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Yuletide brought me a delightful Dwarf Fortress fic, Earthseer, Diamondsea. Summary: "A new day dawns on the newest outpost of the dwarven fortress of Idbërûl. Of course, it's only a matter of time before misfortune falls upon Reg Dorenallas and his companions..." Because of course this is Dwarf Fortress, and any other outcome just wouldn't be Fun. *grin*

If you're familiar with DF, you should definitely check it out!

And if you're not familiar with Dwarf Fortress, you should give it a shot, then check out my gift fic. I should note the fic itself has spoilers if you've not reached that game aspect, but then again, maybe you're like me and enjoy reading the wiki and forums to read about all the adventures your fortresses fail too soon to reach. (Stupid massive rampaging skeletal goats and tantrum spirals from everyone's horror at accidental baby shields and troglodytes trying to make homes in the living room.) (Seriously, though, it is an awesome game and a great fic.)


I am down in FL again, as per my mum and my holiday tradition. It is a nice, laidback time as per usual, even with my allergies going haywire. Apparently I am missing a blizzard, but at least there will be plenty of snow left to return to.

Has anyone been to the new Fantasyland? We are planning on checking it out on either Friday or Saturday depending on the second snowstorm forecasts, but I'm curious if there's anything in particular we should experience or keep an eye out for. My excitement is reaching pretty epic levels over this.

Sure, Disney may be full of shameless capitalism and consumerism, but it is also full of happiness to try to keep you and your money coming back. Also, there is nothing like seeing tiny children make :O faces of delighted amazement and remember seeing the same on your siblings' faces at that age.


I hope you are all having a delightful Boxing Day! How goes your week?
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And also so I know to go back and leave gushing happy comments once I have gotten over my issues contacting strangers with my main account, or somehow work up the mangrit (womangrit?) to do so regardless.

These are a mix of ships and quadrants:

Like Air by [archiveofourown.org profile] Azzandra is a delightful Karkat/Gamzee pale romance and it just fills my heart to the brim with ~feelings~. I don't have an OTP in this fandom in any of the quadrants, but if I had one for moirallegience, it would totally be this pair. Just. SO ADORABLE. Karkat pities Gamzee always and forever.

[(716): The only thought that went through my head was 'that would be an absolute disaster' so of course I said yes] by Anonymous (entry for Team Dave/Terezi in Homestuck Shipping Olympus Round One) is SO GREAT. It is many of my favorite things in one fic. Terezi + Dave + Vegas should be a thing forever. That it is Terezi/Dave red romance is so much the better. This fic comes with art, and it is amazing. I kind of want the last picture as my new desktop. So much joy.

if food be the music of love by [archiveofourown.org profile] t_ZM has Terezi being introduced to Earth cuisine by Dave in the best form of redrom courtship. There should be a thousand and one of these things, oh my gosh.

Waiting for God Tier by [archiveofourown.org profile] schellibie and [archiveofourown.org profile] t_ZM is another illustrated story, this one super great and super sad all at the same time. It is sort of Karkat/John, with the best kind of optimistic, unhappy ending I have seen.

Batterwitch by [archiveofourown.org profile] noveltyhorns has Karkat and John as the best kismesis the other could ask for. This fic is glorious, funny, and ridiculously hot for something so safe for work.

And that's it for recs at the moment. Judging by the tabs left half-read or to-read in my browser, eventually I'll be throwing tons of longer fic with redrom Kanaya/Rose.

(A sneak peek from those tabs: Trollish for the Easily Excited by [archiveofourown.org profile] cosmogyral, because if my reaction to the first one with redrom Rose/Kanaya is anything to go by, the whole series is a thing of delight.)


In other things, does anyone know how to link to AO3 using the pseudonym instead of the main account name? Besides, well, skipping the whole user name="" thing and just using the regular means of a href="".

Also, would anyone else who has had trouble getting through the (kind of boring) beginning of Homestuck like me to do a write-up of "all you need to know about early Homestuck" complete with links to what I find to be good possible entry points? I am also considering doing a promo post mostly so I can be like LOOK AT TEREZI'S AWESOME FACE and SEE HOW BAD-ASS THESE TROLLS ARE and LOOK, HS HAS MSPA'S GREAT DORKY SHENANIGANS, THEY'RE JUST HIDDEN FURTHER IN and so on. Man. I might even have to write up some ship manifestos for various quadrants.

But seriously, Homestuck has hit me right in the feelings place, ridiculous author interludes, carapaces, meandering storyline, and all. It is pretty great.
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A thing of nightmares, what comes of watching the first five minutes of Frankenstein. I blame [personal profile] lizfu.

Life update stuff: [personal profile] the_wanlorn and I are no longer together. She broke it off, but I'm pretty okay with it all, so no sympathies necessary on either side, I think.

Mostly, my life has stayed pretty boring, though I am going to a carnival wedding of a close family friend later today. Considering the bride was my sister's best friend at the same time her sister was my best friend and our mothers have remained close friends for ages, it is practically a family event. While I'm not looking forward to the crowds, it'll be nice to see that whole family again.

The other thing of interest was watching Frankenstein's theater broadcast with [personal profile] lizfu, as mentioned above. The stagecraft and acting were pretty great, though there were two unexpected potential triggers for s.a. Feel free to p.m. me if you need info on that.

I'm still working on that Avengers Valdemar fusion fic. It is mostly done, but I am having difficulty sticking the landing. Why are endings so hard to write?

Finally, a link for [personal profile] lizfu the rest of you may enjoy, too: Harry the Hufflepuff. It's an ffn link, and yes, there is a sequel accessible via the author's profile.
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Which is to say that my netbook, as adorable as it is, is not used enough for it to do anything but drive me to distraction when I am trying to type. This is a problem for the flash fic extravaganza (feel free to leave more prompts) only in that I will have to type them all up when I get home, which will be well before the end of the year.

So that no one interested in DAII time stamps (eek, so happy to be writing this) or anything else I'm working on will miss them, I'll be trying something new and posting the flash fic to [community profile] tuesdayfic and AO3 and just leaving a link in my replies.

In other things, I have been enjoying my vacation. I stayed up way too late (see: the time of this post) reading and re-reading [personal profile] devildoll's Semaphore, which is an Avengers movie-verse fic that ends in Tony/Steve, but also includes a ton of minor character and ship moments that delighted me no end, from Clint and Natasha's double handstand to Pepper's new job and boyfriend to Steve's apartment and neighbor to--well, you can read it all yourself. *grin*

Other things done on my vacation have included buying books for the first time in forever, including Mercedes Lackey's new Changes, which I liked much better than Jim Butcher's of the same title, and some book about a zombie lawyer that is on crack. My cane and I haven't tried braving the beach, but then, I didn't bring sandals, anyway. There's a Siamese kitten, maybe a year old, that likes to wander the area, and I am seriously contemplating buying treats to lure it to me. I can bring the rest home to my cat to make up for the betrayal, I'm sure. Besides, his Christmas catnip toys will probably make him forget we left him at all.

Overall, this week is going rather well. How are things with y'all?
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First, I am the luckiest of ladies in that [livejournal.com profile] rhea314 made two great pod fic from my flash fic: Like Sharpened Feathers, It Falls, an Akari Hikago fic, and Down Endless Corridors, a Chris Petshop of Horrors fic.

Some links from my circle and network and elsewhere:

Bobwhite by Magnolia Porter is a pretty excellent comic about three friends in university at an art school. It is also complete! You may want to start from the beginning.

Mental Health and Meds, about good experiences with meds.


A number of vid, fic, and art recs (emphasis on vids):

Walk Right Up by [personal profile] china_shop, a Clinton/Neal White Collar vid of deliciousness.

Love the Way You Lie Part 2, which is Charles/Erik X-Men: First Class and terrible and delightful to watch.

'Til the World Ends by [personal profile] talitha78 is Charles/Erik and Britney and absolutely wonderful.

Muppet Thor, which is a little sad and a lot funny and super great.

Set Fire to the Rain by [personal profile] talitha78 (shut up, yes, I rec her a lot because she's awesome), which is Thor and Loki and makes me claw at my face with FEELINGS, SO MANY FEELINGS.

Shatter by [personal profile] aria is a Loki/Thor AU in which Loki is the one cast down, and it also overwhelms me with feelings, oh my gosh, you guys, this fic. FEELINGS. Also, an amazing Darcy and science as sorcerery and FEELINGS.

Possibly I have lost coherence by the end of these recs, but whatever, all you need to know is all of the above are great. Also, if you have any Raven recs, you should send them my way, because right now I am too leery of the internet to go searching.
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For Christmas, I was given some lovely hand-knit gloves (that match some lovely hand-knit socks [personal profile] the_wanlorn already gave me) and The A-Team from my girlfriend and my bff respectively. That my girlfriend and my bff had the chance to meet and actually got on well was probably my favorite part of the last couple weeks. (One might even say they got on too well. I suspect they were secretly hatched from the same pod. Case in point: fries in shakes. Who but pod people could harass me with their love of that abominable combination?)

My least favorite part was probably the plague my girlfriend gave me after blaming it on me. Seriously, all of the gifts I could do without, having my traditional been traveling cold and my girlfriend's wicked strong sinus infection is super high up there. (But totally worth it in return for [personal profile] the_wanlorn visiting.)


In news of my other beloved winter festivities, I know I am way behind on replying to comments, adding full author's notes, etc for Yuletide. When I am better, I totally plan to get to that. Something else I am shamefully late on: directing y'all to my Yuletide gift, a Kalinda/Alicia The Good Wife fic called Bad Ideas Are The Best Ones. It is adorable. There is drunk kissing, and sleeping on the couch, and friends being friends and something more. I am delighted by its existence.

For those curious what I wrote who haven't raided my AO3 page, this year, I wrote two assignments and two treats:

This is (Never) How It Goes
Fandom: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Summary: There was much they left unsaid these days.
Notes: Bastila/Revan femslash, 1088 words, teen. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to get this as my main assignment. Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.

Friends Don't Let Friends Suffer Alone
Fandom: Archie Comics
Summary: The problem with friends is that they plot against you.
Notes: Betty/Veronica, 1955 words, teen. This may be my favorite pinch hit ever. Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.

Fandom: A Softer World
Summary: Eustace says, "You can never go home again." No one listens.
Notes: Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.

Maybe Death's an Adventure, But Who Wants to Wait?
Fandom: A Softer World
Summary: "Is it dangerous?" she asks, always asks, and smiles.
Notes: Full notes at the fic when I get around to that.


And now it's time for me to go fall down again. Suffice it to say, I may be keeping Luden's and Sprite in business by my purchases alone.
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Today we have the Field Museum, and then at some point we're headed back home. I'll try to catch up on comments some time in the next few days.

There are a bunch of things I want to link, but this is the one that shouldn't wait: Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite (alternately: at AO3) by [personal profile] the_wanlorn is an adorable B.A./Murdock fic with stealth cuddling and forced hotel bed sharing and Murdock making sure B.A. isn't eaten by monsters. I'll say again: BEST. GIRLFRIEND. EVER.

Now to pack, because we leave in less than an hour and my stuff is scattered eeeeverywheeeere.
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Things that make me like the world a little more:
Taylor Swift being adorable.
New Spice: Study Like a Scholar, Scholar.
Re-reading Wanlorn's A-Team fic.

I have stuff I need to do tonight, but I feel like just falling over. Agh. Two hours is not enough sleep for today.
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Creeping Toward the New Normal by [personal profile] the_wanlorn is made of kittens and rainbow and sunshine. She wrote it for meeeeeeeeeeee. It is five times B.A. did not kill Murdock, and it is amazing. If you have watched The A-Team, you will love this. If you haven't watched The A-Team, you should get on that and then read this fic.


Speaking of The A-Team, I wrote a 5k+ B.A./Murdock fic in which Murdock gets stuck in a time loop. Anyone want to beta?
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Losing all of your tabs and all of your work that was open in txt documents (because you are a tool and do not use programs that save themselves) when power is suddenly and unexpectedly cut to your desktop. You know what is even more awesome? All of your sessionstore.js files being magically empty, such that when [personal profile] the_wanlorn gives you awesome helpful advice, it turns out you are still fucked. Whee!


Originally, I was going to hold off on posting this rec set until I tracked back down some fic I'd misplaced, but now I feel like the world needs more happy-making porn. [personal profile] fenellaevangela, this is one of those rec sets I mentioned in passing to you last week. Perhaps I should make this a weekly sort of deal?

Castiel/Dean kink fic rec set:

Control (LJ), fic by [archiveofourown.org profile] fayjay, pod fic by [livejournal.com profile] pandarus. I'm linking to the pod fic, which I haven't listened to, because I know someone out there may be interested in it. (I am, but it is a future interest, for when I take the time to load pod fic onto my ipod for long trips.) [AO3 link] This is more a Castiel fic than a Dean fic, set immediately following 4x16 and during 4x17. This is D/s and has spanking and more. Consent is complicated, but I like the way the story deals with that. I love the power play, even if the means of working out the rules of their relationship is nowhere near what's recommended. More than anything, though, I love Dean's obsession with Castiel's mouth. It's like yes, I am right there with you.

Excerpt of 'Control' )

Sigil (LJ) by [livejournal.com profile] cassandra_leeds is a gen fic that [livejournal.com profile] cassandra_leeds labeled as "Dean/Castiel if you squint," which, you know, I do. What is a gen fic doing in this Castiel/Dean kink line up, you may be asking yourself. The answer is: this is seriously my favorite edgeplay/bloodplay story ever. Edgeplay is something very much on my hard list, but Supernatural fandom! Making me think twice about--and absolutely love--kinks I'd never try in the actual bedroom for fear of emergency room visits. This fic is set during 5x18 and as such has spoilers for it.

Excerpt of 'Sigil' )

Mirror, Mirror by [personal profile] elementalv, which combines sex in front of a mirror and a beaten to fuck Dean with toppy Castiel, set as a missing scene from 5x18. Hot damn.

Excerpt of 'Mirror, Mirror' )

Except Thou Bless Me by [personal profile] architeuthis is, hands-down, my favorite kink fic of this fandom. It's 10,000 words of sex and need and Dean being broken and Castiel providing him with the means to deal with that. (Give me a 10k copy of Ruby/Sam--or Ruby/anyone--kink fic written half as well, maybe we'll talk again.) This fic has it all! Power play, breath play, light CBT, bruising--this fic is directly responsible for my watching the alley scene in 5x18 with my breath held, because wow, I did not expect my favorite kink fic to become half-canon. (Why did canon not end with lots of awesome aftercare?) Castiel figuring out what Dean needs and willingly giving it to him seriously gets to me. A note: I'm linking to the beginning so y'all can check the author's notes, which include warnings for triggers.

Excerpt of 'Except Thou Bless Me' )

Inhuman by [personal profile] scaramouche is incredibly (deliciously) porny and also endlessly fascinating to me, because it deliberately follows the thread of Castiel not being human to interesting places while at the same time delivering some scorchingly hot sex. On a kink level, what gets to me the most is how Dean gets to Castiel. Words are powerful and really damn sexy.

Excerpt of 'Inhuman' )


Those are most of my favorites! What are some of yours?
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This is Tomorrow (the getaway driver remix): Donna's new temp job leads to adventure, in which Donna and Christina have incredible chemistry and I love Donna's brain.

The Bees, The Bees (The Five Times Donna Met the Doctor Without Realising It Remix): Donna goes looking for trouble (and finds it). Eee, Donna, with lots of awesome old school Who references.

Without a Chance to Pray (The Ceiling Cat Remix): In which Castiel is turned into a kitten and remains very much himself. I think my heart grew three sizes reading this story.

An Existential Crisis [the retcon remix]: This story is creepy and wonderful, in which Mary Winchester keeps her promises.

Above Us Only Sky (The Golden Age Remix): This is absolutely gorgeous, in which Anna is trapped between two worlds.
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Remix Redux is open, so everyone who entered should have an e-mail with a story link by now.

My remixer is a genius (A GENIUS) and I am still laughing and wanting to draw hearts around Sam's and Gabriel's (and my remixer's) faces. My remixer chose to remix Dean Won't Be Your Angel Condom: If Any Be Blameless (The Condom Fatigue Remix). It is Sam and Gabriel (and the Impala) and utter and complete hilarity. It makes me very, very happy that my fic could've inspired this.

Anyone who hasn't been involved in my own remixing process (and hasn't checked my related works tab; I'm going by the honor system here) is eligible for a spot the obvious Tuesday guessing game. If you win, you get 500 words or less (I'm hoping--I can't keep writing 7k+ stories for tiny!fic) for whatever prompt you'd like with any of my previously written characters or ships in Supernatural, Psych, Doctor Who, and Chuck (through S2; no spoilers thereafter, please).
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Family Business (LJ) by [livejournal.com profile] newkidfan is a Castiel/Dean constructed reality vid in which Dean is an FBI agent and Castiel is an ASSASSIN. I want the fic to this so bad, omg. On its own, though, it tells a gorgeous story and I love it to pieces. I stand in awe of [livejournal.com profile] newkidfan's skills.

[personal profile] twentysomething's Shortskirts 'Verse has three stories right now: Think I Know Where You Belong, Everything Comes Naturally, and Gotta Be From Out of Town. The first is adorable, hilarious high school AU shenanigans and the next two are scorching hot porn. Her fic is proof that the fic fairy loves us indeed.

Of Coffee and Cellphones (LJ) by [livejournal.com profile] c00kie is a delightful rom-com in which Dean is a composer and Castiel is his client's assistant. There is also bonus Sam as a barista!

Playing for Keeps Till the End of Time (LJ) by [livejournal.com profile] laceymcbain is the fusion I never knew how desperately I wanted until I was granted it: Supernatural and HIGHLANDER. Need I say more? Okay, okay, how about this: Castiel is Methos. My joy is endless.

Below Skyscrapers (LJ) by [livejournal.com profile] aesc is--how to describe it? It is a hard-boiled detective novel fused with an FBI AU fused with urban fantasy, as if the writer decided to take all the things I loved and throw them in a blender to create something absolutely fabulous. Plus, bonus Henriksen! Who couldn't love that?
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Dreamwidth is going to have tag merge on the next code push. \o/

Dreamwidth's point transfer tool is live now, and the 10% points bonus sale is ongoing through May 7th.

The state of the coffers in [site community profile] dw_biz has a poll by the management on account use and what users would pay for. It has the question "A bound-book version of your journal (with or without comments included)?" to which my reaction is "!!!! IS THAT POSSIBLE?" and general happy flailing.

Also mentioned in that post: "[staff profile] mark is working on cross-site friends page reading as his primary development priority right now and estimates sometime in June." CROSS-SITE FRIENDS PAGE READING. IN JUNE. Even capslock cannot convey my excitement.


Links culled mostly from dreamroll and network, I think (most of these are not at all that old, but my memory is shot today):

Elton John's letter to Ryan White, 20 years after his death from AIDS

I Am Not – Your Hipster Punchline

Writing My Own

The Story of the After, an interview with Swati Avasthi about her novel, Split, which I've previously reviewed and highly recommend. It's out in bookstores now!

I think ABC Suspects We’re All Terrorists, on ABC's decision to not run Lane Bryant's lingerie commercial during Dancing with the Stars, complete with picspam.

New Fanfiction Policy, in which Jim Butcher is awesome, but sadly lying about ponies and ice cream for everyone.

PSA: Breach of Online Privacy, in which creepiness abounds and Spokeo lets stalkers know where I live if they know my e-mail address. As someone who had an actual internet stalker in high school, this creeps me out and angers me on so many levels.

picspam! cute animals by [personal profile] green. It is all the cute you need in your day and more.

two recs:

I've already talked about how awesome [personal profile] fan_eunice's current Doctor Who vid project is, but I really, really have to specifically rec Can You See The Lights. The thing about this season of Doctor Who is that I love the characters, but I was pretty sure I didn't (and wouldn't) ship any of them. I saw hints of Amy/Doctor/River and Amy/River in the last couple episodes, but it wasn't until I saw this vid that I went, "Okay, I am totally on board now." This vid takes those hints and spotlights them in all their shiny glory and makes you (me) see how absolutely amazing it could be.

[personal profile] lunarwolfik wrote Knives and Enemies Rarely Mix (Especially in a Dark Alley), which is Anna/Ruby knifeplay, omg. How much do I love The Supernatural and CWRPF Kink Meme and [personal profile] lunarwolfik? A LOT.
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A Doctor Who primer by The A.V. Club. I know some of y'all are tempted to finally get into Who, and this is a great time to do so, with a new Doctor, a new companion, and a new showrunner. Reading the primer isn't necessary, but it does give you a little bit of background for those interested.

The dos and don’ts of defending Muslim women:
Being an ally is the same as being a true friend: respecting my wishes, even if you may want something different for me; helping me when I need it, without thinking me helpless; and viewing me as an entire person.

Feminists Don't Understand Muslim Women

I doubt Nathan Lane feels threatened: These things are fucking amazing.

The Entertainment Industry's Dystopia of the Future


Assorted recs in Supernatural, Doctor Who, Chuck, Leverage, and Criminal Minds:

Words Get in the Way by [personal profile] epiphanyx7 is a Jo/Castiel fic set before 5x10. It's bittersweet, but the sort of bittersweet that heavy on the sweet and well worth the bitter.

One More Thing... by [livejournal.com profile] maskedfangirl is a short, fun fic with Dean and Castiel set early S5.

Fussy by [personal profile] sahiya is adorable Eleven & Amy fic.

Geronimo? by [livejournal.com profile] leelakin, art in which Eleven is adorable.

[community profile] intoabar has up a fic masterlist. In which two characters from different fandoms walk into a bar.

The Clusterfuck Job by [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin, in which "Reid walks into a bar and meets... Hardison." Go, read! It is amazingness.

Chuck from the Burbank by [personal profile] kuwdora: This is a lot of why I love Chuck (the character; my show love has more reasons). To be honest, my Chuck love (and Chuck love) has kind of suffered this season, but this vid makes me want to give it another shot and at least see where the last couple episodes take me. This vid is fun, lighthearted, and what I'd hoped for from S3.
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Tears for Fears Curt Smith "Inner Black Woman": in which Tears for Fears fails it up.
I think it was meant to be funny. I think it was meant to be a compliment to Black women. But it was neither of those things. Why the joke wasn't about channeling one's inner Oleta, which might have skirted the race issue, I don't know. But I do know the comment was made public, and it hurt me and it hurt some friends. A white man was given a chance to explode the box of stereotypes, and instead it became another opportunity to shove him - and singers like me - right back into that box.

A lesson in good vs. bad irony thanks to Amanda Palmer, in which [livejournal.com profile] sparkymonster lays it out. (Warning: pictures may be triggering.)

Idle Pastime: In Off Hours, Truckers Pick Up Stitching This article is dear to my heart.

New Doctor Who stopped at Heathrow airport with sonic screwdriver Eleven is going to give Five a run for his money on sheer adorableness.

Dinosaur, in which geese are revealed as our mortal enemies and possibly part-Velociraptor. I may have hurt myself laughing.

Speaking of Velociraptors: Chaos, a tiny fic in which Castiel is a BAMF and takes on a pack of Velociraptors, Dean yet again reveals his inner, hidden geek, and Sam argues that dinosaurs are totally monsters.

Cas vs. Dino, a crayon drawing of awesomeness.

Castiel & Hunters, which is what happens when you mix Supernatural with Calvin & Hobbes to make one Tuesday very, very happy.

Really, the whole Castiel-Centric BAMF & Schmoop Fic, Art, and Vid Party is my happy place lately.

Youtube vs. Viacom, in which Viacom engages in actual sockpuppetry:
Viacom's efforts to disguise its promotional use of YouTube worked so well that even its own employees could not keep track of everything it was posting or leaving up on the site. As a result, on countless occasions Viacom demanded the removal of clips that it had uploaded to YouTube, only to return later to sheepishly ask for their reinstatement. In fact, some of the very clips that Viacom is suing us over were actually uploaded by Viacom itself.

Call for Submissions: Elementary Erotica: Submission deadline is June 30.
Was more going on between Watson and Holmes than friendship? What are the missing details of Watson’s courtship of Miss Mary Morstan? Could “The Woman,” Miss Irene Adler, have had other misadventures before or after her run in with Holmes?

Sign-ups open through April 4 for [community profile] temeraireficfest.

[community profile] ladiesbigbang continues to look amazing. I am thinking of trying to rework the (not at all flash fic, because I fail at moderation) Jordan Todd/Emily Prentiss with side Derek Morgan snark turned BFFery fic into something for that.


Speaking of awesome ladies, is anyone watching The Good Wife? Tiny spoilers for the episode 'Infamy' ) This show makes me so happy for its competent, sexy women.


Mar. 18th, 2010 10:02 am
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Something New by [personal profile] jmtorres was written for me! All for me! *twirls it*

Have her summary before I confuse you all with my overjoyed ramblings: An angel, a demon, and two fake girls walk into a bar.

That is all you need to know! It is glorious! Go, read!

But in case you need more convincing (a love letter) )

Basically, I want to write this fic love letters and court it slowly and if it were a woman I would totally marry it. Excuse me while I go reread it again.
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[livejournal.com profile] apocalyptothon sign-ups have been extended through the 19th. I'd be interested, but a) I have too many plates in the air already and b) Remix Redux is soon. Instead I am going to keep an eye on it and happily throw myself at all the fic that is produced. I am curious about where to sign up for pinch hits, though. Something to poke at later.

[personal profile] polarisnorth has a rec post on [community profile] genspn full of awesome gen Supernatural goodness.

via [personal profile] entwashian: John Casey Presents: So You Want to Be a Deadly Spy?

Sweet Charity is having one last go-round. Sign-ups are open through April 7th. Another thing I'm not likely to sign up for, though I will probably bid on amazing, amazing things.

Kinda Busy by [livejournal.com profile] yeats is the Honey B/Gaga fic of MY HEART.


For those wondering, yes, I'm feeling a lot better now, and yes, embarrassment totally won out over misery. I'm still under the weather and am unlikely to be able to visit [personal profile] omnipresentdmat tomorrow, but I am so much better than before.

To celebrate, have the laziest of soup recipes )
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Some links, mostly stolen from my read list:

Racebending's Facebook page was taken down. Facebook. >:(

Religion != Christianity by [personal profile] coffeeandink. This is one of those essays I'm going to need to read a few times, but--as ever--[personal profile] coffeeandink puts out some really interesting, thoughtful points.

Heather Cassils: Lady Gaga's Prison Yard Girlfriend: on making out with Lady Gaga in Telephone, gender, queer identity, and visibility in media.

The Ultimate Sophie Devereaux Meta and Canon Guide - Season One by [personal profile] havocthecat. This is seriously an amazing resource.

AO3 has just finished a major code push. Icons! Eee. I have gone with my regular default.


A couple non-SPN recs:

Sherlock Holmes and the Ghost at the Avocado Grove by [archiveofourown.org profile] sabrina_il is an Israeli Kibbutz 1980s AU that also includes Irene and a case!

Sequence by [personal profile] lim is a vid that manages something amazing: It takes back Serenity as River's story. It also manages to be very pretty and has some awesome stuff with the Operative and Book (Book!) as well.


Castiel/Sam rec set:

I'd marry your cat just to get in the family by [livejournal.com profile] wanttobeatree, in which Dean coaches Castiel in terrible, terrible pick-up lines and Sam suffers the consequences.
“Hey baby,” Castiel says.

“What,” says Sam.

“Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?” Castiel continues. “For you appear to be an angel. Actually, you do not appear to be an angel. I would be able to tell if you were.”

He stares at Sam expectantly.

“No, seriously,” Sam says. “What.”

The Room by [livejournal.com profile] memphis86 is worth it, if for nothing else, for Gabriel and Dean's interactions. But let me tell you, there are lots of other reasons to like this fic: Castiel's jokes, Sam's fantasy, Gabriel's apology to Dean, and Castiels' answer to Sam's question, "What exactly do you think is supposed to happen here, Cas?" This fic is a fun look at how Gabriel is terrible at apologies and Sam is even worse about taking what he wants.
"Okay, so what do we do now?"

Castiel blinks. "I could tell you about your daddy issues."

Sam gives a sarcastic smile. "I'd rather not."

"Well, I don't know what else to do in a prostitute's room."

A HELICOPTER! by [livejournal.com profile] maskedfangirl is an all-caps fic that nevertheless is one of the most amazing things I've read. I laughed until I choked.




LoveStoned by [livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever, a vid in which Sam has Castiel's attention.

For art, I'd recommend everything ever under [livejournal.com profile] nursethalia's Sassy tag.

To find more Castiel/Sam, there is a comment ficathon on LJ, and LJ also has a comm, [livejournal.com profile] sassy_otp. Dreamwidth really needs one of these, too.
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Still sick, but feeling so much better than yesterday. Don't expect too much coherency from this entry, because when I am sick I tend to ramble and go wherever my tired brain takes me.

All the same, my weekend was great, because CHICAGO. )

The most terrible thing about my Chicago trip (other than coming back ill) was that I somehow managed to gain two more fic for my SPN wip folder. For those of you keeping track, that means it's at nineteen now. I blame Madelyn and her enabling ways.


[personal profile] sarken (and many people before her) pointed out that you can link to your AO3 as a username at Dreamwidth with the format user="username" site="archiveofourown.org". It appears like so: [archiveofourown.org profile] tuesday Is that not the coolest thing?

Other cool things going down include a giant non-fandom friending meme.


Three SPN recs (fic quotes have spoilers for seasons four and five) )

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