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I was pretty sure that I was not going to participate in Yuletide at all this year, what with my internet presence being negligible at best, not to mention my never having finished any of the NYRC fic I started (or published any fic this year whatsoever). Now, though, it's nearing time for my yearly retreat to FL with my mother, and I decided if I finished up all of the important things beforehand, I'd allow myself to write treats.

There are a couple more things to tie up, but I've gone through the DYW spreadsheet and several of the challenges, and eek, I am super excited about writing fic again. If I have the time, I am definitely writing for three people, maybe more.

Who all of y'all are doing Yuletide this year or participating in some other fashion? I would love to read your DYW letters if you have any. The cockles of my heart are currently full of fannish and holiday enthusiasm.
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This year has been kind of ridiculous for managing anything fannish whatsoever past that tiny bit of Homestuck fan art. And no, tumblr did not eat me - I haven't been updating there, either. /o\


Some vague life update stuff:

-I took a class and maybe now I will have a new career! It is an exciting possibility, and I am looking forward to change.

-My health has continued to be weird, but I promise I will update y'all if I ever get answers past, "Do this new thing, and then come back to give us more blood to test. [rinse, repeat.]" On the plus side, even if we never figure it out, at worst I'll be stuck with discomfort and/or inconvenience only occasionally. Yay?

-My mum is finally recovering from her major surgery! This is pretty neat, as it means she can finally leave the house for short periods without my following after her like an overly concerned mama hen worried her baby chick's going to trip and need to go back to the hospital for more surgery. Also, my mum finally gets her dog back, even if he must now adjust to the weirdness of coming to me for all his needs.

-I finally have my main computer back! It took a great deal of effort not to cling to and cuddle it, crooning softly, "Never leave me," and generally act like a total creeper to a piece of hardware. There is just something about one's main desktop that cannot be replaced.


Some fannish stuff:

-I am totally failing at doing a NYR for my original Yuletide assignment and am resigned to just never finishing this story. Do any of y'all have a story prompt you saw (all those months ago) and secretly thought, "I hope Tuesday is assigned *that*"? Or maybe you want to take this opportunity to scrawl through that huge, awesome spreadsheet and convince me to write [insert fandom here]? Seriously, I am no good with spreadsheets and am just making sad, desperate faces at google docs and hoping someone will swoop in to save me.

-I seriously wavered over whether to do Five Days of Tuesday this year (obviously that did not happen) and realized I have tons of near-finished short fic. Unfortunately, a lot of it is on other computers. Is there anyone out there still interested in A-Team fic who'd be willing to handhold me through actually finishing the last few hundred words?

-I promise I'll eventually finish that Avengers Valdemar AU. A year late, maybe, but it will happen.

-Is there good Downton Abbey fic? I'm partway through S2 and am curious. It seems like a hard fandom to write in, but the world is full of wonders and wonderful writers.

-I'm finding that I'm somewhat pining for my time in SPN fandom. I have little interest in catching up in the show right now, and I can't bring myself to work on anything in that wip folder, but most of my personal experiences with it were pretty great and the people well worth missing. ♥

-Homestuck: is anyone caught up with this and willing to answer a couple questions for me? I briefly stopped reading and am still uncertain whether I want to get back to it sooner or much, much later.
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Outside of the cut, because I want to make this as clear as possible: the choice to file charges has nothing to do with whether someone was raped. If you are a feminist or choose to so identify, stop suggesting this.

Trigger warning for sexual assault )
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Cut for s.a. triggers )

In general, I'd like to know: When you warn, where do you draw the line between non-con and dub-con? What do you mean by each? If you're reading and looking at headers, what do you expect when you read someone else's warnings?

A note: I'm definitely soliciting comments and thoughts here, but because of the subject matter and depending on my energy levels, I may not respond to all comments. That doesn't mean that I'm not listening! Also, if you engage in any of the behavior I called out here or otherwise are acting like an asshole, I reserve the right to ban you without warning. My journal: not a democracy.
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Warnings for femslash? Are really fucking offensive. Especially when it's for, quote, non-graphic femslash.

Warnings for femslash when you didn't warn for the dudeslash that makes up the bulk of your fic? Makes me wonder if it's a matter of pandering to misogynists; to homophobic women who, like Republican men who watch fake lesbian porn, enjoy the mental image of two men together but shudder at the thought of real live queer women; or to all of the above.

Seriously, what the actual fuck, fandom.
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Exclusive Scoop: Season Six News About Supernatural Of all the many April Fool's jokes, I really wish this one were real.

A Small Reminder
Because I really, really want you to start giving a fuck about the systemic horrifying abuse faced by autistic people as well as disabled people in general.

[community profile] backtoschool now has up a matchmaker post for finding others for mutual pacts of desperation, a prompts post, and a Delicious account

Idaho Revises State Laws to Remove Ableist Language

I'm not a feminist (and there is no but)

via [community profile] access_fandom: "I Have Always Depended On The Kindness Of Strangers..."

Related to the above, [community profile] access_fandom's collection of United Airlines Fail links

Who owns a DW/LJ comm, and can LJ 'take away' your permanent account if you get too big? This is a really interesting discussion.

Hyper-Realistic Acrylic Body Painting

Castle: I Don't Know Why I Love You, But I Do - Why Castle Is Winning Us Over (meta by Helens) I especially love the sections on the women of Castle and on Ryan and Esposito.

On Original Content and Gray-Area Fanworks, in which the OTW clarifies.

These two [community profile] boilingwater posts seem like a great combination for warm days: drinks for when it's hot out (iced tea & iced coffee) and Chocolate ice cubes


I'm eyeing my next rec sets. Are y'all more interested in a mostly Castiel/Dean kink rec set or a mixed rec set?
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[community profile] backtoschool has sign-ups open through May 20th. If you are into Supernatural or Supernatural RPF and want to play, we bid you welcome! Fic, art, vids, and fanmixes, and gen, femslash, slash, and het are all encouraged. A note: university AU does not have to mean always human AU, for those of you who want your angels to be angels and your hunters to be college students (or whatever other awesome ideas you might have). We even have a spiffy banner made by the unparalleled [personal profile] shirozora, our more talented mod:

[community profile] spn_bitesized this week is hosting a Women of Supernatural round. There is one prompt I am already eyeing with intent. And by one, I mean many.

[personal profile] bessemerprocess made an amazing mini mix to accompany that fantastic Garcia/Morgan/Reid fic Stepping Stones she wrote me for last Three Ships.

Sweet Charity is over, and this round I failed to win anything. I had my heart set on [personal profile] vanitashaze and Ruby fic, but yahoo decided I did not need to get my "you've been overbid" notifications in a timely fashion and put them in my spam box instead. This is my sad face. On the other hand, people pledged US $4,662.50, which means time to commence with the Paul Gross arms of glee. \o/

How to scare your dragon: When I watched How to Train Your Dragon with [personal profile] lizfu, I commented that Toothless was like if Stitch and a cat had adorable babies. Apparently I wasn't the only one with Stitch on the brain, because this amazing art has Stitch and Toothless upon first meeting. Eeee.

The cost of art by [livejournal.com profile] fiction_theory:
For the record, I believe that ethics and artistry not only do go hand and hand but when divorced create nothing but monstrosity.

via [personal profile] zvi: so you wanna move to dreamwidth? complete with codes for people who are interested. I agree with all of these reasons. :D

also via [personal profile] zvi: These are a few of my Favorite Things, which yes, a lot of these are my favorite, too!

[community profile] spn_dreamwidth is the Supernatural newsletter that covers all the SPN content on Dreamwidth. I am so glad it exists, because I was halfway tempted to make one of my own, and y'all know I already am too involved in fandom organizational stuff at the moment. If you produce SPN content on DW and aren't already watched by their aggregate journal, you should drop them a comment.

Because I commented positively on [community profile] fangasmic's name change, I do want to point out also that I am not wholly impressed with their point/counterpoint post in which given equal weight and airtime is the following:
To say I hated this decision would be putting it lightly. I resisted this move because it feels like we are betraying one of the fundamental reasons we wanted to launch this project to begin with; fandom is so preoccupied with never offending anybody that attempts to have a discussion oftentimes are smothered from lack of oxygen or blow up; I wanted us to be different. If we were going to give in on something as basic as our site name, what was next?

One of the fundamental reasons was so that people could have a place for unexamined privilege? Because we don't already have enough of that? Really? Y'all that are joining, have fun, but I think I'm sticking with my own tiny nooks of fandom.


I've not really been replying to very much lately, because the past few days I've been ridiculously grouchy except for when I saw [personal profile] lizfu and had a wonderful picnic in the park eating tomato soup and a delicious sandwich and sipping an amazing mango smoothie. Reading Changes didn't really help my mood. (Review to come later.)

I'm not going on hiatus, but I am going to continue paring back my interactions outside my comms, journals, and fandom responsibilities for the moment. I'm sure I'll be back to chipper sunshine in a few days.


This is a long shot, but: is anyone else out there allergic to a ridiculous amount of soaps/body washes? If so, what hypoallergenic (or even non-hypoallergenic) soaps/body washes are you doing well with? What face scrubs? I'm good on shampoos, but I think my run with Pure & Natural's hypoallergenic mango butter and vanilla seed is coming to an end, and St. Ives's new Elements olive scrub seems to have been doomed from the start. It could also be my allergy to my cat ratcheting up again, but I am very much hoping that is not the case.
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In May, I'm going to be in California for what will probably be the last time in a very, very long time. It would be the very end of May, and I would be in San Diego, then San Francisco. I don't know how much extra time I'd have, the purpose of my visit being to see family, but if anyone would like to meet up for coffee, I would totally be up for that. I'm trying to gauge interest before nailing down any plans.

It's still not 100% decided, because it's going to be over 120 hours between here, San Diego, San Francisco, and back home. On the plus side, I could bring my work and edit, edit, edit, plus maybe take a break to finish some fandom stories. The last time I had a long train ride, I wrote Head Wounds Are Only Part of the Package.

(Anyone wondering why I will not be flying: I am severely phobic, to the point in the past, before it got worse, I would generally pass out sometime during take-off from sheer panic. Imagine Dean Winchester's fear of flying and then multiply it by roughly one billion.)

P.S. CHECK OUT MY NEW AMAZING ICON. There is also a second version on my icons page. [personal profile] shirozora, you are my favorite.
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If you could have Ruby seduce/fuck anyone in an S4/S5 AU, who would you choose? If your answer is Jo, Dean, or Castiel, you're already taken care of. (Sam does not count for the purposes of this fic.) Bobby and Ellen are apparently unworkable. Who else should I be throwing in there? Or should I leave it as is and not add in anyone else?

Tuesday, are you writing lots of Ruby porn? you may be wondering. The answer is: Yes. Yes, I am.

(Come on, like none of y'all saw hints of this coming in Cas + Dean 4Ever.)


On a completely different note, adding in my own fairly irrelevant thoughts on tagging for topping/bottoming and fandom and porn )

If the worst you're going to throw at me is accusations of wallowing in the porn side of fandom (like the dark side, but messier and more fun), then--fuck yeah, I'm guilty. I just don't see how it's an insult.
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Dear fandom )


The Fandom Appreciation Challenge is sadly coming to an end, but it was lots of fun. I think I managed a perfect score. \o/

Now what will I do with my week? (Get started on all those rec posts, I suppose.)


Informal comment poll: Let my hair continue to grow out and then cut off all the red, leaving me with very short natural light brown, or go in for more fabulous red and only take off an inch or two? I'm trying to decide before I visit Chicago next weekend.


I've run out of Castiel episodes of Supernatural. This makes me sad inside, even if it means that I am now up for re-watching all the Trickster episodes. 5x13 was informative for the post-apocalypse kid-fic that will be highly AU by the time I'm finished (and is already AU from 5x10, by which I mean, 5x10 did not happen). 5x13 also helped me feel better about my decision to just hand-wave the hell out of things I don't like. Really, the more I watch, the more at home I feel with that decision.
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There are a billion things I mean to compile into a few entries at some point, but for now, a few brief links:

Submissions are open for the fourth edition of the Asian Women Blog Carnival. Link also includes the feeds on DW, LJ, and Wordpress.

Jon Rogers on the topic of fan fiction. <3 Jon Rogers.

via The Angry Black Woman: Recipe for Famine, seven links on famine.

[personal profile] cimorene has a delicious Tatu picspam.


The disadvantage to writing sixty, seventy pages of part of a story (plus other bits and pieces on the backs of table mats, napkins, and other assortments) is that you have to type it up. It's when I hit this realization that regret comes out to play for my notebook writing sprees.


It's been a while since I last did a meme, and I've seen one floating around for a while that's caught my eye for fannish top fives. So if there's anything you want to ask, this is the time!
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I'm sure plenty of you have already heard that [personal profile] minotaurs has passed away. I first saw it mentioned on the con.txt mailing list, but I've seen it confirmed elsewhere, too.

He had a hand in or was the sole creator of so many important slash projects of my fannish youth, several of which stuck in my mind such that I knew exactly who he was when he turned up in the comments of one of my fic entries a little while back. Everyone remember the Slash Page Database Project? I remember at the time my utter delight that he was still around and that I now had a new means of keeping track of him.

Apparently he didn't have a fanlore page before today, but several people are working on that and maybe on some sort of page of recollections about him.

He was definitely a fandom wonder, and even among those of us who did not have the honor of knowing him except in passing, except through his fannish works, he will be sorely missed. For those of you who are his friends and family, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

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