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Before anything else of note tomorrow (today), I am going to finally give in and buy sleepphones. Yes, crickets, ILU, too, but I would love you more if I could sleep. I'm not placing all of the blame on you! (A lot of it is me!) Just enough of it that I am finally willing to spend the money.


I am probably going to end up finishing my Casfest at VVC. This is a terrible idea, but I know it's what's likely to actually happen.

My one act of responsibility is this attempt to line up a beta now rather than at the last minute: is anyone willing to beta what is likely going to end a gen (with hints of het? maybe? I am still working out the kinks on this part) Castiel fic on the seventh with turnaround by the eighth? The last day of posting is travel and no internet access for me.


Speaking of VVC and Chicago, [personal profile] lizfu, do you know what you want to do after the Field Museum on Monday, before we head home?

I am thinking any of the following: aquarium, planetarium, wandering around the park, delicious chocolate things off the Magnificent Mile (the place begins with a G? I think?), cheesecake at Eli's, Mitsuwa, amazing Chicago pizza, lots of cappucino at any of a dozen places, the Museum of Science and Industry, staring at the lake.

Feel free to shoot down any of those/suggest your own. We can also do any of those, depending on what time we get in, on Thursday before the cupcake run.


The thing I dislike about houses is they make settling sounds in the night, leaving you to wonder if that was a footstep on a creaking board, or just the house, playing games with your very tired mind. Not cool, house. Not cool.


Tell me about your day! Mine was surprisingly, ridiculously fabulous after I got the first three quarters over with. *waves hands happily*

And now to poke at the internet while considering the futility of another attempt at sleep.
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I am horribly irresponsible and have only just finished my Psych lgbtfest. It's a Gus pov Gus/Shawn fic for the prompt "Gus has always both admired and been annoyed by Shawn's casual bisexuality." It's PG-13 and roughly 2300 words. It's also due tomorrow. Refer back to: I am horribly irresponsible.

Any takers?

ETA: Taken! Blue is the best!
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So, uh, I may have inadvertently lied when I told [personal profile] grey_bard I would write her tiny!fic as her prize, by which I mean I have a 7,000+ words of post-finale fic that is Castiel/Dean, Becky/Chuck, and (somewhat) Lucifer/Sam, with past Dean/Lisa. It's extremely cracky and has tons of spoilers for the entire series.

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Anyone want to look over a 5x17 episode tag for me? It is 1700 words, Castiel/Dean, NC-17 like whoa, and will be hit with my "unhappily ever after" tag when posting. Tentative title is "The Wake and the War Drums."

beta search

Apr. 8th, 2010 09:02 pm
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I'm about to finish up a 1500-2000 words Gus/Shawn fic in the next half hour or so. Anyone willing to beta? (And I don't know if she'd offer, but not [personal profile] aithine for reasons that will soon become apparent.)

Why, yes, I am working on those prompts I took over my birthday weekend. Sadly, I continue to fail at the less than 1,000 words definition of flash fic. *facepalm*

eta: I have someone on it! \o/
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[community profile] purimgifts is open! A comprehensive list of day one's bookmarks is there.


In other things, "Cas + Dean 4Ever" (also known as: diary fic) is 9600 words and almost--not quite--finished. FML. I figure [personal profile] jmtorres will probably be interested (all of the best interlude lines belong to her), but is there anyone else who would be interested in betaing what will likely be a roughly 10,000 word Dean/Castiel Ruby/Sam fic that is full of crack and porn and set during season four?

Premise: A prank goes terribly, gloriously wrong.

BB fandomers, I love you, but this fic is not for you.

I'm not even kidding about the porn.
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Going through my Fakenews works in progress folder to finally share all the abandoned ones with [personal profile] bessemerprocess (I promise I am working on that, Henry), I discovered a fic which is . . . finished. But which I don't remember having ever posted. I've looked pretty much everywhere and can't find it on the internets. So this is a two part request.

One: Anyone familiar with my Fakenews fic who believes they would recognize this if they'd seen it before, mind taking a look and confirming this with me?

Two: If this is a (sort of) new fic, anyone willing to do a quick beta? It's a very small (1,000 words) J/S fic.

Apparently this was posted in an OT on fnff, I never linked it anywhere, never posted it in my fic journal, and forgot to even move it into the finished folder. *facepalm* Posting it soon.
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Anyone interested in betaing a Criminal Minds/Psych AU fic for Death Bingo's amnesty period? It has an emphasis on Psych and Gus and is 1,700 words.
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In the past forty minutes or so, while staring at all the other stuff I should be working on and angsting over the fact that I've written only a couple hundred words of the original fic that I'm hoping will eventually turn itself into the semi-epic story I know it could be, I somehow . . . wrote 1200 words of Chuck fic for 'Take A Sad Song and Make It Better' Fest.

It's Bryce/Sarah and a bit Bryce/Chuck and a bit Chuck/Sarah (and a teensy bit Bryce/Chuck/Sarah). Anyone interested in looking it over briefly and making sure it actually makes sense?

All comments set to Dreamwidth for convenience. eta: Never mind, I can never decide. *changes*

(Real post to come sometime later.)

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