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Yuletide brought me a delightful Dwarf Fortress fic, Earthseer, Diamondsea. Summary: "A new day dawns on the newest outpost of the dwarven fortress of Idbërûl. Of course, it's only a matter of time before misfortune falls upon Reg Dorenallas and his companions..." Because of course this is Dwarf Fortress, and any other outcome just wouldn't be Fun. *grin*

If you're familiar with DF, you should definitely check it out!

And if you're not familiar with Dwarf Fortress, you should give it a shot, then check out my gift fic. I should note the fic itself has spoilers if you've not reached that game aspect, but then again, maybe you're like me and enjoy reading the wiki and forums to read about all the adventures your fortresses fail too soon to reach. (Stupid massive rampaging skeletal goats and tantrum spirals from everyone's horror at accidental baby shields and troglodytes trying to make homes in the living room.) (Seriously, though, it is an awesome game and a great fic.)


I am down in FL again, as per my mum and my holiday tradition. It is a nice, laidback time as per usual, even with my allergies going haywire. Apparently I am missing a blizzard, but at least there will be plenty of snow left to return to.

Has anyone been to the new Fantasyland? We are planning on checking it out on either Friday or Saturday depending on the second snowstorm forecasts, but I'm curious if there's anything in particular we should experience or keep an eye out for. My excitement is reaching pretty epic levels over this.

Sure, Disney may be full of shameless capitalism and consumerism, but it is also full of happiness to try to keep you and your money coming back. Also, there is nothing like seeing tiny children make :O faces of delighted amazement and remember seeing the same on your siblings' faces at that age.


I hope you are all having a delightful Boxing Day! How goes your week?
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Hi! I know, I know, I never call, I never write, I am basically a terrible imaginary girlfriend for those of you who like to think of me as such. (Just don't tell my actual girlfriend. *grin*)

Right now I am in the very sunny, ridiculously hot state of Florida at Disney World for a late celebration of my 25th birthday. My mum said she wanted to take me anywhere I wanted to go for my birthday as my birthday present, and because I am perpetually five at heart, of course I wanted to go here. And then because I am also a lover of great deals and saving money, I didn't go on my birthday itself, because I could save 40% on our stay. If you like visiting Disney and saving money, I would seriously recommend giving them your e-mail.

ANYWAY. More about Disney after the real reason for this post, which is that the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] kalakirya made a pod fic of The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester (link goes to LJ). The pod fic is also available at the audiofic archive.

I cannot express my excitement and glee. I am sure it is the most amazing thing that will ever grace your ears. Sadly, I can't listen to it myself until I return home, but eee, so much excitement.

Between that and all of the fun at Disney, I am having the best vacation ever. We've seen a flock of seven ducklings and their mama hanging out in a pool, deftly avoiding the two small children trying to catch them, several corvids bathing and playing in water, amazingly fun changes made to the Haunted Mansion, a few parades and a show, Fast Five at the Disney Downtown AMC, a group of small children on a pirate ship pretending to be searching for treasure, and tons of other great things. This is the vacation I finally learn to take it slow. I've brought my cane and am taking frequent breaks (this is one of them, during which I have commandeered my mum's laptop while she is out doing things), and we're pacing ourselves. I've done a lot less than usual, but I can't begin to tell you how great a time I'm having.

With any luck, once I return, I won't be too tired or broken down and will have many more stories to tell you. I may even finally break this radio silence I've fallen into for good. At the very least, I'll take care of the modly duties I've been remiss in and appoint some new mods at the comms I run alone.

I hope y'all have even half as good a week as I am currently. ♥
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The last two days I'll write up after I'm home. We have a character breakfast tomorrow, and the flight home in the afternoon. This time we have one layover, so we won't arrive home until sometime after midnight.

My means of coping with flying tomorrow is to see if two Mai Tais will help me sleep. I'll, uh, let y'all know how that turns out.

Overall, Disney has been magical and excellent, even with the occasional injury or person who hasn't paid attention to what they've been doing and run either me or my mom over. Seriously, people here are not very careful. But it's all worth it! The rides, the atmosphere, the couples of all sexualities, the baby animals at Animal Kingdom, the delicious vegetarian options--it is definitely a good time.
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Today we mostly took a day in. Mom has blisters, and my bad knee is bothering me, plus we are both sunburned. (Better Than Ezra was so worth it.)

Hollywood Studios was not as magical as I remembered it. The Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground was not the giant maze I remembered it as, likely on account of my being three times as tall as I was last time. After hitting my already bad and injured knee on the slide on the way down, I gave it up as something to stay fondly in memories.

Because we entered the park much later in the day to avoid as much as we could of the sun and let Mom's blisters heal up, there were pretty much no lines. Unfortunately, of the rides I was interested in, only Star Tours was open. After enjoying that and spending a lot of time staring covetously around the Star Wars gift shop, we went to the Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater Diner.

The diner got a B+ on atmosphere. It was very 50s style and there was a huge movie screen at the front that aired old trailers, commercials, and cartoons. Unfortunately, this being old, old sci-fi, there were all sorts of interestingly faily things being shown, such that even my mother, who tends to be oblivious to this sort of thing, came out going, "Wow, those were really, really sexist, weren't they?"

The food was mostly terrible. The smell and taste of my pasta nearly made me sick, and Mom didn't enjoy hers either. If you do go to this diner, go only for their apple crumble or for their soda with flavor shots of cherry and vanilla. Or the service! Our server was adorable and brought out Mom's apple crumble with a candle in, then sang happy birthday to her, all without my having made any arrangements. Unfortunately, even with such service, I doubt we will ever go back

Overall, today has been a slow day. Tomorrow, we have a very early breakfast (8 p.m., so we will have to get up at 6 p.m. to be ready and take the bus there on time) and a return to Epcot! I'm very much looking forward to it.
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I think the subject line will tell you everything you need to know about today.

If you would like details )


Okay, I guess other stuff happened today, too: Epcot food & activity details )

And now, as you can probably tell by the rambling and the off beat humor, I am exhausted and should head for bed. We were informed by a cafe worker that it's been twenty degrees (F) higher than usual for this time of year. So yeah, while you are jealous of me, know that if it's anything below ninety where you are, I envy you. Well, except when it comes to this guitar pick I am keeping forever. *grin*
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The plane landed safely! I also managed several pages of Chuck fic, though they were almost entirely re-writes. Necessary re-writes, though, so whoo.

Orlando is hot. I realize that this is obvious, but this is Fall and it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon. It is ridiculously hot. [personal profile] dhobikikutti, I will trade you weather.

A fun thing about it being so hot is that when we went into rides a cool wash of air enveloped us like a most fantastic hug. When we walked into the Pirates Ride, the people behind us were making equally delighted noises to my own.

So far we haven't done much, but it has been a fantastic sort of low level activity. When we checked in, we were given pins to wear to alert park and resort staff to my mother's birthday. She's planning to wear it all six days (a day for each decade, though I did not actually say that to her face; no one so far has immediately believed her when she's actually told what birthday this one is, though one guy did totally believe her when she joked it was her fortieth). So far she's pretty sure she's going to get more "Happy Birthday"s than every previous year combined. :D

We took a break for the middle of the day and its terrible, terrible heat to nap, and when we got up for Magic Kingdom, all of the major rides had pretty much no lines. We waited longer for the spinning teacups than for Pirates or Haunted Mansion. Some sort of strange Disney magic serendipity seemed to envelope us, and each time we walked into a ride's line, the line was moving such that we made it onto the ride within sixty seconds of entering the line. In two cases, the wait was not so much a wait as the length of time it took us to reach the ride itself.

One change I really love to Pirates from the Pirates of my childhood is that some of the rape overtones have been taken out. There's still the "wife" auction scene, but the scene in which two attractive women were chased by pirates and one chubby, matronly woman chased a pirate (so much wrong to unpack) was changed to all three women arming up and chasing the pirates out of their homes.

After Pirates, we wandered over to Tony's Restaurant (based off of the one in The Lady and the Tramp). I'd made reservations, so we were seated within five minutes. Envy my organizing skills. With our dining plan, dinner included a drink, an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. I managed my drink, part of my appetizer, three bites of my entree, and a bite of my dessert. The vegetable lasagna was delicious, and the tiramisu was delightful, but I really couldn't manage more. Unfortunately, the lasagna toppled free of its box on the way out of the park and took the tiramisu with it, so my decision to try grazing upon return to the resort was quite literally taken out my hands. I would definitely recommend Tony's if you are ever in Magic Kingdom. For an appetizer, try the garlic cheese bread or the zucchini sticks, but understand that unless you are secretly nursing a parasite or black hole in your stomach, you will not be able to manage it all.

Tomorrow is Epcot and the first of the two concerts. We are going to bed early and getting up for the local food court, which has French toast on offer for breakfast.

Thus far, Disney is just as magical as my childhood memories of it.
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You can tell my insomnia has been ramping up by this being the third post. What I haven't mentioned yet is why, which is DISNEYWORLD. It's my mother's sixthieth birthday, and I am going with her. We'll be doing a character breakfast (LILO & STITCH), catching a concert (BETTER THAN EZRA), and spending a day at every park but the water parks.

Of course, this means I will be on a plane. For everyone that has forgotten, to get an idea of me in a plane, picture STXI Bones on that first shuttle ride talking about danger and darkness wrapped in silence and despair or whatever and multiply it by 100000000000x amounts of distress. I only wish I were joking.

This is where maybe you can help me! [personal profile] charlieblue is already sending me lots and lots of awesome links to vids for my iPod, but I would love more! If you have any recs or vids you think I may forget, please point me that way. A panic attack is kind of inevitable, but I would love to have some sort of distraction to stave it off as long as possible. For as long as my iPod battery holds up, at least.

Help me flist wan kenobi. You're my only hope.

p.s. Comments about how awesome my mom is and how much you hate me are also acceptable. I mean, DISNEYWORLD.

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