Sep. 19th, 2015

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If you check out my last Yuletide letter, you may notice that I've copied a lot over, including some of the structure.

General stuff first!

I love all of the fandoms and characters I'm requesting, so if one section seems longer or shorter than another, it's due to how much I had to say, not how much I love the request. (And also maybe an indicator of where I was when I started running out of energy and ideas.) They are all fandoms of my heart, and I'm excited at the possibility of receiving any of them.

Also, this letter is super long, so please don't feel obligated to read it all. If you already have an idea of what you want to do from just the AO3 requests, go for it! This is all to (I hope) make it easier on you, and I am a big believer in optional details being optional. There being fic or art for my fandoms will make me happy. Everything else is icing on delicious, delicious cake.

This year I'm requesting art or fic in four video game fandoms: Don't Starve (Any), Dwarf Fortress (Any), Fallout (Gary, The Puppet Man), and Long Live the Queen (Arisse, Charlotte, Elodie). Each section will include prompts by character, then some general prompts, including both trick and treat ideas. I am terrible about art ideas, so if none of this is helpful for that, I am so sorry. Whatever you make me, I am sure it will be great and I will love it to bits.

Fair warning: this letter will contain spoilers, so if you haven't played a game and want to go into it with fresh eyes, you'll want to skip that section.

A note: I've received fic in the past for both Dwarf Fortress and Long Live the Queen, which I loved! I just want more. Once they are no longer Yuletide eligible, maybe I will stop requesting them wherever possible! But for now, if you matched me on one of the two, I am sure I will love whatever you make me, whether it's along the lines of the gifts I've already gotten or something new entirely.

For ease of stalking: tuesday on AO3, everysecondtuesday on tumblr

General Likes:

I'm happy with gen or romance. If you go the romance route, I'm good with f/f, f/m, m/m, poly, and ace.

I like both long and short fic, so go where the story leads you! That said, I am honestly not expecting a story longer than the minimum, so please, please don't let this letter intimidate you: remember, a lot of it was cribbed from my Yuletide letter. (And a lot that wasn't is going to be used in my next one.)

A list of tropes and themes I adore include AUs (modern, regency, historic, magic, college, cyberpunk, steampunk, canon divergence, everyone lives, end of the world, all the AUs), arranged marriage & marriage of convenience, soulbonds & soulmates, pining, first times, apocalypse, worldbuilding, friends to lovers, IN SPACE, family, found family, friendship, political machinations, intrigue, time travel, mysteries, time loops, didn't know they're dating, magic, ghosts, shenanigans, drunken shenanigans, woke up married, prank wars, wooing, extended courtships, whirlwind romance, political negotiations, alliances of convenience, training, slice of life, character study, plot, pwp, developing relationships/friendships, character has the chance to re-do/relive events, aliens, robots, mermaids, monsters, dragons, reincarnation, pregnancy/adoption/kid fic, matchmaking, mysteries, isolation, trapped together, comedy of errors, competence, communication, codas, future fic, fusions - this list could go on forever, so I'll finally stop myself here.

Feel free to go as dark or fluffy or creepy or cracked out as your heart desires. I'm excited for the possibility of either a trick or a treat.


Literally the only things that could keep me from reading a gift fic are non-con and rapeplay.

Some General DNWs:

Because I listed AUs above, I feel like I should mention there are AUs I'm just not into anymore (though I have enjoyed some fic with them in the past) - slavery, serial killer, mafia, prison, and sex worker AUs.

I'm not really into infidelity (poly or marriage only as an arrangement is fine! I just prefer everyone involved to know and be okay with what's going on), underage (sixteen or up is fine), incest (my exceptions are not in any of these fandoms), or eye trauma.

Usually in exchanges I ask for even unhappy endings to come with a grain of hope, with exceptions listed for each fandom, but not this year! (Or, at least, not this fest!) You may kill the characters (all the characters) as much as you please. Please do tick the little warning box for permanent major character death, though, so I'll be prepared for it going in?

Don't Starve )
Dwarf Fortress )
Fallout )
Long Live the Queen )

If you've made it this far, I'd like to thank you for participating in Trick or Treat. This is my first year participating, and I am excited for and about it.

My number one hope for my gift fic or art is that you have a good time with it, so let me emphasize again that I'm just happy that there will be another fanwork for one of these fandoms. This monster of a letter was mostly an excuse to enthuse about these fandoms, and I truly hope it doesn't put you off or make you worry about whether you can make any of the prompts work. Whatever you end up writing or drawing, I'm hoping it's something you enjoy about the fandom and have fun creating.

Have a happy Trick or Treat! ♥

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