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And also so I know to go back and leave gushing happy comments once I have gotten over my issues contacting strangers with my main account, or somehow work up the mangrit (womangrit?) to do so regardless.

These are a mix of ships and quadrants:

Like Air by [archiveofourown.org profile] Azzandra is a delightful Karkat/Gamzee pale romance and it just fills my heart to the brim with ~feelings~. I don't have an OTP in this fandom in any of the quadrants, but if I had one for moirallegience, it would totally be this pair. Just. SO ADORABLE. Karkat pities Gamzee always and forever.

[(716): The only thought that went through my head was 'that would be an absolute disaster' so of course I said yes] by Anonymous (entry for Team Dave/Terezi in Homestuck Shipping Olympus Round One) is SO GREAT. It is many of my favorite things in one fic. Terezi + Dave + Vegas should be a thing forever. That it is Terezi/Dave red romance is so much the better. This fic comes with art, and it is amazing. I kind of want the last picture as my new desktop. So much joy.

if food be the music of love by [archiveofourown.org profile] t_ZM has Terezi being introduced to Earth cuisine by Dave in the best form of redrom courtship. There should be a thousand and one of these things, oh my gosh.

Waiting for God Tier by [archiveofourown.org profile] schellibie and [archiveofourown.org profile] t_ZM is another illustrated story, this one super great and super sad all at the same time. It is sort of Karkat/John, with the best kind of optimistic, unhappy ending I have seen.

Batterwitch by [archiveofourown.org profile] noveltyhorns has Karkat and John as the best kismesis the other could ask for. This fic is glorious, funny, and ridiculously hot for something so safe for work.

And that's it for recs at the moment. Judging by the tabs left half-read or to-read in my browser, eventually I'll be throwing tons of longer fic with redrom Kanaya/Rose.

(A sneak peek from those tabs: Trollish for the Easily Excited by [archiveofourown.org profile] cosmogyral, because if my reaction to the first one with redrom Rose/Kanaya is anything to go by, the whole series is a thing of delight.)


In other things, does anyone know how to link to AO3 using the pseudonym instead of the main account name? Besides, well, skipping the whole user name="" thing and just using the regular means of a href="".

Also, would anyone else who has had trouble getting through the (kind of boring) beginning of Homestuck like me to do a write-up of "all you need to know about early Homestuck" complete with links to what I find to be good possible entry points? I am also considering doing a promo post mostly so I can be like LOOK AT TEREZI'S AWESOME FACE and SEE HOW BAD-ASS THESE TROLLS ARE and LOOK, HS HAS MSPA'S GREAT DORKY SHENANIGANS, THEY'RE JUST HIDDEN FURTHER IN and so on. Man. I might even have to write up some ship manifestos for various quadrants.

But seriously, Homestuck has hit me right in the feelings place, ridiculous author interludes, carapaces, meandering storyline, and all. It is pretty great.
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First, I am the luckiest of ladies in that [livejournal.com profile] rhea314 made two great pod fic from my flash fic: Like Sharpened Feathers, It Falls, an Akari Hikago fic, and Down Endless Corridors, a Chris Petshop of Horrors fic.

Some links from my circle and network and elsewhere:

Bobwhite by Magnolia Porter is a pretty excellent comic about three friends in university at an art school. It is also complete! You may want to start from the beginning.

Mental Health and Meds, about good experiences with meds.


A number of vid, fic, and art recs (emphasis on vids):

Walk Right Up by [personal profile] china_shop, a Clinton/Neal White Collar vid of deliciousness.

Love the Way You Lie Part 2, which is Charles/Erik X-Men: First Class and terrible and delightful to watch.

'Til the World Ends by [personal profile] talitha78 is Charles/Erik and Britney and absolutely wonderful.

Muppet Thor, which is a little sad and a lot funny and super great.

Set Fire to the Rain by [personal profile] talitha78 (shut up, yes, I rec her a lot because she's awesome), which is Thor and Loki and makes me claw at my face with FEELINGS, SO MANY FEELINGS.

Shatter by [personal profile] aria is a Loki/Thor AU in which Loki is the one cast down, and it also overwhelms me with feelings, oh my gosh, you guys, this fic. FEELINGS. Also, an amazing Darcy and science as sorcerery and FEELINGS.

Possibly I have lost coherence by the end of these recs, but whatever, all you need to know is all of the above are great. Also, if you have any Raven recs, you should send them my way, because right now I am too leery of the internet to go searching.
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How excited am I for drafts, scheduled updates, and the new update page? Very.


Normally I would post this locked, but I would appreciate anyone's input. For those of you who have been/are on Loestrin, how bad were the side effects for you? If you experienced terrible and ongoing nausea, did it eventually fade? If you experienced daily mild to blinding headaches, did those eventually fade? If you experienced occasional cramps, did those eventually stop?

For anyone wandering through who might suggest stopping taking hormonal b.c. and using a different means of b.c. instead (or, as my brother would put it, "Why are you even on it?")--it's for ongoing medical reasons. Preventing accidental passing on of genes is not really a concern for a woman who only dates other women. *wry smile*


On that note, I think I am back up for a while. Maybe in a bit I will try taking some aspirin and trying sleep again, but at the moment it seems unlikely. Anyone online?


P.S. Just found #airplanes. Dying of laughter. How is [personal profile] shirozora so awesome? (JET WINGS.)
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[community profile] backtoschool has sign-ups open through May 20th. If you are into Supernatural or Supernatural RPF and want to play, we bid you welcome! Fic, art, vids, and fanmixes, and gen, femslash, slash, and het are all encouraged. A note: university AU does not have to mean always human AU, for those of you who want your angels to be angels and your hunters to be college students (or whatever other awesome ideas you might have). We even have a spiffy banner made by the unparalleled [personal profile] shirozora, our more talented mod:

[community profile] spn_bitesized this week is hosting a Women of Supernatural round. There is one prompt I am already eyeing with intent. And by one, I mean many.

[personal profile] bessemerprocess made an amazing mini mix to accompany that fantastic Garcia/Morgan/Reid fic Stepping Stones she wrote me for last Three Ships.

Sweet Charity is over, and this round I failed to win anything. I had my heart set on [personal profile] vanitashaze and Ruby fic, but yahoo decided I did not need to get my "you've been overbid" notifications in a timely fashion and put them in my spam box instead. This is my sad face. On the other hand, people pledged US $4,662.50, which means time to commence with the Paul Gross arms of glee. \o/

How to scare your dragon: When I watched How to Train Your Dragon with [personal profile] lizfu, I commented that Toothless was like if Stitch and a cat had adorable babies. Apparently I wasn't the only one with Stitch on the brain, because this amazing art has Stitch and Toothless upon first meeting. Eeee.

The cost of art by [livejournal.com profile] fiction_theory:
For the record, I believe that ethics and artistry not only do go hand and hand but when divorced create nothing but monstrosity.

via [personal profile] zvi: so you wanna move to dreamwidth? complete with codes for people who are interested. I agree with all of these reasons. :D

also via [personal profile] zvi: These are a few of my Favorite Things, which yes, a lot of these are my favorite, too!

[community profile] spn_dreamwidth is the Supernatural newsletter that covers all the SPN content on Dreamwidth. I am so glad it exists, because I was halfway tempted to make one of my own, and y'all know I already am too involved in fandom organizational stuff at the moment. If you produce SPN content on DW and aren't already watched by their aggregate journal, you should drop them a comment.

Because I commented positively on [community profile] fangasmic's name change, I do want to point out also that I am not wholly impressed with their point/counterpoint post in which given equal weight and airtime is the following:
To say I hated this decision would be putting it lightly. I resisted this move because it feels like we are betraying one of the fundamental reasons we wanted to launch this project to begin with; fandom is so preoccupied with never offending anybody that attempts to have a discussion oftentimes are smothered from lack of oxygen or blow up; I wanted us to be different. If we were going to give in on something as basic as our site name, what was next?

One of the fundamental reasons was so that people could have a place for unexamined privilege? Because we don't already have enough of that? Really? Y'all that are joining, have fun, but I think I'm sticking with my own tiny nooks of fandom.


I've not really been replying to very much lately, because the past few days I've been ridiculously grouchy except for when I saw [personal profile] lizfu and had a wonderful picnic in the park eating tomato soup and a delicious sandwich and sipping an amazing mango smoothie. Reading Changes didn't really help my mood. (Review to come later.)

I'm not going on hiatus, but I am going to continue paring back my interactions outside my comms, journals, and fandom responsibilities for the moment. I'm sure I'll be back to chipper sunshine in a few days.


This is a long shot, but: is anyone else out there allergic to a ridiculous amount of soaps/body washes? If so, what hypoallergenic (or even non-hypoallergenic) soaps/body washes are you doing well with? What face scrubs? I'm good on shampoos, but I think my run with Pure & Natural's hypoallergenic mango butter and vanilla seed is coming to an end, and St. Ives's new Elements olive scrub seems to have been doomed from the start. It could also be my allergy to my cat ratcheting up again, but I am very much hoping that is not the case.
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How is this my life? )

An assortment of art recs:

[personal profile] lizfu, [personal profile] shirozora, and anyone else who knows Doctor Who and Supernatural, you should totally check out this crossover comic. There are ten of them so far, and each is delightful, though the linked is my favorite. Read right to left.

This Lover's Meme as filled out by Castiel is adorable and fun (Castiel/Dean). Question eight is probably my favorite.

Dean and his greatest love.

Hello, I'm Bella Swan is sort of Twilight, if this random hilarious dude were Bella Swan. Answers six and nine are my favorite.

Dean/Cas/Pie exists as art, too! This makes me deeply happy inside.

Cas & Dean's Amazing Adventure might possibly be the most fabulous crack comic I've ever seen. I laughed so hard I may have cried. I'll never tell.


I threw this at people in comments various places, but have some weird, adorable baby animals for your daily dose of cute.
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John Mayer Threatens to Sodomize Us, an article in which John Mayer tells the woman interviewing him, "I love you, you're beautiful, but shut your fucking mouth," because she gently disagreed with him (so of course his response should be that she is there to look pretty, not talk) and ends the interview with the only natural conclusion an asshole a classy rock star can go with--by threatening to sodomize her editor. Stay classy, John Mayer!

[personal profile] lizfu, check out this Watson picture [profile] phoq drew for [personal profile] nextian! It is so shiny.

This is from a while back, but no less awesome:
Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work!


[personal profile] bessemerprocess just made an entry in which she asked for the three fic you've written that you love most. While I know there's a little crossover between our lists, I'm still curious about everyone on my own, and this is the kind of meme I can really get behind.


Tell me the three fics of your own that you love the most. The ones that you look at and feel proud. The ones where the words just worked. The ones the you reread and still giggle at or are moved by. Not the one other people liked the most, the ones you like the most. (You should post a link, because I bet other people will be interested.)

If you have some time, tell me why you like them so much. I want to hear people being passionate about their writing. Share your love for your creations!
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[personal profile] lizfu posted two more of her adorable SPN chibis, Preternatural: Dean/pie and Preternatural: Demon Bloodshakes.


Pushing Daisies is a terribly dangerous show, in that you find yourself suddenly craving pie. It is all for the best that we don't have a pie shop anywhere near us.


Remember [livejournal.com profile] hng_deathmatch? I finally remembered to post my contribution in my fic journal.

Vanishing Liberty
Hikaru no Go, Akira/Hikaru, PG-13.
Summary: Akira is happy with his life, but his parents are convinced he needs to get married.
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For your WTAF rage-inspiring news link of the day: Expecting flu assistance, reserves get body bags from Ottawa

For your secondary rage, but with some awesome stepping in of the Egyptian government: Two US couples have been jailed in Egypt for two years for trying to illegally adopt children. I know that it's hard to adopt sometimes, but illegal adoption? Not the fucking answer.


I think that sign-ups are still open for [livejournal.com profile] eid_fic/[community profile] eid_ka_chand.

I snuck in my sign-up this morning. I am thinking either Aladdin flash fic or an icon set. We'll see what happens this evening. I'm leaning toward icons because I haven't done anything with graphics for a long time and am feeling that itch. Whatever I decide, I am very much looking forward to what other people will come up with.


[personal profile] oxoniensis is running her fabulous Fall Fandom Free for All again.

I don't know that I'll sign up--I have a bunch of other obligations, and there's time to decide--but I would recommend anyone else to do so. I had a blast last year, even if I only managed to finish one fic for someone.


[personal profile] lizfu has been knocking out some excellent SPN chibis. This is my favorite, though the rest are sadly locked to her LJ, as far as I can tell.


It's Honeycrisp season around here again, and I am all over that. Delicious, delicious apples are for the taking, my taking.

And there are leaves! Leaves all over the ground, making the happiest crunching noises under my sandals.

Expect more delighted fall blogging as the season progresses.

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