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While I have been terrible at finishing fic lately, I did finally look into those media recs I asked for a while back. I gave Homestuck another try, and once I hit Act Two, it was smooth sailing. I'm currently somewhere in Act Five Part Two, and I have discovered one major problem: already I want to read all the fic and I am not even caught up yet.

So! Homestuck fen: this is your chance to sway me to your fandom. Give me recs of fan art and fic and whatever else there might be, and I might (read: will probably) double down on this fandom. Especially if those recs involve Kanaya/Rose, Karkat/John, and any sort of Terezi presence. Like. I love all the humans and their adorkable little faces, but I finally understand what everyone was talking about when they said to wait for the story's spotlight to shine on the trolls.

I mean, okay, I have a few problems with things that come up in the story here and there (it would not be MSPA if I did not), but man. I feel like this fandom and I could possibly have a beautiful relationship.

What I am saying here is: enable meeeeeeee.

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Date: 2012-07-21 05:19 pm (UTC)
terajk: Iroh and Toph dancing (iroh & toph: Dancing)
From: [personal profile] terajk
If you like watersports and xeno, I really love Through you I drain by [archiveofourown.org profile] gloss (Kanaya/Rose). It's adorable.

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Date: 2012-07-21 07:55 pm (UTC)
nextian: From below, a woman and a flock of birds. (Default)
From: [personal profile] nextian
YAYYYY. Okay, for Terezi, the classic is everlit/Ink's Girl in the Machine http://archiveofourown.org/works/260660/chapters/407917, followed closely by cephied_Variable's collected Terezi/Dave works, especially the WIP noir Au Cities in Dust (http://archiveofourown.org/works/184018/chapters/270773).

There was a lovely period in 2011 where every fic was John/Karkat with a sidebar of Kanaya/Rose and Terezi/Dave (known as the Fruity Xeno Snack Pack) which I admit that I miss. The best fic from this time is handsdown Promstuck, which can be read on tumblr at promstuck.tumblr.com/tagged/promstuck/chrono. SO GOOD. Anything written by urbanAnchorite is also a classic from this period. General Vantas Gets Hitched is a John/Karkat alien war AU that occasionally gets OOC but is very, very fun in its own right.

The essential recs from Kanaya/Rose are always sunbreaksdown and partingxshot. I prefer partingxshot, but they're both very lyrical. I also am just head over heels in love with signalbeam's Kanaya/Rose, especially the totally fucking hallucinatory And, trying to unfold for you, was brittle. I also love Mem's sweet Amidst General Happiness, A Recollection of Pain.

For more recs, and this is a huge fandom so it caters to all tastes, check out the Atheneum. Every fic guaranteed to be someone's favorite!

And I do write Homestuck fic and it's on my AO3 page in case you're interested. :P

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Date: 2012-07-21 08:02 pm (UTC)
nextian: Karkat from Homestuck makes the face he always makes, i.e. curdled frustration (karkat >:[)
From: [personal profile] nextian
OH! also! There are two challenges that produce incredibly high quality work. The first is Ladystuck, and the Complete Works of Ladystuck can be found here. The second is the Homestuck Shipping Olympics. It's a little harder to browse entries for it, plus it's huge this year, but here's the top forty entries of Round One 2012, here's the main comm, and here's the main comm from last year. I highly recommend the entries in John/Karkat, Dave/Terezi, and Kanaya/Rose for pretty much every round (ember's Kanaya/Rose Carmilla AU is delightful.)

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