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This year has been kind of ridiculous for managing anything fannish whatsoever past that tiny bit of Homestuck fan art. And no, tumblr did not eat me - I haven't been updating there, either. /o\


Some vague life update stuff:

-I took a class and maybe now I will have a new career! It is an exciting possibility, and I am looking forward to change.

-My health has continued to be weird, but I promise I will update y'all if I ever get answers past, "Do this new thing, and then come back to give us more blood to test. [rinse, repeat.]" On the plus side, even if we never figure it out, at worst I'll be stuck with discomfort and/or inconvenience only occasionally. Yay?

-My mum is finally recovering from her major surgery! This is pretty neat, as it means she can finally leave the house for short periods without my following after her like an overly concerned mama hen worried her baby chick's going to trip and need to go back to the hospital for more surgery. Also, my mum finally gets her dog back, even if he must now adjust to the weirdness of coming to me for all his needs.

-I finally have my main computer back! It took a great deal of effort not to cling to and cuddle it, crooning softly, "Never leave me," and generally act like a total creeper to a piece of hardware. There is just something about one's main desktop that cannot be replaced.


Some fannish stuff:

-I am totally failing at doing a NYR for my original Yuletide assignment and am resigned to just never finishing this story. Do any of y'all have a story prompt you saw (all those months ago) and secretly thought, "I hope Tuesday is assigned *that*"? Or maybe you want to take this opportunity to scrawl through that huge, awesome spreadsheet and convince me to write [insert fandom here]? Seriously, I am no good with spreadsheets and am just making sad, desperate faces at google docs and hoping someone will swoop in to save me.

-I seriously wavered over whether to do Five Days of Tuesday this year (obviously that did not happen) and realized I have tons of near-finished short fic. Unfortunately, a lot of it is on other computers. Is there anyone out there still interested in A-Team fic who'd be willing to handhold me through actually finishing the last few hundred words?

-I promise I'll eventually finish that Avengers Valdemar AU. A year late, maybe, but it will happen.

-Is there good Downton Abbey fic? I'm partway through S2 and am curious. It seems like a hard fandom to write in, but the world is full of wonders and wonderful writers.

-I'm finding that I'm somewhat pining for my time in SPN fandom. I have little interest in catching up in the show right now, and I can't bring myself to work on anything in that wip folder, but most of my personal experiences with it were pretty great and the people well worth missing. ♥

-Homestuck: is anyone caught up with this and willing to answer a couple questions for me? I briefly stopped reading and am still uncertain whether I want to get back to it sooner or much, much later.


Jul. 25th, 2012 04:54 pm
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Last night I was talking to the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] amireal about VVC and whether I was attending. My anxiety has been pretty terrible for the past many months, so I didn't jump on the original sign-ups. But! Registration appears to still be open.

I'm not 100% decided, but I am thinking that if I can room with others, I will go. If you have a hotel space open, would you like to room with a Tuesday?

If I can't find a roommate, I may make a day trip that weekend to Chicago regardless for cupcakes and various Chicago adventures. If so, would anyone want to catch dinner with me at House o' Meat or elsewhere?


In other things, tumblr has me finally trying my hand at fan art again. I'm undecided how much crossposting there may be with that. Hmmm.
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And also so I know to go back and leave gushing happy comments once I have gotten over my issues contacting strangers with my main account, or somehow work up the mangrit (womangrit?) to do so regardless.

These are a mix of ships and quadrants:

Like Air by [archiveofourown.org profile] Azzandra is a delightful Karkat/Gamzee pale romance and it just fills my heart to the brim with ~feelings~. I don't have an OTP in this fandom in any of the quadrants, but if I had one for moirallegience, it would totally be this pair. Just. SO ADORABLE. Karkat pities Gamzee always and forever.

[(716): The only thought that went through my head was 'that would be an absolute disaster' so of course I said yes] by Anonymous (entry for Team Dave/Terezi in Homestuck Shipping Olympus Round One) is SO GREAT. It is many of my favorite things in one fic. Terezi + Dave + Vegas should be a thing forever. That it is Terezi/Dave red romance is so much the better. This fic comes with art, and it is amazing. I kind of want the last picture as my new desktop. So much joy.

if food be the music of love by [archiveofourown.org profile] t_ZM has Terezi being introduced to Earth cuisine by Dave in the best form of redrom courtship. There should be a thousand and one of these things, oh my gosh.

Waiting for God Tier by [archiveofourown.org profile] schellibie and [archiveofourown.org profile] t_ZM is another illustrated story, this one super great and super sad all at the same time. It is sort of Karkat/John, with the best kind of optimistic, unhappy ending I have seen.

Batterwitch by [archiveofourown.org profile] noveltyhorns has Karkat and John as the best kismesis the other could ask for. This fic is glorious, funny, and ridiculously hot for something so safe for work.

And that's it for recs at the moment. Judging by the tabs left half-read or to-read in my browser, eventually I'll be throwing tons of longer fic with redrom Kanaya/Rose.

(A sneak peek from those tabs: Trollish for the Easily Excited by [archiveofourown.org profile] cosmogyral, because if my reaction to the first one with redrom Rose/Kanaya is anything to go by, the whole series is a thing of delight.)


In other things, does anyone know how to link to AO3 using the pseudonym instead of the main account name? Besides, well, skipping the whole user name="" thing and just using the regular means of a href="".

Also, would anyone else who has had trouble getting through the (kind of boring) beginning of Homestuck like me to do a write-up of "all you need to know about early Homestuck" complete with links to what I find to be good possible entry points? I am also considering doing a promo post mostly so I can be like LOOK AT TEREZI'S AWESOME FACE and SEE HOW BAD-ASS THESE TROLLS ARE and LOOK, HS HAS MSPA'S GREAT DORKY SHENANIGANS, THEY'RE JUST HIDDEN FURTHER IN and so on. Man. I might even have to write up some ship manifestos for various quadrants.

But seriously, Homestuck has hit me right in the feelings place, ridiculous author interludes, carapaces, meandering storyline, and all. It is pretty great.
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While I have been terrible at finishing fic lately, I did finally look into those media recs I asked for a while back. I gave Homestuck another try, and once I hit Act Two, it was smooth sailing. I'm currently somewhere in Act Five Part Two, and I have discovered one major problem: already I want to read all the fic and I am not even caught up yet.

So! Homestuck fen: this is your chance to sway me to your fandom. Give me recs of fan art and fic and whatever else there might be, and I might (read: will probably) double down on this fandom. Especially if those recs involve Kanaya/Rose, Karkat/John, and any sort of Terezi presence. Like. I love all the humans and their adorkable little faces, but I finally understand what everyone was talking about when they said to wait for the story's spotlight to shine on the trolls.

I mean, okay, I have a few problems with things that come up in the story here and there (it would not be MSPA if I did not), but man. I feel like this fandom and I could possibly have a beautiful relationship.

What I am saying here is: enable meeeeeeee.

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