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First, let me start with an apology to my sailor for [community profile] 3_ships that it's taken me so long to put anything up for this. Feel free to ignore this letter entirely. Actually, that goes for both of you. I would much rather you follow an idea you love and write the story you want than try to force something for me.

Thank you both so much for participating! My biggest hope is that you write something you can get some joy out of writing. Let me please re-emphasize, this letter is all suggestion.

Right now, I'm rather ill, so while I'm really incredibly excited about both fests, I just don't have a lot of energy at the moment. So let me talk generalities.

Everything I requested, I love, and so I will be sure to love whatever fic you write. In Yuletide, I will be happy to have more of the fandoms and characters I requested, so if you feel can't write any of the pairings, don't worry! I will be more than happy with gen. As for Three Ships, I am ecstatic simply to have more of any of the pairings I've requested.

I'm happy for any rating, NC-17 to G. I love banter, adventures, mission or case file fic, shenanigans, wordplay, AUs, the things left unsaid, the things people do to show their love and affection (this could be platonic or otherwise), family and chosen family, and people having fun together. I am also cool with the angst and terrible things happening to characters I love, though right now by dint of my health and mood, I'm more focused on happy things. I'm sure I will be feeling better by the time stories go up, though, so feel free to go down dark roads without worrying about it breaking me. I like plot and character development/focus more than smut, but I'm fine with sex and kink. If you go that route, please no scat, bloodplay, or vomit.

An absolute must is no dub or non-con. I'm also not terribly into marital infidelity and I have a major embarrassment squick.

Most of my fic can be found at tuesdayfic on Delicious or at [livejournal.com profile] tuesdayfic if you're curious about some of the sort of fic I enjoy writing (and thus would enjoy reading). I would recommend checking my tags on LJ for more on particular fandoms. Everything should be under "fandom: [name of fandom in question]" though Harry Potter has several older entries under hp as well. And this is my Yuletide letter from last year.

I hope that helps, and if not, feel free to try poking me through an intermediary. Whatever you write, I am sure I will love it. ♥

eta: And in case it is helpful!

"The original Yuletide request:

Request One: Bend It Like Beckham

Characters: Jesminder aka Jess Bhamra/Juliette aka Jules Paxton

Details: Femslash would be awesome, but gen friendship fic would also be great.

Request Two: Coraline (movie)

Character: Wyborn

Details: I'm looking for any sort of Wyborn fic. Maybe fic about Wyborn's adventures before Coraline comes. Maybe Wyborn's adventures with Coraline after the movie. Maybe something with Wyborn and his grandmother. Pretty much any fic with Wyborn would make me happy.

Request Three: Chuck

Characters: Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski

Details: I would love slash, but I'm also at home with gen fic. Mission fic or fic about their college days or even some sort of AU--all sound good to me.

Request Four: Lilo and Stitch (movie)

Characters: Lilo Pelekai/Stitch

Details: I would love fic about Lilo & Stitch going on adventures and being awesome friends and chosen family.

The original Three Ships requests:

Request One: Chuck - Bryce Larkin/Chuck Bartowski/Sarah Walker - hope

Request Two: Criminal Minds - Derek Morgan/Penelope Garcia/Spencer Reid - banter

Request Three: Leverage - Parker/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer - Parker's favorite job ever

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