It legalizes the dehumanization of a set of people who want to work to support their families and themselves.

"Yes I'm Gay, But..." A Homophobia SMACK-DOWN!

Icelandic woman plays ukulele to teach us how to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull. [personal profile] lizfu, we were just discussing something about this.

reasons to watch NCIS: Los Angeles part 1 by [personal profile] copracat: Sam's smiles! Complete with awesome pictures.

Martha Jones Is a Big Damn Hero: "Smith & Jones" by [personal profile] arch is a character manifesto for Martha Jones, who rocked my world on Doctor Who, with some bonus Amy Pond love. In conclusion: Martha Jones ♥.


Some awesome things going on for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw:

RPF Comment Fic Meme.

[community profile] vulcanreforged has a kink meme.

[community profile] random_fic_is_random has a panfandom kink meme.

The June/Neal kink meme.

The Women of Psych, Leverage and White Collar Commentathon: Prompts Collection.

Transfic Mini Fest.

A Thousand (And One) Drabbles.

[community profile] callenhanna is running a 3, 2, 1 x100 writing challenge.

Merlin friending meme.

A cooking and baking friending meme.

Small Fandoms Friending Meme.

There are also a slew of contests and lotteries and sponsorships for getting points for paid account time )

More can found at [profile] three_weeks_of_dreamwidth or http://www.dreamwidth.org/latest?feed=threeweeks


Finally, a meme for 3WFDW:

What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about $foo I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?
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I don't know what I've done to my left knee (past, well, our previous rocky history), but it is being even more hateful than usual.

Have a bunch of links:

Neil Gaiman's GRAVE ERROR Links (credit: Kynn) (LJ), a link round-up by [livejournal.com profile] ithiliana of the many reasons why I'm done with Neil Gaiman.

interesting. no, wait, the other thing: tedious. by [personal profile] ciderpress, in which [personal profile] ciderpress lays out some really good points on Glee, white privilege, and hipster racism.
This is what happens when people steeped in white privilege make jokes about racism with the victims of racism, rather than the racists, the butt of the jokes. This is why people steeped in white privilege don't really know how to make "jokes" about race that non-white/chromatic/poc think are funny. This is what happens when apologists try to wave away critique of race issues in real life, in entertainment and pretend there isn't a problem, pretend it doesn't contribute to society, to culture, to our every day lives. Racist speech in the guise of jokes becomes okay. Racism becomes okay, racism becomes normal, ordinary.

[community profile] tenwomen looks incredibly cool. "The Challenge: produce 10 creative works (via writing, fanart, vidding, or any other medium) in which the central main or narrative character identifies as female." I think I could at the very least make half that, with my next Ruby project, finishing that Devil Wears Prada fic, the Jordan Todd on vacation with the BAU femslash I started as a drabble for [community profile] dark_agenda (which, yeah, dropped the ball there), the yearly Juliet femslash, and one or two other things I have lying around. A year is a very long time! It is definitely a possibility.

How excited am I about Going Postal? Very! I saw someone else comment on the general weirdness and disconnect of a blond Vetinari, but if that's the only thing that doesn't match for me, I will be one very happy penguin indeed.

I keep shuffling this around in my recs drafts, but really, you should all experience it as it's happening: [personal profile] fan_eunice has an amazing vid project in which she posts her episode review every week in vid form. Victory of the Daleks is my favorite so far, but they are all epic.

There is a Disney Kink meme (LJ).

The Politics of Hit Girl: if nothing else, I agree with this reviewer that I would be all over the next Kick Ass movie if it were Hit Girl. Seriously, I could've watched a whole movie about her.

Blogging Against Disablism Day will be on 1st May, 2010

RPF Comment Fic meme. I am always so happy when the comment fic memes come over to Dreamwidth so that the fic I am writing or reading can usually be held in one nice long comment rather than split into eleven parts. \o/

What to do with Dreamwidth: a list of tutorials and information by [personal profile] stepps. This is really, really cool.

I've seen often linked with it [personal profile] coffeeandink's How to Move from LJ to Dreamwidth in Six Easy Steps. I still have four codes if anyone wants them.

On the note of Dreamwidth being awesome, comm import is in the works now that OpenID accounts can be members of comms. Eee.

I moved [livejournal.com profile] tuesdayfic over to Dreamwidth as [personal profile] tuesdayficarchived. All new fic is still going to [community profile] tuesdayfic and [archiveofourown.org profile] tuesday. (I'm still in love with Dreamwidth's user name tagging. Is it obvious?)
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[community profile] backtoschool has sign-ups open through May 20th. If you are into Supernatural or Supernatural RPF and want to play, we bid you welcome! Fic, art, vids, and fanmixes, and gen, femslash, slash, and het are all encouraged. A note: university AU does not have to mean always human AU, for those of you who want your angels to be angels and your hunters to be college students (or whatever other awesome ideas you might have). We even have a spiffy banner made by the unparalleled [personal profile] shirozora, our more talented mod:

[community profile] spn_bitesized this week is hosting a Women of Supernatural round. There is one prompt I am already eyeing with intent. And by one, I mean many.

[personal profile] bessemerprocess made an amazing mini mix to accompany that fantastic Garcia/Morgan/Reid fic Stepping Stones she wrote me for last Three Ships.

Sweet Charity is over, and this round I failed to win anything. I had my heart set on [personal profile] vanitashaze and Ruby fic, but yahoo decided I did not need to get my "you've been overbid" notifications in a timely fashion and put them in my spam box instead. This is my sad face. On the other hand, people pledged US $4,662.50, which means time to commence with the Paul Gross arms of glee. \o/

How to scare your dragon: When I watched How to Train Your Dragon with [personal profile] lizfu, I commented that Toothless was like if Stitch and a cat had adorable babies. Apparently I wasn't the only one with Stitch on the brain, because this amazing art has Stitch and Toothless upon first meeting. Eeee.

The cost of art by [livejournal.com profile] fiction_theory:
For the record, I believe that ethics and artistry not only do go hand and hand but when divorced create nothing but monstrosity.

via [personal profile] zvi: so you wanna move to dreamwidth? complete with codes for people who are interested. I agree with all of these reasons. :D

also via [personal profile] zvi: These are a few of my Favorite Things, which yes, a lot of these are my favorite, too!

[community profile] spn_dreamwidth is the Supernatural newsletter that covers all the SPN content on Dreamwidth. I am so glad it exists, because I was halfway tempted to make one of my own, and y'all know I already am too involved in fandom organizational stuff at the moment. If you produce SPN content on DW and aren't already watched by their aggregate journal, you should drop them a comment.

Because I commented positively on [community profile] fangasmic's name change, I do want to point out also that I am not wholly impressed with their point/counterpoint post in which given equal weight and airtime is the following:
To say I hated this decision would be putting it lightly. I resisted this move because it feels like we are betraying one of the fundamental reasons we wanted to launch this project to begin with; fandom is so preoccupied with never offending anybody that attempts to have a discussion oftentimes are smothered from lack of oxygen or blow up; I wanted us to be different. If we were going to give in on something as basic as our site name, what was next?

One of the fundamental reasons was so that people could have a place for unexamined privilege? Because we don't already have enough of that? Really? Y'all that are joining, have fun, but I think I'm sticking with my own tiny nooks of fandom.


I've not really been replying to very much lately, because the past few days I've been ridiculously grouchy except for when I saw [personal profile] lizfu and had a wonderful picnic in the park eating tomato soup and a delicious sandwich and sipping an amazing mango smoothie. Reading Changes didn't really help my mood. (Review to come later.)

I'm not going on hiatus, but I am going to continue paring back my interactions outside my comms, journals, and fandom responsibilities for the moment. I'm sure I'll be back to chipper sunshine in a few days.


This is a long shot, but: is anyone else out there allergic to a ridiculous amount of soaps/body washes? If so, what hypoallergenic (or even non-hypoallergenic) soaps/body washes are you doing well with? What face scrubs? I'm good on shampoos, but I think my run with Pure & Natural's hypoallergenic mango butter and vanilla seed is coming to an end, and St. Ives's new Elements olive scrub seems to have been doomed from the start. It could also be my allergy to my cat ratcheting up again, but I am very much hoping that is not the case.
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Appeals Court Throttles FCC’s Net Neutrality Authority

[community profile] fangasmic will be changing its name to fangasmic. It's nice to see when a comm's response to having a problem pointed out is to do their best to fix that problem. Mostly, though, I want to note: how awesome is it that even though rename tokens aren't yet available, DW site admin are ready and willing to make the change manually?

Sign-ups for [community profile] ladiesbigbang are open through April 30.

Patents On Breast Cancer Genes Ruled Invalid In ACLU/PubPat Case

For anyone interested, Sweet Charity still has sign-ups through the tenth, unlike previous years, in which sign-ups closed before the auction started. (The auction itself is open through the eleventh.)

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