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In the end, I wrote four stories for Yuletide, including two pinch hits and one Treat.

All the Queen's Men (Johnno/Tony/Franz): Eton boys, top secret missions, and recreating Tony's Germany of the 30's.

Chuck vs. Bowling, Drugs, and the Unexpected Romance
Chuck (Chuck/Casey): The life of the world's only functional Intersect holds a number of problems and unexpected adventures. Chuck can deal with everything but the bowling.

On the Merits of Patience
Temeraire: On the journey to the New South Wales Colony, Temeraire must remind himself of the merits of patience.

Clover (Ran/Gingetsu): It's a long night, and Ran welcomes it.

Some musings about the fic, fandoms, and my Yuletide experience this year:

One of the most difficult things this year was not immediately falling all over my original recipient after reading her Yuletide letter, because she talked queer identity to me. She had me at hello. *waves hands* So "Anticlockwise" is very much written for her, and probably a bit difficult to parse if you've not watched the film.

I also tried something new, by both threading the clocks theme of the movie through the fic, and making twelve short scenes like each hour. Attempting to do a reverse chronology (counter-clockwise/anticlockwise) was somewhat of a failed attempt, however, and I think the fic came out better this way, not quite in order.

"Chuck vs. Bowling" was my first ever claimed pinch hit from the list. Elynross's e-mail went to my spam box, however, so I tried to claim another one or two before I saw I'd actually caught one. *grin*

I blame [personal profile] entwashian and [personal profile] jmtorres for how much fun I had with this one. At some point, I'm going to have to write another Chuck/Casey fic, because I had all of these ideas (Casey is apparently a lot of fun to write as a romantic interest), but [personal profile] jmtorres quite rightly pointed out that I only had so much time and as a pinch hit, it was important to not be too ambitious and actually finish it. This Yuletide proved, at least, that I could write something in Chuck fandom that was not focused on Chuck/Bryce in any way. Not that that stopped me from sneaking in a little Bryce/Sarah on the edges.

"On the Merits of Patience" was actually the last thing I wrote, a very last minute pinch hit. It's my first (and maybe only) Temeraire fic, and I actually had quite a bit of fun writing it when I was not panicking over the deadline. I think I was flagging down everyone I knew who'd been online and knew anything about Temeraire to ask them questions. I'd actually forgotten Laurence had already read some of Laplace to Temeraire, as someone pointed out to me; I'd chosen him because Wikipedia was my friend for important mathematicians publishing at the time. Even though I wrote in an accidental romance (between dragons!), the important thing for me in the fic is, as ever, Temeraire's relationship with Laurence.

Though I wish I'd realized at the time that everyone was going to write fabulous fic about the journey to Australia.

"Fleeting" was actually finished right before I snagged my last pinch hit off the Yuletide chat. I actually had something like seventy tabs open for requests practically begging for Treats, but I couldn't resist writing in a Clamp fandom for a second year. This may have become something of a tradition. We'll see what next year holds.

Three of my four Yuletide betas were found by Hippos in the Yuletide chat this year, and I think I betaed four fic through the same method (and volunteered for more). My biggest changes this year were hanging out in chat (highly recommended), pinch hitting, and making an attempt at the Yuletide Treats. Overall, it was an excellent experience, and if next year I am free around Yuletide season, I will try to do it all over again.

For those of you who participated, how did your Yuletide experiences go?

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