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I've slowly continued my experiments with trying all of the scents, though I've done better with the documentation as I go than actually posting the results. Here are three more, with three more to be posted at some point in the future, plus an eventual post on blending the RPG series. (A preview to that latter post: they are much better blended as intended than stand alone.)

Nuclear Winter 2013 )

Picture Books in Winter )

Tokyo Stomp )

Overall, it was fun trying this batch, but I don't believe I'll be wearing them again any time soon.
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It being my birthday soon, and Dreamwidth treacherously discussing the joys of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I decided that this was it, this was the year. Allergies to most commercial perfumes or no, I was going to buy all the smells and wear them. Congratulations, you may share in my journey.

Experience with scents previous to this: almost none, excepting coughing, headaches, sneezing, and awful burning if applied to skin. Previous to today, I was proud owner of two tiny bottles I bought at my local yearly 1812 battle reenactment fair, both of which contained sandalwood, alcohol, and Mystery Substances I was fortunately not allergic to.

Having bought approximately a bajillion scents, this is going to be a series.

Experiment one: Dragon's Eye )

Experiment two: Blood Pearl )

Experiment three: Endymion )

Later this afternoon, or perhaps tomorrow, I expect to have more documentation of these new (to me) and exciting experiments.
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[livejournal.com profile] chilayse's tiny netbook is adorable, though the tiny keyboard is a bit difficult to use.

[profile] besssemerprocess was fab and an amazing host. Her husband fed me amazing foodstuffs, and she showed me lots of excellent Criminal Minds, though some of it broke my heart into tiny, tiny pieces. Her cats were adorable (Tucker has the biggest eyes I've ever seen!) and all of them took advantage of my willingness to pet them, though the dog was quite adamant that I pet her, too. hb's house in general was full of awesome, and y'all should envy her her Fall office view. It was all trees and hills and gorgeousness.


During the first night of my stay, we watched the series premiere of White Collar! To put it succinctly: I loved it.To put it succinctly: I loved it.

In more, very spoilery detail )

My reaction can also be summed up in emoticons as :D :D :D :D :D

Yes, FIVE SMILIES. That is what this episode gets. If it keeps this level of awesome and I get lots more of Caffrey and the show ups the probie agent content, I will be happy as a clam. Happier, really, as I am not much for the ocean or sand.

Anyone else watching White Collar?


In other things, I still hurt. I suppose I will try to catch up on my lists until that goes away a little more.
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Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to see [personal profile] bessemerprocess, then going from her place to see a really good friend from college. This weekend is going to involve lots and lots of travel each day, but it will totally be worth it. This weekend is also White Collar! So basically I am a bundle of excitement for all of that.

I told a couple of people I would write up a review of the movie Coraline, which I recently saw with [personal profile] lizfu. Non-spoilery version is that overall, I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would, really liked the animation style, and was both happy at the inclusion of Wyborne (and his grandmother and great-aunt) and also horrified by a few faily things I don't think the creators thought through.

Herein lies the actual review with spoilers )

If I watched this film again, I would watch it for the animation and for Wyborne. It being Yuletide season, I actually am considering checking if it's nominated, because there really needs to be fic of Wyborne and his grandmother out there in the world, being awesome.
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Split is a story of domestic abuse, the cycle of that abuse, and the complexities of escape versus abandonment. It asks hard questions about redemption, about family, about how much is too much, and it provides few, if any, easy answers.

Split begins with Jace Witherspoon showing up unexpectedly at his brother's apartment. He has a little cash, a lot of hurts, and a number of secrets. But the novel isn't solely about Jace. Equally important to the story is his brother, Christian, who fled their father's abuse years ago and is intent on building a safe haven as far away from that as possible. The story revolves around their relationship and navigating the fall-out of abuse.

Review continued )

This is a definite recommendation.

While it's not currently available, it is available for pre-order.

For more reviews (or to see how to get in on this amazing book review action), check out [personal profile] deepad's post here.

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