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Server load is such that I can't respond to anything, and I really do need to head to bed, but here, have three insta-recs!

Further Adventures of Coraline (and Wybie, Too)
I got my Wybourne fic! This was the one I wanted most while staring at that mystery sign, telling myself I would be happy with whatever I received and yet whispering to myself, "Be Wybourne fic. Be Wybourne fic." And my Yuletide wish came true! *twirls*

I have already thrown it at [personal profile] lizfu, but I advise the rest of you to go read it, too! Wybourne has a cold, but that does not stop him from having ADVENTURES.

Of Sick Days And Star Trek Marathons
It is Stanford era Chuck/Bryce! Fic of their college days! Also, I think y'all are stalking my health entries or something, because this is the second fic wherein my favorite character contracts a cold. Fortunately, I am mostly over mine, but if I weren't, I would totally want a Chuck to bring me soup and tell me to watch Star Trek.

Applied Problem Solving
More Chuck/Bryce! So much wanting and so much having! I am totally blessed with extra fic this year. This one is an AU wherein Bryce is Chuck's handler. Let me repeat that: BRYCE IS CHUCK'S HANDLER. After reading the first scene, I had to stop and shriek at [personal profile] jmtorres in chat for a moment. It is that awesome.

And now, it is time for me to sleep. Don't kill the servers while I'm gone. *grin*
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