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It being my birthday soon, and Dreamwidth treacherously discussing the joys of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, I decided that this was it, this was the year. Allergies to most commercial perfumes or no, I was going to buy all the smells and wear them. Congratulations, you may share in my journey.

Experience with scents previous to this: almost none, excepting coughing, headaches, sneezing, and awful burning if applied to skin. Previous to today, I was proud owner of two tiny bottles I bought at my local yearly 1812 battle reenactment fair, both of which contained sandalwood, alcohol, and Mystery Substances I was fortunately not allergic to.

Having bought approximately a bajillion scents, this is going to be a series.

Experiment one: Dragon's Eye

Part of the Ars Draconis series, Dragon's Eye is discontinued. It only makes sense that I would immediately fall in love. With any luck, I will enjoy the others just as well. My source for this imp was the BPAL forums (though I *think* I have some coming from BPAL itself, whenever that package inevitably arrives), where I may have to pick up more of it. Then again, I have only just begun exploring the amazing world of shiny smells, so perhaps I'll find others I love more.

General impressions: This is a warm scent. It smells sweet, but a sweet that is sort of a lower note, like a pleasant alto. It's a bit like everything I love about Old Spice, but none of the things I dislike.

Allergic reactions: none.

Experiment two: Blood Pearl

Part of the Bewitching Brews series, I was excited to try this, but ultimately faced with disappointment. My source for this imp was the PBAL forums.

General impressions: On sniffing the bottle, all I got was "baby powder." Upon application, the baby powder scent continued to dominate, but underneath was a faint, pleasant blood musk. Unfortunately, not pleasant enough to deal with overwhelming powder. Between this and my allergies, I immediately washed it off. Who knows where it could have gone had it been given time to settle?

Allergic reactions: tickling sinuses, scratchy throat, followed by my asthma pitching a mild fit.

Experiment three: Endymion

Part of the Ars Amatoria series, I enjoyed this, but didn't fall in love. Endymion is more the friendly acquaintance I wouldn't mind meeting at the coffee shop every rare third Sunday or so. My source for this imp was the BPAL forums.

General impressions: On sniffing the bottle, sweet and sharp. Upon application, sweet, much less sharp, and light. The sweet note was more of a soprano in comparison to Dragon's Eye. The flower notes were mild but pleasant. The overall scent felt like an early spring morning, when there's still the joy of green and new blossoms.

Allergic reactions: a mild rasp of the throat and unpleasant feel when breathing, but otherwise fine.

Later this afternoon, or perhaps tomorrow, I expect to have more documentation of these new (to me) and exciting experiments.
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