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This year has been kind of ridiculous for managing anything fannish whatsoever past that tiny bit of Homestuck fan art. And no, tumblr did not eat me - I haven't been updating there, either. /o\


Some vague life update stuff:

-I took a class and maybe now I will have a new career! It is an exciting possibility, and I am looking forward to change.

-My health has continued to be weird, but I promise I will update y'all if I ever get answers past, "Do this new thing, and then come back to give us more blood to test. [rinse, repeat.]" On the plus side, even if we never figure it out, at worst I'll be stuck with discomfort and/or inconvenience only occasionally. Yay?

-My mum is finally recovering from her major surgery! This is pretty neat, as it means she can finally leave the house for short periods without my following after her like an overly concerned mama hen worried her baby chick's going to trip and need to go back to the hospital for more surgery. Also, my mum finally gets her dog back, even if he must now adjust to the weirdness of coming to me for all his needs.

-I finally have my main computer back! It took a great deal of effort not to cling to and cuddle it, crooning softly, "Never leave me," and generally act like a total creeper to a piece of hardware. There is just something about one's main desktop that cannot be replaced.


Some fannish stuff:

-I am totally failing at doing a NYR for my original Yuletide assignment and am resigned to just never finishing this story. Do any of y'all have a story prompt you saw (all those months ago) and secretly thought, "I hope Tuesday is assigned *that*"? Or maybe you want to take this opportunity to scrawl through that huge, awesome spreadsheet and convince me to write [insert fandom here]? Seriously, I am no good with spreadsheets and am just making sad, desperate faces at google docs and hoping someone will swoop in to save me.

-I seriously wavered over whether to do Five Days of Tuesday this year (obviously that did not happen) and realized I have tons of near-finished short fic. Unfortunately, a lot of it is on other computers. Is there anyone out there still interested in A-Team fic who'd be willing to handhold me through actually finishing the last few hundred words?

-I promise I'll eventually finish that Avengers Valdemar AU. A year late, maybe, but it will happen.

-Is there good Downton Abbey fic? I'm partway through S2 and am curious. It seems like a hard fandom to write in, but the world is full of wonders and wonderful writers.

-I'm finding that I'm somewhat pining for my time in SPN fandom. I have little interest in catching up in the show right now, and I can't bring myself to work on anything in that wip folder, but most of my personal experiences with it were pretty great and the people well worth missing. ♥

-Homestuck: is anyone caught up with this and willing to answer a couple questions for me? I briefly stopped reading and am still uncertain whether I want to get back to it sooner or much, much later.
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Yuletide brought me a delightful Dwarf Fortress fic, Earthseer, Diamondsea. Summary: "A new day dawns on the newest outpost of the dwarven fortress of Idbërûl. Of course, it's only a matter of time before misfortune falls upon Reg Dorenallas and his companions..." Because of course this is Dwarf Fortress, and any other outcome just wouldn't be Fun. *grin*

If you're familiar with DF, you should definitely check it out!

And if you're not familiar with Dwarf Fortress, you should give it a shot, then check out my gift fic. I should note the fic itself has spoilers if you've not reached that game aspect, but then again, maybe you're like me and enjoy reading the wiki and forums to read about all the adventures your fortresses fail too soon to reach. (Stupid massive rampaging skeletal goats and tantrum spirals from everyone's horror at accidental baby shields and troglodytes trying to make homes in the living room.) (Seriously, though, it is an awesome game and a great fic.)


I am down in FL again, as per my mum and my holiday tradition. It is a nice, laidback time as per usual, even with my allergies going haywire. Apparently I am missing a blizzard, but at least there will be plenty of snow left to return to.

Has anyone been to the new Fantasyland? We are planning on checking it out on either Friday or Saturday depending on the second snowstorm forecasts, but I'm curious if there's anything in particular we should experience or keep an eye out for. My excitement is reaching pretty epic levels over this.

Sure, Disney may be full of shameless capitalism and consumerism, but it is also full of happiness to try to keep you and your money coming back. Also, there is nothing like seeing tiny children make :O faces of delighted amazement and remember seeing the same on your siblings' faces at that age.


I hope you are all having a delightful Boxing Day! How goes your week?
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A thing of nightmares, what comes of watching the first five minutes of Frankenstein. I blame [personal profile] lizfu.

Life update stuff: [personal profile] the_wanlorn and I are no longer together. She broke it off, but I'm pretty okay with it all, so no sympathies necessary on either side, I think.

Mostly, my life has stayed pretty boring, though I am going to a carnival wedding of a close family friend later today. Considering the bride was my sister's best friend at the same time her sister was my best friend and our mothers have remained close friends for ages, it is practically a family event. While I'm not looking forward to the crowds, it'll be nice to see that whole family again.

The other thing of interest was watching Frankenstein's theater broadcast with [personal profile] lizfu, as mentioned above. The stagecraft and acting were pretty great, though there were two unexpected potential triggers for s.a. Feel free to p.m. me if you need info on that.

I'm still working on that Avengers Valdemar fusion fic. It is mostly done, but I am having difficulty sticking the landing. Why are endings so hard to write?

Finally, a link for [personal profile] lizfu the rest of you may enjoy, too: Harry the Hufflepuff. It's an ffn link, and yes, there is a sequel accessible via the author's profile.
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Guys, I know I only just turned twenty-five, but I am secretly an old lady. (Or a toddler, come to think of it. My grandmother has somehow outgrown the need for sleep except a couple hours in the wee hours of the night. My grandmother: secretly a robot.) It is only eleven, but I feel like it should be four in the morning.

-Still working on filling flash fic prompts, even if I didn't manage anything after discovering I'd contracted the flu.
-Am mostly over the flu.
-Continuing to be ridiculously in love with Echo Bazaar and Minecraft, though I have managed almost zero time for them of late.
-Saw Suckerpunch. Short, nonspoilery version of my review: sideswiped by some unexpected triggers (I knew about some, but not all), side-eyed some things, but overall liked it with caveats. Please give me all of the vids now.
-Discovered a Dragon Age kink meme! Sadly, it is on LJ and requires fills to be anon. Considering I have eight pages longhand of a second DA2 fic and am nowhere done with it, it is kind of ridiculous to contemplate all the splitting up of fic into comments I would have to do, all anon and with no ability to edit when I inevitably fuck up posting in that many comments. Just, no. All kink memes on LJ should allow one to post links to one's fills on AO3 or a DW/LJ/JF/whatever post or some other option that does not result in my thinking it would be best never to fill anything there ever in my life. That is counterproductive. (Worst thing? Those eight pages are based off a kink meme prompt. Please let this not be another Courtship.)
-Have a cat lying on top of my left arm and shoving my right to the side and away from the keyboard. Time to cut this entry short.

In sum, I am alive, I am slowly writing, and eventually I may find my way back out of Dragon Age fandom, but don't expect that for a while.
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I am not actually on hiatus on purpose, but injuring my wrist has had nearly the same effect.

The good news: it is not broken.

The bad news: I have tendonitis, and the tendon is going to take another several weeks to months to heal. My typing has thus been severely limited.

I'm reading e-mails, my dreamroll, etc., but comments and replies are mostly beyond me at the moment. My thoughts are still with y'all, whether it's commiserations, condolences, or celebrations of things going on in your life. ♥
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I have so many things to write in my evenings. SO MANY. Agh, deadlines.

Because I am a genius even in my sleep, I have somehow managed to pull a neck muscle. This is the same side of the neck my swollen lymph node is on, so the doctor's appointment tomorrow morning is going to be fun.

Some links:

If LotR Had Been Written By Someone Else!?, including Hemingway, Dr. Seuss, and Hunter S. Thompson.
Tips and Techniques for Saving Stories from the Internet
The Castiel/Dean Big Bang Commissioned Art Contest runs through 2PM on June 24th, GMT -05:00 Eastern Time.
The A-Team Kink Meme. A-TEAM KINK MEME. Everyone who leaves B.A./Murdock prompts: you should feel good about yourselves.

p.s. RACHEL MCADAMS IS GOING TO BE IN A MOVIE WITH HARRISON FORD. I saw the preview before watching Knight and Day, and I cannot tell you how excited I am. Rachel McAdams will always be my Irene, but fuck yeah am I going to be there for everything else she does.

Also, a meme taken from [personal profile] the_wanlorn to work on between bits of plotting and writing:

5 Things That Didn't Happen Meme: Give me a topic - eg, "Five glasses of wine Aziraphale didn't drink", "Five people Supergirl didn't date" - and I'll give you back a list. I guess you can ask me for 5 Things That *Did* Happen instead, if you prefer.


Jun. 11th, 2010 09:48 pm
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I went on an accidental hiatus the past few days. Still working on catching up on comments/intended entries/e-mail/whatever. Still running a mild fever and still haven't made it to the doctor, whose office is closed on the weekends. Greatness. Between that and other stuff, if you catch me on aim, please don't ask how I am. I appreciate the thoughts, but I managed a little bit of it to one person, and now I am done. Feel free to tell me whatever you would like about your own lives, though. ♥

My second prompt for [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest is coming up, and I am probably going to throw out what I have so far and start over.

I am somewhat tempted to get drunk, watch great and terrible TV via Netflix, and try my hand at the rest of the timestamps and also maybe porn. We'll see what this evening holds.


May. 31st, 2010 09:13 pm
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Was really awesome in theory and really shitty in practice. [personal profile] lizfu is, as ever, awesome, but a) the restaurant [personal profile] lizfu and I had dinner at accidentally poisoned me, b) shit with my dad, c) enraging phone call with my brother, d) my back still hurts, e) accidental poisoning (because I have hit the point of throwing up as my body rejects the meat they hid in my food, I feel this bears mentioning twice), f) other things.

I will totally respond to fic comments and everything tomorrow, when (I hope) I do not have the urge to cleanse my life by fire. Tonight I'm probably going to turn in early, because I am more than ready for this day to be fucking over.
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How excited am I for drafts, scheduled updates, and the new update page? Very.


Normally I would post this locked, but I would appreciate anyone's input. For those of you who have been/are on Loestrin, how bad were the side effects for you? If you experienced terrible and ongoing nausea, did it eventually fade? If you experienced daily mild to blinding headaches, did those eventually fade? If you experienced occasional cramps, did those eventually stop?

For anyone wandering through who might suggest stopping taking hormonal b.c. and using a different means of b.c. instead (or, as my brother would put it, "Why are you even on it?")--it's for ongoing medical reasons. Preventing accidental passing on of genes is not really a concern for a woman who only dates other women. *wry smile*


On that note, I think I am back up for a while. Maybe in a bit I will try taking some aspirin and trying sleep again, but at the moment it seems unlikely. Anyone online?


P.S. Just found #airplanes. Dying of laughter. How is [personal profile] shirozora so awesome? (JET WINGS.)
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My raging headache and earache from yesterday have morphed into an earache and a hundred degree fever today, plus, well, feeling like I spent last night getting beaten with sticks. It is like childhood adventure aftermath all over again, with bonus illness! As if that weren't enough, I am also experiencing the joy of cramps which are like stabbing knives in my womb. Fun!

This is to say: if I am away on aim or not responding to a comment (so many comments I still need to catch up on) or whatever, it is not you, it is me!

I thought my irrational rage at life would be fixed by finally trying out Robot Unicorn Attack after everyone in my life ever has recommended it to me, but it only makes me angrier, because instead of the promised dolphin pods following me cheerfully across the screen, I keep getting a decapitated unicorn head. It's just not right.

A few happy things:

-This love meme hosted by [community profile] threeweeks_supernatural fills my heart with love and joy and rainbows, and as soon as I feel better I am going to shower more people and characters and what-have-you there with affection. Those of you in SPN fandom (and dude, go with a broad definition of in SPN fandom; I expect to see you there, [personal profile] the_wanlorn) should totally add your own threads. My thread, for those of you inclined.

-When I am not, you know, cursing life or these HUGE GODDAMN STARS (I thought stars were supposed to be full of joy!) that keep fucking my unicorn's shit up, I find myself coming back to [personal profile] fan_eunice's latest OT3 Eleventy vid, Twlight Omens, which is full of Rory, Amy, and the Doctor being delightful. I want to draw hearts around their faces forever.

-The AO3 Vidders Auction is open!

-The Cute Overload feed is one of the few things keeping me from going on a rampage or, you know, going off to cry in bed for a few hours, whatever, they are like the same thing.

What are your happy things today?
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Going out with the family to see Iron Man 2 (running late already). Back much later.

[personal profile] somnolentblue, I'm probably not going to be back before midnight, but I'm still good on collating tonight as usual.

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